These days, eCom businesses and the like can’t focus on customer acquisition alone anymore. With technological advancements on the rise, the options for customers are endless. They’re hounded by cheaper, faster, better products from every angle and will switch on a brand without a thought. 


That’s why focusing on customer retention is the key to driving sustainable growth and success. Creating loyal customers and brand ambassadors will only push your business forward. But what’s the easiest way to do that?


Luckily, there are many ways business owners and managers like yourself can implement strategic customer retention plans. However, as you can see from the title, we at Blend will be focusing on integration with Rebuy.

What Does Rebuy Do?

Rebuy is a potent tool that helps merchants like yourself to increase your Average Order Value. And to do this, you have numerous comprehensive features and capabilities at your disposal. You’ll be able to create personalised shopping experiences based on your customers’ unique shopping patterns, browsing behaviour, previous actions, purchase history, and other personal data.


Rebuy is also an effortless plug-and-play that allows you to unlock AI-backed product recommendations out of the box with no coding or technical expertise needed, saving you time and money. You’ll also be able to customise every detail of your product recommendations and create the rules, creating the perfect merchandising strategy.


Rebuy Upselling Example

Quick Buy Feature

A small but crucial feature that Rebuy offers is their Post Purchase capabilities. Your brand will be able to develop seamless, inviting, and AOV-boosting experiences throughout your customers’ post-purchase journey — empowering customers is crucial to their brand loyalty.


Rebuy’s post-purchase functionality will allow customers to discover relevant products, add their favourites to the already-created order, and finalise their purchase without reentering payment information. 


But that’s not all. Check out this quote from a potential customer in an eCommerce store:


Customer Quote


The inability to quickly add a product to an order already paid for cost this company an increased AOV and this likely wasn’t the first customer to have this problem. It’s essential to focus on Post Purchase best practices. With Rebuy, you’ll be able to hook collections into the post-purchase journey with Data Sources, which will help you achieve that valuable increased AOV.

Rebuy’s Newest Features

Here are some of Rebuy's Newest Features:

Tiered Progress Bar

Rebuy has recently added a Tiered Progress Bar in the SmartCart. The Tiered Progress Bar includes two new layout options for displaying your reward tiers, allowing more customisability to fit your brand’s needs.


You’ll be able to have a free shipping tier and up to three free gift tiers, rewarding your customers for shopping even more. There are up to three progress bars for different geographies so that even your international customers can participate in the fun.


Rebuy Cart Progression Bar


Selling Plans

Rebuy’s support for Selling plans is now available across the board, allowing access to switch Subscriptions to Smart Cart, checkout pages (Checkout Page Widget only), Subscription Pop-Ups, and Subscription select on Rebuy carousels.

SmartCart App Store

The SmartCart App Store will allow merchants to build a shopping cart that is irresistible and buildable through no-code, low-code, and custom code. Completely customisable for your brand. You’ll be able to use one-click widgets to add features and optimise the experience to drive performance and conversions. Some features of SmartCart:


  • Discount widgets
  • Accelerated checkouts
  • Intelligent upsells
  • Gifts with purchase
  • Tiered Progress Bar (as mentioned above)


Rebuy Engine Smart Cart

Rebuy Checkout Extensions

Rebuy Checkout Extensions are widgets you can apply through drag-and-drop straight into the Shopify Checkout to offer complementary products based on the customer’s cart. Rebuy displays AI-powered product recommendations from cart items, shopping behaviour, store data, and more, helping to increase AOV. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of being placeable on your Shop Pay accelerated payments page and upsell customers who are going through Shop Pay.


Rebuy's Checkout Extension

Rebuy API and Shopify

Rebuy allows merchants to embed a widget out of the box, allowing the user to select their preference, whether it be a product grid or slider. One problem this may cause is that it requires extra work to style the widget to match your site's look, feel, and brand. The Rebuy widgets also tend not to load on specific browsers, devices, and iOS versions.


But as always, our team at Blend were on top of it. Our solution uses Rebuy’s API to pull the products from a data source and render them asynchronously. The benefits from this include:


  • Having complete control over when to load these product recommendations (whether on page load or when the user scrolls to a specific section, it all helps with site performance)


  • The ability to render the products into a section that already has the merchant's look/feel/style/brand — one of our developers did a test where he used Shopify’s section rendering API to dynamically load the Rebuy products into a section already using created product card snippets.

Upcoming Integrations for Rebuy in 2023

Come 2023, Rebuy has some exciting changes coming your way, but they also have some great integrations coming up, meaning you’ll be able to super-power your tech stack and enjoy meeting your customers where they are at any point in time. 


They’ll be integrating with Tapcart, a mobile app builder for Shopify. They will also tentatively be integrating with one of our incredible partners, Gorgias, the key to excellent customer service, as well as Loop, which focuses on customer retention.

Blend & Rebuy

If you’re looking to step up your site’s game, increase your AOV, give your customers exactly what they want, and, most importantly, improve your CLV, give us a call at Blend and let’s chat about how Rebuy can help your eCommerce business today.

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Published: December 08 2022

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