As eCommerce leaders, you need to know who your customers are and where they’re going so you can approach them in specific ways and keep them around. 


Using hyper-segmentation to implement hyper-personalisation is the best way to connect with your customers on the next level and make them feel valued – because we all know they won’t just show up every month to purchase on their own. 


Customer satisfaction is all about the nurturing process that comes with running your eCommerce business. And that’s exactly where Omniconvert comes in — and it’s broken into three neat little bundles of genius.

Explore: for Conversion

Explore is the CRO tool for eCommerce, meaning they’re exactly what you need to boost your Conversion Rate. The functionalities of this tool will allow you to analyse all aspects of your customers so you can use this information the way you’re supposed to and reach the goals you’ve made for your eCommerce business.


Omniconvert Explore

A/B Testing

We all know how crucial A/B testing is. Whether you’re optimising your website or email marketing, A/B testing will give you all the data you need to implement much-needed changes. 


Explore’s A/B testing allows you to conduct split URL testing, total flexibility through code, experiment analytics, and track as many goals as you want by calling a single line of code. All these features will give your site an edge over your competitors.


Web Personalisation

Regarding standing out, web personalisation is an excellent way of putting yourself a notch above the rest. Explore’s web personalisation takes it to the next level thanks to its genius ideas in making your customers feel at home in your store. 


You’ll be able to implement on-page variables, custom attributes, and real-time customer data. 

Advanced Segmentation

Omniconvert’s Explore has, by far, the most advanced segmentation engine for your Shopify store. It provides over 40 parameters and segmentation criteria, including geolocation, conversions, behaviour, UTM parameters, and traffic source, enabling you to create actionable insights about your customers. 


You’ll be able to decipher who each of your customers is, what they want, and where they are in their customer journey with your brand — because customers don’t want to be spoken at, they want to be spoken to


Luckily, Omniconvert integrates with Klaviyo


Meaning your messaging will be even more optimised using the data collected through NPS Surveys, buying habits, behaviour, and more. Integrating Klaviyo with Omniconvert will give your email marketing the step up it deserves.

REVEAL: for Retention

REVEAL is your Customer Analytics Platform, creating an environment where you can analyse your Customer Lifetime Value and put that data to good use. You’ll be able to identify and increase the number of loyal customers and, as the leading general goal of an eCommerce store, increase your profits.



Customer Analytics & Segmentation

As the customer journey comes to a close; it starts again. It’s a constant repeat for as long as they decide to remain loyal to your brand. So with the use of REVEAL’s predictive insights, you’ll be able to retain and nurture your most profitable customers and uncover the pain points of those who haven’t stayed. 


REVEAL uses RFM segmentation to identify these customers so you can target each segment exactly where they are in their customer journey. 

E-commerce Analytics 

REVEAL automatically generates KPIs allowing you to gain more valuable customers — the bread and butter of your eCommerce business. By making even the most complex data easy to understand, REVEAL gives you the insights you need to make the critical decisions and implementations to reach your future goals. 

Product Performance

As humans, we notice patterns in everything. And customer buying habits are no different.


There will almost always be a product that inspires brand loyalty. With REVEAL, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the pack by pinpointing the products that generate loyal customers and even the worst products that have churned a few. 


Using detailed product performance, KPIs will improve your eCommerce business and show your customers that you care about their needs. 

Customer Experience

All customers want to be heard, whether they know it or not. That’s why implementing an NPS survey — both pre and post-delivery — will allow you to dive into the minds of your customers and hear the truth behind what they think of your brand. 


Not only will you be able to find their pain points for reparation, but you may even get some marketing ideas. Some of the best marketers find their sales pitch in what customers appreciate most about brands.

Survey: Customer Survey Platform

Implementing surveys through your website or email marketing will allow you to find specific things you need to know from your customers, such as what challenges they’ve faced when making a purchase or in what age bracket they fall into. 

Omniconvert’s Survey allows you to create customisable surveys that can appear on click, load, scroll, or exit. This means you can target specific people at specific times.



With the Survey tool, you’ll be able to add images, logos, and customisable colouring. You’ll also be able to specify who sees which surveys and questions. For example, if a person answers a certain way on one question, they’ll skip another. 


This type of personalisation in a survey will allow your customers to feel heard while you gather data to improve your eCommerce store beyond their expectations. 

Omniconvert Integrations

Omniconvert has taken the extra step to ensure that your tools talk to each other. That’s why they’ve integrated with the following apps:

Blend & Omniconvert

At Blend, we always want to give our clients the best opportunities to grow their eCommerce stores. Finding a tool like Omniconvert has changed the game of eCommerce, and if you're going to stay ahead of the pack, find out how you can use the tool on your store by getting in touch with us.

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Published: January 20 2023

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