Do you sell products that don’t class as pets, cosmetics, clothing or furniture? Do you sell at least over 10 products? Then the Multi-Product Brand setup is the right choice for you. As a Multi-Product brand, your customers often have different wants and needs.

A personalised and tailored experience will lead to increased revenue so It’s ideal if you can reflect this throughout your site and marketing, A great starting point for Multi-Product Brand’s is by finding out more from your customers. What are they shopping for? Do they need a specific item? These are just some of the questions you may want to find the answers to.

Multi is a great solution to finding out this information. They have a feature that allows you to create a quiz hosted on your website. Using a series of questions and multiple choice answers, integrates with your Shopify store so you can recommend products from the results page that can be added to cart straight from the page.

You can even go a step further and recommend product collections. For example, if your quiz was recommending a particular product type, you could also upsell the collection it’s included in. has a great integration with Klaviyo that will allow you to sync these answers as custom properties. All you need to do is make sure you collect an email address at the end of the quiz. This will then sync with Klaviyo and you can create custom segments based on your customer’s quiz answers. You could use the custom properties to trigger an email in your welcome flow that sends their recommendations via email as well.


Gathering this kind of information is very important for Multi-Product Brands as it creates a personalised experience right from the beginning of their interaction with you as a brand and it starts building a repertoire with them. But if you don’t use this information throughout your email marketing, then you could be missing out.

Klaviyo is the ideal email solution for Multi-Product Brands. Their advanced segmentation, when used with Shopify and, is going to allow you to create personalised content throughout your email strategy. You should use custom properties to segment your Flows and the Post Purchase Flow is one of the most important places to do this.

The Post Purchase Flow is designed to both inform Subscribers of what’s happening with their purchase but is also a good opportunity a good opportunity to upsell new products to gain that important repeat purchase. If you can segment your Flow by product type, collection etc, you can use personalised content and create the right data feeds to recommend the best products possible based on what you already know.

Klaviyo SMS

Using Emails alongside SMS is a proven way to improve the performance of your marketing. For Multi-Product Brands it’s likely website visitors will do a lot of browsing before making a purchase. Automated marketing through email Flows is an easy and effective way to retarget them but Klaviyo also has an SMS service which allows you to send an Email and SMS messages alongside each other in a Flow. In some cases, you can also use SMS as a follow up to an email. This is often a strategy used by many brands due to the high open rate of SMS.

To start gathering phone numbers and emails, we recommend using Klaviyo’s own signup forms as they capture individual consents for these fields which you can then use in your Flows, Segments and Campaigns.


The Post Purchase Flow is also an ideal place to start gathering user-generated content through reviews. For a Multi-Product Brand, there is no better social proof than seeing in action and allows you to do this. Using’s dynamic link, you can place this within your Klaviyo emails and request a written, photo or video review.

Once the review has been gathered, has features in its platform that allows you to turn a review straight into a social media post.

Featuring these on your social media or in your email campaigns is a great way to build a fan base. It allows you to connect with your subscribers, followers or customers on a personal level, where your audience will feel like you’re connecting with them.


Shopping can be a different experience for everyone so it’s important your customer service is ready to answer questions and concerns, potential shoppers might have. Not being able to answer these questions quickly and easily could be the deciding factor on if they decide to purchase from you.

Gorgias Chat is a widget that sits on your site and allows website visitors to send a message to your customer service team. Giving your customers the opportunity to ask a question through a Live Chat rather than an Email allows you to reply quickly and efficiently.

Waiting for a reply from an email can often lead to your potential customer going elsewhere so whether you use a Customer Service Rep or Automated Responses, by being readily available, you will already be building trust with your customer. Integrating your Facebook Messenger with Gorgias, also means you’re integrating with Gorgias. So if someone completes your quiz and has questions about their recommendations, this can sync to Gorgias and give your customer service reps the information they need to know to respond.


As a Multi-Product Brand it’s important you create a point of difference, you must give them a reason to stay. Rewarding your customers for their loyalty is often used in this industry, but with LoyaltyLion you can create a truly custom experience.

LoyaltyLion tiers are a great way of showing your most loyal customers how much you appreciate them. Tiers can be created by the amount spent per customer, and different amounts of points and rewards can be made available to them. In particular, offering different rewards per tier is a great way to boost excitement for your loyalty program. A way you could use this could be the following:

In Tier 1 get a free product worth $5 In Tier 2 get a free product worth $10 In Tier 3 get a free product worth $50 In Tier 4 get a free product worth $100

By using this structure, your customers will want to be in your top tier to get this extra benefit, therefore are more likely to continue shopping from your brand.

Furthermore, LoyaltyLion integrates with both Klaviyo and Gorgias. With Gorgias, you’ll be able to see what points someone has pending or approved and be able to answer questions on the Loyalty Program quickly and easily. With Klaviyo, you can sync and create custom properties based on pending points, approved points, loyalty tiers and enrollment date.

This means you can always show your subscribers how many points they have in your emails, you can trigger emails to send after a purchase to let them know when their points have been approved and you can send reminders each month to let them know they have rewards ready for them to use.

What you can achieve

By using the tech stack above, you’ll combat one of the main issues many Multi-Product Brands have: “how can I make my content personalised?” Through API’s and inbuilt integrations at the click of a button, you can create a simple and effective tech stack that guides your customer through their journey.

From acquiring to finding out more about purchasing and customer retention, this tech stack will create a streamline customer experience that is both valued by the customer and your brand.

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Published: January 17 2022

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