The simplest, most straightforward business model is one-off sales.

You have a product, the client pays you, and you provide the goods. Simple, right?

But it's not as straightforward as it might appear. Creating a long-term sustainable business based on one-off transactions is a tremendous challenge. But what's the other option?

The answer: repeat revenue. 

Many companies have turned to recurring revenue strategies to ensure that regular income flows into their businesses, especially in the wake of the disaster that was COVID-19. If you’re an online business owner, you might wonder what the best way to attract new and different revenue is. 

Well, look no further. In this post, Blend will tell you all about our partner, Relo, and why you should consider integrating your store with this powerful tool if you want to maximise your repeat revenue and give customers an unforgettable experience. 

What is Relo?

Relo is your new best friend, doing all the hard work for you in using Shopify customer data to predict the exact moment customers are ready to reorder or subscribe.

How does it do this? 

No, we’re kidding. Although, maybe. 

Forecasting customers’ readiness to reorder or subscribe might seem like it requires a teenage boy with supernatural abilities, but with Relo, it only takes a good old-fashioned stroke of genius. 

Using your Shopify order history data, Relo makes this prediction by analysing logic, the specific skews that are going to be reordered, how likely they are to be reordered, personality factors, and even looking at a per-customer level with the logic of volume of orders that will impact your reorder tempo. 

But let’s dial it back a bit and make it simpler. Relo has one goal: to make it easy for existing customers to repurchase, subscribe and stay subscribed. 

And there are three ways it does this: 

A seamless shopping experience

In today’s modern world that hungers for instant gratification, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that consumers want things, and they want them fast. Where online businesses scramble to keep shoppers happy, Relo wipes the sweat from their brows, bridging the gap between eCommerce sites and eager shoppers. 

Relo offers businesses the chance to provide customers with a quick and easy way to subscribe to their favourite products with the simple click of a button. What’s more, Relo takes it one step further by recommending similar products to customers they are likely to love right when they’re checking out – so they can’t resist adding to the cart.

Personalisation at the ready 

Over and above personalised product recommendations popping up at just the right time when customers are checking out, Relo also integrates with Klaviyo to help you give your shoppers the customer experience of their dreams – on a silver platter. 

What better way to remind your customers that it might be time for a reorder than through a timely reminder email dropping into their inbox? Or perhaps a gentle nudge in the form of an SMS lighting up their screen? 

Relo eliminates admin and management hassles by simply giving customers a link that takes them straight to their last purchase without logging in or entering details. Once there, customers can increase the quantity, add extra items and click on that magic little Subscribe button that makes all eCommerce store owners’ hearts light up! 

Conversion made easy

As you may have gathered by now, Relo has all the bells and whistles you need to clinch a purchase from customers and get them to put their name to a subscription. But what Relo is using in particular, is what they like to call Magic Cart – a customisable landing page based on customers’ buying history. 

When customers click on a CTA, Magic Cart kicks into gear, showing the previous order along with 1-click reorder or subscribe option! Customers have no choice but to be wooed by the magic (yes, we said it) of it all and be converted. 

Why you should use Relo

Let’s be honest, is this even a real question? 

But to appease the cynics, we have a few more reasons why Relo might be the answer to your prayers as a business owner:

Reach your goals faster 

Take notes from Relo clients whose recurring revenue has undergone a facelift since partnering with the brand. BUBS Naturals, a household name in the US specialising in collagen and MCT powder, approached Relo to help retain customers and get them to buy again. 

Since tapping into Relo’s spidey senses (we weren’t kidding before) and wielding its power, BUBS Naturals saw a 40% increase in recurring revenue!

You know what you have to do if you want to see results like this.

Say goodbye to admin headaches

Relo knows how tedious dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s can be when managing your eCom business. That’s why they developed Subscription Manager, a subscription management software that reduces churn and drives retention by allowing customers to change, modify, swap or add items to their subscriptions in seconds – all without logging in. 

Syncing effortlessly with Klaviyo, Subscription Manager is an automation dream, eliminating admin nightmares and saving you time (and sanity). 

Focus on what’s important 

Perhaps the most essential task that Relo achieves is allowing you to tend to the parts of your business that you want to tend to while it sorts out the nitty gritty. With Relo, you have more time to focus on taking your business forward and planning for the future and less time worrying about low conversion rates, admin hassles, and a problematic website.

Ready to get started?

Trusted by the top DTC brands, Relo is a must-have, and because we believe so strongly in what it can do for businesses, we are proud partners of Relo who recommend their products to just about anyone who will listen! 

If we’ve twisted your thumb and you’re ready to discover how Relo can turn your customers into lifelong brand ambassadors, book a call with us today. 

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Marketing Executive One of our Marketing Executives and the vibrant heart of Blend Commerce, Jo has an infectious enthusiasm for taking on new challenges, making her a driving force in our team. Her talent spans the realms of both marketing and design, and her growth has been nothing short of remarkable, exceeding all expectations. With Jo as part of our team, we’re not just working; we’re creating, innovating, and setting new standards in the eCommerce world.

Published: November 17 2022

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