Sales, sales, sales. As merchants in the eCommerce industry, it’s all about sales. And data is one thing an eCommerce business owner has, that's a leg-up from the brick-and-mortar businesses. And if you’re not using (or using the right) data, you’re losing out on the best way to make more sales. 


Now, I know this is controversial. There have been numerous arguments surrounding the data businesses, and the government have on consumers. But we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about the data the customer willingly gives you that is used only for good. And being a superhero in your own right will allow you to make more sales and make the customer journey something they’ll talk about. 


Klaviyo’s integration with Shopify provides merchants with a wealth of customer data. And using the right tools along with Klaviyo will provide quality zero-party data on your customers. As a marketing platform, Klaviyo helps Shopify merchants use their data to drive sales and revenue. And in this blog, we’ll explore how Klaviyo’s data can improve customer engagement, boost conversions, and ultimately sell more products.


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Understanding Klaviyo’s Data

Many merchants struggle to use Klaviyo the way it should be used. By understanding Klaviyo’s data, you can leverage it to create the perfect customer experience that (almost) runs by itself. Once set up, all you’ll need to do is A/B testing and optimisation. And as new tools and integrations come into the fold, you can add those to your already stellar customer experience. 

Segmenting Customers for Targeted Campaigns

One of the key benefits of Klaviyo’s data is the ability to segment customers based on their behaviour and attributes. You will be able to create highly targeted campaigns that actually resonate with specific customers instead of blasting your entire email list. Not only will this improve the customer journey, but it will also improve your deliverability. Blasting email lists can cause unsubscribes and bounces that your business’s reputation doesn’t need. 


For example, if you own a clothing eCommerce store, you could create a targeted campaign for customers who have bought a specific item over the last 90 days and upsell them with an item to ‘complete their outfit’.


Klaviyo tracks various customer actions, including email opens, clicks, and purchases. And, like most, it also provides detailed information on customer attributes, such as location, device type, and purchase history. This data, along with many others, can be used to create highly targeted and personalised campaigns and flows that drive engagement and conversions.


Creating Conditional Splits for Targeted Flows

Another benefit of Klaviyo is its functionality that allows you to target different people with different emails, even if they’re within the same flow. Conditional splits allow you to A/B test the perfect timing of an initial Abandoned Cart email, provide SMSes and emails for customers who have accepted SMS marketing, and split customers based on their preferences. 


For example, if you’re building an Abandoned Cart Flow for the first time, you’ll want to know the best time for your customers for the first email. Every industry is different. Where a 2-hour time delay works for one, a 4-hour time delay works for another. By adding a random sample conditional split below your trigger and adding a different time delay above each first email, over time, you’ll be able to see what time delay hits the perfect spot for customers in this part of their customer journey. 


Klaviyo Flows

Using Klaviyo’s Data Along with Other Tools to Boost Conversions

In addition to Klaviyo’s already substantial data, using additional tools will boost conversions even more by increasing the targeting of your marketing efforts. While it may seem strange, the more specific your send, the more conversions and the higher your Customer Lifetime Value will be.


Using Omniconvert along with Klaviyo will allow you to see exactly who your customers are and how they view your business. As with most things, it’s difficult to tell what others think of you. Things like your website design can significantly impact their customer journey. And using NPS Surveys (and heat mapping with a tool like Hotjar), you’ll be able to find out how customers feel on their journey through your site. 


Omniconvert also integrates with Gorgias. Gorgias is a customer support tool that will blow your mind with its functionality to ensure your customers are looked after. This integration allows you to immediately reach out should a customer rate your business poorly on an NPS Survey. This means there’s no silent time between the customer’s frustration and a solution.


Not only that, but Omniconvert’s RFM Segmentation will allow you to split customers based on their engagement with your business, including how recently they’ve purchased, how frequently they’ve purchased, and the monetary value of their purchases. All this will allow you to target these customers specifically with what they need in their part of the customer journey along with (and this is a big one, folks) encouraging them to take specific actions to increase their engagement with your brand.


Because telling them all to buy from you doesn’t work, your most loyal customers perhaps buy often with a high monetary value, and often, you may wonder what to market to them if they’re already buying. Here’s a hint: you want more like them. Encouraging them to refer friends and join loyalty programs will increase your number of loyal customers. But more on that in a second. 

