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We’re on a mission to make Shopify Blogs more ‘Jazzy’. Barry Manilow is not the answer, but how do you drive traffic with a Shopify Blog and keep visitors there? Well, here’s Blend Commerce’s 5 steps to creating a super sweet Shopify blog.

Good question. Well, the fact you’re reading this already shows one use. Traffic. Maybe you saw this blog title, it was a question you’ve been asking yourself and you decided to click. Or perhaps you googled it and one of the results was this blog? Without continuing to sound like a smart ass, let's look at why Shopify blogs can be so beneficial for your Shopify store.

Let’s not beat around the bush - who really gets what a Sales Funnel is? I know, right. A sales funnel is a way of finding a huge bunch of people you want to sell your product to, and from that bunch, finding a smaller group who will buy your product.

If you’re reading this, the chance is you’ll have been thinking about starting your Shopify store for a while. In fact,87% of our clients tell us that they’ve been ‘thinking’ about a Shopify store for over 9 months.N-I-N-E MONTHS.
Think about a 5-star luxury resort. Crystal clear pools, cabanas with white linen sheets, exquisite French cuisine, and point-perfect service. Sounds great, right?
There’s this breakfast place near to my house. Every Sunday, as I pretend to be the young, cool hipster that I’m not, I sit myself down on their uncomfortable metal bench and order the avocado smash with poached eggs. Each Sunday, I’m greeted by a super smiley Swedish lady ...
Choosing a Shopify Theme can be tricky. In this blog, Blend Commerce discuss why the Turbo Shopify Theme by Out of the Sandbox is their Shopify theme of choice. Read more below.

As you walk through our offices around 3.30pm each day, you can hear three things: the sound of Snickers bars being consumed, in one bite, the sound of the guy next door complaining loudly to his suppliers on his cell and the sound of our consultant’s saying ‘WOAAAHHHH!’

You can get a Shopify store built for $500. You can also get a pizza for 5 bucks, but why do we buy a $15 pizza from Domino’s? Why do we buy our sneakers from Footlocker at $200 and not Target for $30? We could save a whole heap of ...