These days, many think there’s a secret recipe to cracking it in the business realm. People are listening to podcasts, watching TED Talks, reading motivational books, calling their parents, when in actual fact, it really comes down to one simple thing: trust. Customers are rich in trust – and they want to share their wealth. All they’re looking for are brands to step up to the challenge and deliver. 


Are you willing? 


Before you whip out your notepad and think of all the ways you can build trust with your consumers, let us save you a lot of time (and ink). 


Over and above offering customers a great and reliable product or service, a good practice to put in place in order to win brand trust and loyalty is focusing on customer reviews. Honest customer reviews may go a long way in establishing trust and confidence in your company. After all, almost every client nowadays reads internet reviews before making a purchase.


How can your business make the most of customer reviews to generate more sales? While customer reviews can be used in many ways, we believe in leaning upon the powers of – a great platform for collecting and managing reviews across a multitude of apps.


In this blog, we're going to show you five unique methods to incorporate testimonials and reviews into your email marketing content using 

1. Include Product Reviews in Your Emails

Even if you're not expressly sending a sales-oriented email to your list, you may still benefit from the power of ratings and reviews. Let's imagine you have a weekly newsletter that keeps readers up to speed on what's going on with your company. 


Why not include a content block with the most popular product of the week or month? This is a perfect way for your buyers to see what's trending when they receive their emails and it's also an excellent place to reviews that you can pull in from


Readers trust other people's opinions even if they don't know the reviewer directly. Include those reviews in your emails, and let your readers know you have a slew of happy customers who adore your items.

2. Share User-Generated Content

As the name suggests, user-generated content is content that your customers are making. 


user-generated content


If for example, someone purchases a pair of shoes from your company and posts a photo of themselves wearing it online telling the world how much they love them, this is an awesome testimonial that you can incorporate into your email marketing.


While customer reviews are considered user-generated content, you can take it a step further by adding customer social media postings, photos, or videos to boost their effect. Not only does it increase your brand’s credibility, but it’s also a perfect mechanism to get customers to engage with your brand by encouraging them to participate in your campaign. Your brand also becomes more relatable thanks to customers seeing photos of people just like them using your product/service. 

3. Use Reviews to Get Customers to Come Cack to Their Carts

We all know that a well-designed abandoned cart email campaign can help boost your conversion rate by reaching out to people who enter your online store but leave their purchases in their cart. There are many reasons why customers do this, but ultimately you don’t want to let them forget about it because you can get a number of them to come back and complete their shopping. 


This is a great place to include customer reviews! Why not add the ratings and reviews for each of the goods left in the basket in your abandoned cart notifications?


Using in conjunction with email marketing platforms such as Klaviyo, allows you to send relevant product reviews in your email communications. This lets potential buyers know how much your current customers enjoy the items they are considering purchasing. It may encourage them to buy!

4. Tell Stories 

We have been linked to stories since the beginning of time. We enjoy hearing and telling stories to others and top brands all around the globe have recognised this. Sharing customer success stories is a great strategy to tug on the heartstrings of customers and persuade them to buy. 


Not only does highlighting real-life client stories draw buyers to purchase from your brand, but it’s also a terrific method to show how much you appreciate your customers. Readers can see that you value your customers enough to learn about them and share their stories with the world.


And what person wouldn’t want to be connected to a company that makes its customers feel special when they could be treated as just a number? Customer anecdotes are a win-win for increasing sales and boosting your brand image. 

5. Video Testimonials

Video is becoming more and more prominent in email marketing nowadays. That's a good thing because most consumers believe watching a short, simple video about a new product or service is the best way to learn about it. Take advantage of this.


A video focused on a customer who found success using your service or product is a powerful marketing tool. These videos add a human element and provide emotional depth to your emails. It also means you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank by creating a Netflix produced short film on customer satisfaction.


As mentioned earlier, user-generated content is a great way to go about this or create case-study videos of your reviews and testimonials. 


Reach reluctant customers by showing them that your brand is helping real people in real-life situations. You won’t find a more authentic way to promote your brand and develop trust with customers. x Klaviyo 

If you really want to create conversion driving campaigns, why don’t you do yourself (and your business) a favour by integrating with Klaviyo. This innovative, sophisticated tool was designed to help eCommerce business owners curate a personalised shopping experience for each of their customers using a number of marketing channels.


The powers of both of these platforms combined streamlines the process of audience engagement, and maximises growth by encouraging loyal, profitable relationships.


Using these two platforms together will give you four benefits: 


  • allows you to create segmented groups based on customer reviews, which can subsequently be used in Klaviyo to make sure you’re sending relevant product reviews in your campaigns by way of filters. As you’d have read before, incorporating these into abandoned cart or product recommendation emails gives your customers reason to purchase from you and to trust your brand.   


  • The Klaviyo and integration helps you access all of your email in one convenient location. As soon as a qualifying purchase is made, Klaviyo will instantly send out a review request through email. You can rest assured every email you send will have the same look and feel thanks to Klaviyo's template builder that gives you the ability to create your own custom template or choose from a selection of pre-built templates. You also don’t have to worry about switching between platforms to keep an eye on your metrics, as all of this can be accessed from one place. 


  • This function enables you to create predefined events as triggers in sending timely emails or SMSes. Flows can be built around triggers that you create within that add an additional touchpoint at just the right time. In this way, a raving review can be met with additional product recommendations, or proactive customer support following negative feedback.


  • Create marketing campaigns backed by data by pulling purchase history and review data straight from, creating in-depth customer profiles and segmented audiences, all in Klaviyo. This means your customers receive personalised messages that make them feel valued and appreciated, boosting your conversion rates as well as customer loyalty. 

Ready to Include Customer Reviews in Your Emails?

We all know how picky today's shoppers are. So, when you do receive raving reviews and satisfied customers, you never want to let them fall to the wayside. Even if you only have a few reviews for a product, it may be enough to clinch a customer and get them to buy into your brand.


If you want to reap all the benefits of incorporating reviews into your email marketing but have no idea where to begin, we can make it happen. We have helped businesses harness the power of reviews in enlarging their client bases and boosting their sales – and we’d like you to be next. Book a call with us today! 

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Published: June 07 2022

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