Let's face it, we all love to see our website's conversion rates go up. But while Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) may seem like the golden ticket to online success, there's a new kid in town who's stealing the spotlight - Customer Value Optimisation (CVO).

CVO is a powerful strategy that puts the customer at the centre of your marketing efforts. By creating personalised experiences that prioritise customer satisfaction and loyalty, businesses can maximise their ROI and gain a competitive advantage in their market.

At Blend, we believe that CVO is the future of eCommerce, and we're committed to helping our clients achieve their goals through this approach. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into CVO, exploring how it works, why it's so effective, and how it can help you achieve that success you’ve been dreaming about. 

So, if you're ready to build a business that stands out from the crowd, keep reading to learn more about the power of CVO!

What is Customer Value Optimisation?

Customer Value Optimisation is a holistic approach to marketing that focuses on increasing the lifetime value of your customers by providing them with the best possible experience from the first touchpoint to the last. It's a continuous process that seeks to enhance every aspect of the customer journey, from brand awareness to post-purchase engagement.

The process involves analysing customer data to understand their needs, behaviours, and preferences. This information is then used to create targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to the customer's pain points and desires. By delivering personalised experiences that resonate with the customer, businesses can increase customer loyalty, drive repeat purchases, and generate more revenue.


The Four Pillars of CVO

There are four key pillars of CVO that businesses need to focus on to create a successful strategy:

Identify Your Ideal Customer 

The first step in CVO is to identify your ideal customer. This involves understanding who they are, what they need, and how they interact with your business.

Build a Relationship 

Once you've identified your ideal customer, the next step is to build a relationship with them. This means creating a personalised experience that resonates with their needs and interests.

Provide Value 

Providing value is at the heart of CVO. This involves delivering exceptional products and services, as well as providing a seamless customer experience.

Optimise Lifetime Value 

The final step in CVO is to optimise the lifetime value of your customers. This means maximising the revenue generated from each customer over their entire lifetime by nurturing the relationship and encouraging repeat purchases.


Why CVO is the Ultimate Wingman for Your Business

While Conversion Rate Optimisation has been the go-to strategy for many businesses, it has some limitations that can prevent companies from achieving their long-term goals. This is where Customer Value Optimisation comes in as the ultimate wingman for your business.

Here are some benefits of measuring CVO over CRO:

Focus on Long-Term Value

CRO focuses on short-term gains, while CVO is focused on building long-term relationships with customers. By measuring CVO, businesses can prioritise strategies that will create lasting customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases, resulting in higher lifetime value.

Tailored Customer Experience

Measuring CVO allows businesses to understand the needs and preferences of their customers and create a personalised experience for them. By analysing customer data and behaviour, businesses can identify pain points and opportunities for improvement, resulting in a better overall experience for the customer.

Greater ROI

Measuring CVO leads to greater ROI because it focuses on the customer's entire journey, not just the conversion. By nurturing the relationship and creating a loyal customer base, businesses can generate more revenue over the long term.

Competitive Advantage

CVO creates a competitive advantage by differentiating your business from competitors. By providing an exceptional customer experience, you create a loyal customer base that is less likely to be swayed by lower prices or other incentives from competitors.


Blend's Award-Winning Approach to CVO

At Blend, we know a thing or two about effective marketing strategies, and that's why we're proud to say that we won a global CRO Agency of the Year award - even though we're not a CRO agency. That's right, our focus on Customer Value Optimisation helped us stand out in a sea of CRO agencies, and we're proud to have been recognised for our commitment to delivering long-term value to our clients.

So, when it comes to CVO vs CRO, we speak from experience. We're passionate about helping businesses like yours unlock their full potential. That's why we specialise in creating customised CVO strategies that are designed to maximise customer satisfaction and loyalty, while also driving revenue and growth. 

Contact us today to learn more about how CVO can help you achieve your goals. Our team of experts is ready to work with you to create a customised strategy that's tailored to your unique needs and business objectives. 
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Published: April 11 2023

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