229% Increase in Conversion Rate from Email Marketing

The Brief

After Run Gum was introduced to us through our partnership with Octane AI, they came to us with the goal to utilise zero-party data and customer-first data from their established Octane AI quiz to create a more personalised experience for email marketing to help them connect with their customers on a new level. 

How Blend helped

Our partnership with Run Gum began with an audit, which helped us determine where they were performing well and where we could help them improve. From their Klaviyo audit, we were able to provide them with a significant list of recommendations and strategies that would help them grow and optimise their email marketing.


We began by creating a sign-up strategy guide accompanied by a series of sign-up forms that would give their sign-up experience the boost it needed to grow their email list. Following this, we built a new UI/UX Email Template to ensure brand consistency throughout their customer's experience, from their website o their email marketing. This template was used within a series of flows which were highly segmented based on the individual customers' lifestyle goals indicated in their onsite Octane AI quiz. This segmentation was used to target the right audiences with the right products and improve their overall customer experience. 

The results

Run Gum was highly focused on ensuring its customers get the products they need when they need them. Following the implementation of their new Sign-Up Forms and Klaviyo Flows, we observed steady and consistent progress, with their Conversion Rate for flows increasing by an impressive 25%. 


We also saw a 28% increase in Revenue per Recipient, and their Deliverability also mirrored the work put in with increases in Open Rates from 31.8% to 40.5% and incredible improvement in Click Rates from 2.62% to a whopping 7.30% and eventually 9.23%.

We look forward to seeing Run Gum continue to grow from strength to strength with the extra boost we were able to give their email marketing.


Increase in Conversion Rate from Flows compared to Q2 2022


Increase in Revenue Per Recipient from Flows compared to Q2 2022


Increase in AOV from Flows compared to Q2 2022

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