Octane AI

Sticking with the O’s for your tech stack, Octane AI is non-negotiable. Well, to be honest, they’re all non-negotiable, but this tool enables you to gather accurate zero-party data that you can use to improve recommendations, personalisation, and targeting in one fell swoop. Adding an Octane AI Quiz to your site with the correct questions will allow you to find out what your customers love about your brand while helping them to find what they need by themselves. 


In fact, there’s a psychological phenomenon called the Self-Generation Affect Effect or The IKEA Effect. This phenomenon occurs when people like your customers place a higher value on products or services they feel they’ve created themselves. We tend to prefer ideas and information when they’ve been generated by our own minds. Even a small amount of cognitive energy into a solution to our problem means we’ll like that answer more — i.e. enjoying the fruits of our labour.


By providing customers with the opportunity to customise their shopping experience through an interactive quiz, you not only increase their engagement and satisfaction with your brand, but you also enhance their perception of the products “they” create. And ultimately, it leads to increased sales and customer loyalty.

We had a 229% increase in Conversion Rate in email marketing using this integration.


Implementing a loyalty program will allow customers to feel a part of your brand. LoyaltyLion will help you use loyalty points to encourage repeat purchases, award customers just for engaging with your brand, allow them easy access to their rewards and early access to products, reward customers for UGC and allow you to focus marketing strategies on valuable customers. 


For example, as we mentioned earlier, you want more of your most loyal customers. While you may not know what to target them with besides upsells and cross-sells, targeting them to refer friends for loyalty points will likely bring more customers like them to your business. 


Loyalty programs also increase your Customer Lifetime Value by making customers actively engage with your brand and feel as if they’re getting something in return for their loyalty. As with most relationships, it’s about giving and receiving. Loyalty programs are where you can give back to your most loyal customers and encourage those who aren’t yet loyal to become loyal.


Using the integration with Klaviyo will allow you to target customers who haven’t signed up for your loyalty program, create flows that reward customers on their birthday, and even add variables in emails telling customers exactly how many points they’ve earned. has just added some exceptional capabilities with their Klaviyo integration. Now, not only will you be able to display dynamic product reviews that customers have left on your site, but you’ll also be able to add reviews to specific products. This means your targeted campaigns and flows will have social proof to accompany the products you’re upselling. Product Specific Reviews


Our favourite part of this integration is the user-generated content (UGC) that can be brought into your Klaviyo email in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. By integrating your business’s Instagram account with, you’ll be able to display your favourite posts that you’ve been tagged in. These images can then either be linked back to your homepage or to the specific product used in the post. Instagram Integration


Recharge is a subscription tool that allows you to maximise the value of your customers. By implementing subscriptions in your eCommerce store (this will look different depending on your industry), you’ll be able to increase your Customer Lifetime Value and make your customers’ lives easy. 


Falling back on conditional splits within Klaviyo flows, you can add conditional splits from Recharge to determine whether customers have started a subscription with your store or not. If someone hasn’t, you can educate them on subscriptions and why it’s convenient. And if someone has, you can encourage them to add more products to their subscription and remind them that they can modify or cancel at any time. 


When it comes to subscriptions, it’s important to ensure the customer knows that they’re in control. Their subscription is just that — theirs. And they get to decide what they want from it.

Blend & Klaviyo

Ultimately, Klaviyo provides Shopify merchants like you with a powerful set of tools for leveraging customer data to sell more. Using this data will allow you to create targeted campaigns, boost conversions, and drive revenue — meaning you can increase your sales and your Customer Lifetime Value. You’ll be able to better understand your customers and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly, ultimately leading to more satisfied customers and increased profits.


The possibilities with Klaviyo’s data are limited only by the creativity and ingenuity of you and your marketing team. Luckily, as Klaviyo partners, we have a unique group of Klaviyo experts ready to help you with anything you need. And by taking advantage of the wealth of information available to you, you can unlock the full potential of your eCommerce business and achieve greater success than ever before. 


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s chat about your journey with Klaviyo to improve your customer’s journey with you.

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Published: April 03 2023

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