Who is Gorgias?

Gorgias is a customer support platform that has been specifically built for e-commerce businesses. It has been designed to make your communication with your customers as easy as possible, by integrating all the possible channels they can contact you on into one easy-to-use app, including email, Facebook, Instagram, SMS and messenger.

The data from each of your apps is extracted into a customer profile on the app as ‘tickets’. These tickets are then used by the helpdesk to assist them with anything they need (for example, amending a subscription). The helpdesk then contacts the customer to resolve their query.

Automatic responses can be set up to the most frequently asked questions from consumers. In fact, 60% of eCommerce support requests are the same as ones that have been asked in the past, so by setting up automations the customer gets their answer straight away, and the merchant then has freed up their time to focus on the more difficult questions. Other 2000 Shopify stores are now using Gorgias, and they are growing all the time.


Gorgias offerings

How to setup Gorgias on your store

Setting up Gorgias is a very simple and quick process. Once downloaded, there are lots of different functions that can be added, depending on which is the most relevant to your store. Here are a couple of examples of how to setup Gorgias:

Adding the live chat helpdesk to your store:

  • Firstly, click on ‘Integrations’ then ‘chat’
  • Name the chat
  • Click ‘add chat’ to your store

Once a customer reaches out on the chat, it automatically creates a ticket in Gorgias so that you can reply directly


Gorgias widget example



Connecting Social channels:

  • In the Gorgias dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > Facebook, Messenger & Instagram
  • Login with facebook and authorise the Gorgias app
  • Select the page you want and choose your import settings
  • Click ‘add page’
  • A ticket is automatically created whenever someone contacts via messenger or writes a comment on a facebook post
Connecting social channels

There are plenty more tutorials on the Gorgias website - https://docs.gorgias.com/

How does Gorgias help Shopify merchants with retention, loyalty, and sales?


Customers are more loyal to a brand they can trust, and if they feel they have a helpdesk available to solve their issues and give them support, then they will feel safe in the knowledge that this company cares about their needs. Gorgias can offer this to the merchant by implementing a simple and efficient helpdesk, where customers’ problems can be solved a great deal faster than if their requests were in numerous different apps.

This can increase sales as consumers will be able to shop quicker if their responses are met more efficiently, and if they are happy with the response they have had it may even tempt them to buy more with the store, knowing that it is one they can trust.

How does Gorgias integrate with other key Shopify apps?

Gorgias’ main function is that they integrate with the other apps, and some of the ones they interact with include popular apps such as ReCharge, Loyalty Lion and Klaviyo.

For example, with ReCharge, its link to Gorgias means that customers can get access to their subscriptions and make amendments without having to go between the ReCharge and Gorgias apps - they can view all their information on Gorgias and contact them via the helpdesk if they need assistance.

What is the cost per month of Gorgias?

There are 3 pricing brands, plus the opportunity to have a bespoke package created especially for your company if none of these fit. The basic package is $60 per month and allows up to 350 tickets to be created. The ‘Pro’ package is $300 per month, and gives up to 2000 tickets. The ‘advanced’ is $750 per month, with an allowance of 6000 tickets. This package is ideal for larger brands that use a wide range of apps on their store.

Examples of ROI from Gorgias

As mentioned above, there are 2000+ merchants using Gorgias, so they have already gained a massive amount of positive feedback on their app.

Marine Layer, a t-shirt company founded in San Francisco in 2009, have over the past 11 years grown substantially, with over 40 brick and mortar stores and a huge following to their Shopify store. Customer service is the heart of their business, and so they wanted software that could mirror this. In came Gorgias, who implemented their chat system to Marine Layer’s online store, and also have set up an order system via the app to mean that agents can quickly edit and refund orders. This has seen results of a reduction of 68% in resolution time, which in turn has freed up the merchant’s time, and they have seen a huge 75% increase in their online orders through giving a fantastic customer service experience.

Another example of great ROI is for the company Try the World. They are a gourmet subscription service. As they offer a high-level product, they wanted to ensure they gave quality customer service when dealing with queries. They were spending so much time switching between apps to respond to requests, that they implemented Gorgias so that it would all be in one easily accessible place. It has meant that when a customer calls, different agents can easily pick up their past issues or correspondence from one platform. As a result of this, they have found that their response time reduced by a day, giving a faster and more seamless experience for the consumer.

Next steps with Gorgias and Blend

Blend recommends using Gorgias to our customers as it has shown to be imperative to the customer journey, which in turn increases revenue and loyalty. To have all customer correspondence under one easy-to-use app is a great way for a merchant to save time, meaning they can now focus on one of the other important jobs they have to complete.

To find out more about how Blend and Gorgias can help with your store, please contact us on:

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