When it comes to communicating with customers, email marketing stands out as a top tool, as it gives you a direct link to your customers. Email flows are key to ensuring communication runs smoothly with your customers.              

There are several different flows you can set up for your store. Here, we discuss 5 email flows that we at Blend feel are crucial for any Shopify store. 

Whether you're a seasoned Shopify owner or just stepping onto the eCommerce stage, this guide will provide you with actionable insights that will elevate your engagement, recover those elusive sales, and maximise the lifetime value of your customers.

Why Email Marketing is Important in eCommerce

Email marketing isn't just a promotional tool; it's your direct line to your customers, enabling personalised communication that has a lasting impact. And the best part is that your email list consists of people who have chosen to hear from you, which means that you’re talking to a receptive audience. 

Now, in eCommerce, metrics and KPIs are always important, and when it comes to email marketing campaigns, the proof is in the pudding. Open rates typically range from 17-28%, click-through rate (CTR) from 2-5% and eCommerce conversion rates from 8-9%. Now that’s some good ROI. 

So what’s the secret? Well, firstly, when you’re sending email campaigns, you’re usually talking to an audience who’s opted into your communication. When you have email service providers like Klaviyo, you can further segment your email lists and personalise your messaging in a way that resonates with each recipient. 

5 Essential Email Marketing Flows to Set Up

While there are several email flows you can set up for your Shopify store, we’ll be discussing the five that we at Blend think are the most important: the welcome flow, browse abandonment flow, cart abandonment flow, post-purchase flow and lastly, the winback flow. 

Welcome Email Flow

This flow typically kicks in when a customer joins your email list - a crucial moment for direct communication. Make it count by setting the tone for your relationship, sharing brand insights, and educating them. Offer valuable content, highlight your unique selling points, and consider featuring popular products to drive engagement. Alternatively, you can use this chance to gather feedback on their preferences for future communications.

Browse Abandonment Email Flow

The browse abandonment flow is triggered when a customer browses your products but leaves without making a purchase. The purpose of this email? To send customers a subtle reminder of their interests, with the hope of nudging them to make a purchase. 

Klaviyo allows you to send hyper-personalised emails using their dynamic content blocks, dynamic variables and logic blocks, creating a uniquely curated experience for each customer. Alternatively, you can take the opportunity to showcase complementary products with the aim of cross-selling. 

Note: This flow will only work for customers who opted into your email communication beforehand, customers who are already listed in your Klaviyo database or browsers that have accepted your site's cookies. 

Cart Abandonment Email Flow

Your customer added to their cart – success! But then they abandoned said cart - dang it! 

It might seem like a curious thing for customers to do, but in reality, around 70% of consumers abandon their carts due to obstacles such as unforeseen shipping costs or slow page loading times. 

Now, it’s important that you address these issues separately. However, you can set up an abandoned cart flow that includes two to three well-timed emails that address any concerns. Incorporate customer reviews on the products customers abandon or include FAQs that answer crucial product-related questions (this can also be done with browse abandonment flows). By doing this, you should be able to alleviate customer concerns and nudge them towards making a purchase. 

Post Purchase Email Flow

Once a customer makes a purchase, you may think you’re in the clear, but actually, this is the most critical part of the customer journey. Until the customers receive their product, they’ll likely be experiencing buyer’s remorse. 

That’s where the all-important ‘thank you’ email comes in. 

This email offers you an opportune moment to answer any questions or worries your customers may be experiencing. Providing order and shipping details is a must, but take it a step further by expressing gratitude and inviting them to explore related products or join your loyalty program. 

By doing this and personalising the content, you’ll create a memorable post-purchase experience.

Winback Email Flow

Retention is crucial for Shopify store owners, and the win-back flow is a key tool for achieving this. It's designed to rekindle relationships with inactive or lapsed customers who haven't made a recent purchase.

Of course, knowing when a customer has lapsed will vary from store to store. That’s why it’s essential that you develop a thorough understanding of your customer's life cycle, as this will help you determine this lapsed period. 

Now, there are three main avenues you can pursue with winbacks. 

Firstly, you can use it as an opportunity to educate and build a relationship with customers who don’t yet trust your brand. Share your brand's story, customer reviews and helpful blog content so that customers can familiarise themselves with your business and learn to trust you. 

Secondly, you can take the opportunity to incentivise customers to make a purchase. You can do this by cross-selling related products or offering exclusive incentives and promotions. This may help you recapture the attention of these customers while also maximising their lifetime value

Lastly, you can use your winback flow to gather information about your customers. Ask them about their communication preferences: What kind of emails do they want to receive? Do they want to receive sales-based email or educational blog content? Or do they even want to hear from you anymore? These details can help you determine how your brand can improve, as well as which email contacts can be suppressed from your lists. 

Blend, Your Email Marketing Partner 

When it comes to effective communication with customers, email marketing emerges as a powerhouse, and with these five core email flows set up, your Shopify store will certainly be set up to succeed. Ready to transform your eCommerce strategy? Get in touch with us today.
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Published: December 22 2023

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