Being there for your customer should be a high priority for any business. While it’s easy to implement in person, it’s a bit more challenging with your ecommerce business that is technically open 24/7, whether you’re on holiday, in the office, or asleep. Blend understands your business concerns and taking too long to assist customers can cost you money. Hiring someone to stare at the website all day to answer questions can be a waste of overhead expenses, especially when there’s a simple solution. 

Enter: Gorgias.

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What does Gorgias do?

In a way, when it comes to customer service, the real question is: what doesn’t Gorgias do? While that may seem like a cliche line, it’s granted in this situation. Integrating Gorgias with your Shopify account will allow you to hit the edge of “oh, wait, I don’t have to do that.” 

In simple terms, the app works with your emails, socials, website live chat, and even phone. Answering questions is its job, and believe us when we say it will cost less than hiring a human to sit there 24/7 answering questions. 

Your customers can enjoy fast-paced answers to their questions with one-on-one interaction that flows seamlessly, leaving no cracks. While this is great for your customers, it’s also great for you. Gorgias pushes conversion rates up because it creates a personalised experience for each customer, allowing them to feel as if they’re being looked after, no matter what time of the night it is. 

Gorgias will also integrate with your ads and social media because no one spends all their time on your website. This allows you to receive insights, and interact with your customers where they are, instead of them having to come to you.

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Live Chat Software vs Chatbot Software

Even in the cyber chat world, there are differences and implementing them correctly is the key to excellent customer service. While we think the names speak for themselves, the basics are that live chat software connects your customers to real-life human agents to help your customers with their needs. Chatbot software implements AI and machine learning to provide your customers with the information they need based on their responses. 

There are different times you will need each one, so just choosing one of these options won’t work. Knowing the perfect combination will help your customer service and your customers manage everything they need in one convenient location. Take a look at what Gorgias has to tell you about how to implement each one the correct way here.

Create a Gorgias, Personalised Website with Blend

So now that you’ve heard the tale of all the wonders that Gorgias can do when integrated with your Shopify store, if you want to see your store’s data soar, and integrate an incredible app like this one with your Shopify store, book a call with Blend and we’ll get you there.

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