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    Courtyard Offices, 55 High St, Alcester B49 5AF

    It's no secret that here at Blend we are major Klaviyo fans (and for good reason). We've had phenomenal success with our clients when introducing them to the magic that is Klaviyo. Klaviyo is a cloud-based email marketing solution for eCommerce businesses that enables its clients to send out highly targeted campaigns and automations.

    For one client in particular, after a short 12 months of managing their Klaviyo email marketing, we were able to achieve the following results:

    • 218% increase in Revenue
    • 144% increase in New Customer Revenue
    • 17% increase in Conversion Rate of Emails

    You can view this customer win here.

    How much does Klaviyo cost?

    Okay, great! So Klaviyo works. But what does it cost? What is the pricing structure because we know you'll want to weigh this up to see if the investment will be worthwhile? Klaviyo works on a sliding scale increasing as the number of your audience grows.

    You can find the full breakdown of the pricing for Klaviyo here:

    Audience SizeCost
    0 - 250Free*
    251 - 500$20
    501 - 1000$30
    1001 - 1500$45
    1501 - 2500$60
    2501 - 3000$70
    3001 - 3500$80
    3501 - 5000$100
    5001 - 5500$110
    5501 - 6000$130
    6001 - 6500$140
    6501 - 10000$150
    10001 - 10500$175
    10501 - 11000$200
    11001 - 11500$225
    11501 - 12000$250
    12001 - 12500$275
    12501 - 13000$300
    13001 - 13500$325
    13501 - 15000>$350
    15001 - 20000$375
    20001 - 25000$400
    25001 - 26000$425
    26001 - 27000$450
    27001 - 28000$475
    28001 - 30000$500
    30001 - 35000$550
    35001 - 40000$600
    40001 - 45000$650
    45001 - 50000$700
    50001 - 55000$750
    550 001 +Personalised pricing

    * This plan is limited to sending 500 emails per month

    Aside from the Free plan on Klaviyo, you would qualify for unlimited emails regardless of the size of your audience. Klaviyo also offers fantastic analytics as well as A/B testing, but more on this shortly.

    How does Omnisend compare?

    Omnisend is free for up to 15000 emails per month. You can send email campaigns but you can't send any automations. This plan doesn't allow for segmentation of your audience either.

    On the Standard Plan ($16/month), you get 15000 emails per month including email automations and audience segmentation.

    On the Pro Plan with Omnisend, you qualify for the same benefits as the Standard Plan as well as Facebook Custom audience, web push notification and "advanced reporting".

    What about Mailchimp?

    Mailchimp's free plan works for up to 2000 contacts but only allows one audience.

    For $9.99, you can email up to 50000 people with a maximum of 3 audiences and you can implement A/B testing.

    For $14.99, you can email up to 100000 people with a maximum of 5 audiences. This plan includes sent time optimization, behavioral targeting, and dynamic content.

    For $299, you get to email an unlimited audience, you get access to multivariate testing and comparative reporting.

    But here is the thing…

    Unlike other email marketing tools, Klaviyo does not limit the key features you would have access to regardless of your audience size. Here is a list of what Klaviyo DOES do that differs from Omnisend, Mailchimp and other Email marketing CRM tools:

    • You can send automations on all plans
    • Unlimited emails per month
    • Audience segmentation (including dynamic audience segmentation)
    • Facebook audience integration
    • A/B testing
    • Send time Optimization
    • Behavioural targeting
    • Dynamic content
    • Possibly the best analytics and reporting
    PriceNumber of EmailsSegmentationA/B TestingAutomationsCampaigns
    $20-$750 pm
    UnlimitedYes (unlimited)YesYesYes
    OmnisendFree15000 pmNoNoNoYes
    Omnisend$16 pm15000 pmYesNoYesYes

     Klaviyo clearly comes out tops when it comes to eCommerce email marketing tools. These are five of our favourite Klaviyo features:

    1. Dynamic Segmentation (and segmentation in general with Klaviyo)

    With Klaviyo, the sky's the limit when it comes to segmentation. You can segment your audience based on a multitude of things, like:

    • Average Order Value
    • Purchase Frequency
    • Shopping Preference
    • Acquisition Source
    • Browsing Behaviours
    • Shopping Cart Profile

    Just to name a few

    Klaviyo offers dynamic segmentation which means that you don't need to worry about manually updating these. One of the ways to use this dynamic segmentation, and something that we do at Blend with every single one of our Klaviyo clients, is audience suppression. This helps improve the deliverability score with Email Service Providers. Having lots of unengaged people on your list hurts your efforts to reach those that actually do want to receive your emails.

    2. The Analytics

    While most ESPs do offer some sort of analytics or reporting, we have found that Klaviyo has certainly focused its efforts to ensure the data science is quick and easy for their users. You can create your own custom reports or use the ones offered to you by Klaviyo.

    There is so much that one can do with data science in Klaviyo. You can predict the purchase date for each customer and the future spending of your customers. This helps in identifying who your high rollers are so that you can target them with VIP offers, for example. You could also segment your audience into most frequent buyers to target flows to increase the Average Order Value by pre-empting their next purchase.

    3. A/B Testing for Everything

    We use A/B testing on just about everything when it comes to email marketing. We let the metrics guide all decisions in our email marketing strategy and Klaviyo is making these efforts easy and worthwhile.

    You can A/B test just about everything from Email Flows to Campaigns, subject lines to content, and sending times to sending cadence. You can also determine the size of your testing pool and the length of your testing period. You can then let Klaviyo choose the winner or you can do this manually.

    4. Facebook Audience Integration

    This deserves a special mention. We absolutely love that you can sync any segment in Klaviyo to a Facebook custom audience. Just make sure that the Facebook integrations are set up before starting. For example, you could create a recent cart abandoners segment and sync it to Facebook Custom Audiences to drive them back to your site. One thing to note here is that your audience list will need to have at least 1000 people in it in order to achieve accurate results.

    This video shows you how to integrate the Facebook app with Klaviyo:

    5. Dynamic Content

    There are so many brilliant ways to utilize the dynamic content offered in Klaviyo. Aside from the standard personalized name being added to the email (which most email CRM tools offer), you can also add some dynamic content to your emails such as personalized subject lines and dynamic product images. These can be based on a cart abandonment flow or based on a past purchase a customer has made (think about dynamic product image categories for a "thing you might like" category).

    If you are ready to make the switch but either don't have the time or the expertise to explore this on your own, get in touch with Blend to see how we can help you increase your revenue through email marketing with Klaviyo. Email us here.

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