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    We’re Blend Commerce

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    Contact our team using the options below

    +44 (0) 1789 765 822
    +1 (833) 456-4236

    Courtyard Offices, 55 High St, Alcester B49 5AF

    Here's where we coming from

    Why we needed to change

    Over the past few years, running a Shopify store has become more complex. With more opportunities, more complexity and more competition, you’ve had to change and adapt to grow your business. If you’ve had to change, then so did we.

    When we spoke to our clients, we understood that there were some big questions for high growth Shopify merchants that united them:

    • Should I start to hire specialists like developers and marketers?
    • Is my Shopify store keeping up to date with how my customers want to shop?
    • Am I up to date with what I need to know to maintain and grow my store?

    Looking at these questions, we realised that the agency-merchant relationship needed to change. What if:

    • We provided a more convenient and cost effective way of building a team that didn’t involve hiring?
    • We moved away from large scale projects, but focused on continuous changes to help stores perform better?
    • We put learning, development and coaching at the centre of what we do for clients?

    And then it happened. 

    As you’ll see from our services, we’ve taken a different approach than what was working a few years back. We’ve gone all in, just like you have. We now provide real access to a skilled team of Shopify professionals, so it's just like having us sitting next to you at the table, rather than across it. 

    While the clients we partner with all have long term goals of success, we use our on demand digital department model to achieve the short term wins that are focused on the bigger picture. You won’t find big project builds here; just long term partnerships where we’re joined with you to get growth. 

    To learn more about your team, take a look at who you’ll be working with below.

    The blend team

    Meet your team

    Learn more about the team joining you and the specific skills and experience they’ll bring to your business.

    Meet the team

    How our other partnerships can help you grow

    Just like our partnership with you, our app and technology partners are critical to us. Our partnerships with best in class Shopify apps and theme providers mean that you’ll achieve more. With our commitment to training and expertise, our whole team has a deep understanding of how our partners technology can work to improve the performance of your Shopify store.

    Blend Commerce's role in the

    Shopify Community

    We truly value being part of the global Shopify community of merchants, partners and agencies. As we’ve grown as an agency, we feel our role has grown too. As well as running our hugely popular Shopify Meetups, we’ve also presented at Shopify Pursuit London and on behalf of Shopify at the Autumn Fair, Birmingham.

    We’re excited to see how Shopify will continue to grow and truly feel that our valued partnership with Shopify and core partners like Out of the Sandbox, ReCharge and Klaviyo will help us to contribute to the wider Shopify community.

    Shopify Blog

    We love being an active member of the Shopify community. We regularly share our insights and knowledge that help us create growth for our clients, and you can access these through our regular Shopify blog posts.

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