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After implementing the recommendations of our Klaviyo Audits, our clients experience a transformative boost in their Klaviyo email marketing metrics. From soaring open rates to robust sales, our expertise unlocks Klaviyo's full potential, driving owned revenue skyward.
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Optimise your Klaviyo Strategy with our Expert Audits

Our expert team harnesses the power of your Klaviyo data to offer a comprehensive Klaviyo Audit service that leaves no stone unturned. We meticulously pinpoint areas ripe for enhancement while crafting tailored strategies to supercharge your ROI. Discover unparalleled insights and turbocharge your Klaviyo success with our cutting-edge audit service.

  • Mini Audit

    What's included:

    • A high-level overview of your current Klaviyo Setup and how your performance measures up against your competitors.
    • A quick evaluation of your existing Flows and Campaigns to identify areas that need optimising and how you can grow
    • Basic recommendations for quick wins and immediate optimisation.

    £300* | $390

    *Excluding VAT

  • Standard Audit

    What's included:

    • A detailed analysis of your Klaviyo setup to ensure it aligns with best practices.
    • Evaluation of existing Flows and Campaigns for effectiveness and efficiency as well as identifying missing flows and strategies that your business needs to grow.
    • Recommendations for optimisations and adjustments and insights into potential opportunities for growth within Klaviyo
    • Insights into potential opportunities

    £1,200* | $1,560

    *Excluding VAT

  • Advanced Audit

    What's included:

    • An exhaustive analysis, leaving no stone unturned. From email designs and sign-up forms to nuanced campaign strategies and advanced personalisation. We'll identify missing opportunities to boost customer lifetime value.
    • Granular Analysis of every facet of your Klaviyo account.
    • Detailed review of email templates, ensuring they are optimised for engagement and conversions
    • In-depth examination of sign-up forms to guarantee best practices in lead acquisition
    • Evaluation of live flows, segmentation and personalisation tactics with insights that will leave your customers wanting more.
    • Comprehensive analysis of your campaign strategies with insights on boosting effectiveness.
    • Identification of untapped opportunities that could enhance customer lifetime value.
    • A strategic roadmap with actionable steps to elevate your email marketing game.

    £1,500* | $1,950

    *Excluding VAT

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  • Blend are a great email agency who have set up all of our flows, templates and provided us close guidance on our campaign management and list management as well as strategy around all things email growth in Klaviyo. They have been really supportive of the brand through the fast growth we have seen as well as being flexible with suggestions and budgeting of work so we can make choices together. We would recommend you get in touch with Blend if you are looking to improve your email marketing and Ecommerce growth tactics.

  • Blend is extremely helpful, timely, and professional. They are e-commerce must! They are extremely knowledgeable and I would recommend you have them audit your email marketing.

  • A positive experience. In the past, I have been disappointed with agencies. Blend is different. There is no ego in this firm, just the desire to please. I will definitely be working with Blend again!

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The purpose of a Klaviyo Audit is to help you gain a better understanding of what's working effectively within your existing Klaviyo setup and identify areas where improvements can be made. It's all about driving hyper-personalised, targeted messaging through Klaviyo email automations to enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

A Klaviyo Audit is essential for optimising your Klaviyo usage and improving the impact of your email marketing efforts. It also keeps you updated with the platform's latest features, helping you stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving world of email marketing.

A Klaviyo Audit can benefit your brand by increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing, resulting in improved engagement and revenue. It helps identify areas where you can maximise your Klaviyo usage to generate more owned revenue, ultimately driving higher ROI for your business.

During a Klaviyo Audit, our Klaviyo Master Experts will thoroughly assess your Klaviyo account, flows, campaigns, lists, and segments. We'll provide you with detailed insights, prioritised recommendations, and a comprehensive report outlining areas for improvement. You can expect actionable insights and strategies to enhance your email marketing performance.

In the highly competitive world of email marketing, staying ahead is crucial. A Klaviyo Audit helps you leverage the platform's latest features and industry best practices, allowing you to craft more effective email campaigns and achieve higher engagement rates, ultimately outperforming your competitors.

The mini audit is designed for those who are looking for a swift overview of their Klaviyo account, pinpointing major areas that require attention. The Standard Audit delves deeper into your Klaviyo setup, offering a thorough analysis of your flows, campaigns, and general configurations. It's aimed at businesses that want to ensure they're harnessing the full power of Klaviyo. Both will provide you with actionable insights to optimise your Klaviyo setup.

The Advanced Audit is tailored for businesses that are committed to maximising their email marketing ROI with an emphasis on Customer Lifetime Value. This audit provides an exhaustive analysis, leaving no stone unturned. From email designs to nuanced campaign strategies, the Premium Audit aims to harness the entirety of Klaviyo's capabilities and provide you with an actionable roadmap that you can implement right away.

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