Assisted Conversions in Shopify?

In almost any team sport on the planet, an assist is a contribution by a player which results in a score/goal/result. An assist is commonly credited to a player for passing or crossing the ball to the eventual goal scorer in football; or credited to the player who passes the ball out to the try scorer in rugby.

Of course, we aren't here to talk about sports (I'm not a fan. Shhhh - don't tell my CEO)

Here in the world of eCommerce, we also have assists.

An assisted conversion is defined as the source (or sources) that were involved in the process of bringing a visitor onto your website, where that visitor eventually converted to a lead/sales/revenue.

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What is an Assisted Conversion?

Google defines assisted conversion as "The number of conversions for which this dimension (channel, source, medium) appeared on the conversion path but was not the final conversion interaction." In simpler terms, assisted conversions are the interactions or sources in a particular user's conversion path, but are not the final interaction. 

We assign values to these assists using the Google Analytics Assisted Conversions report to understand the value of their contribution to overall sales on your site, even if they did not form part of the final interaction.

Why are Assisted Conversions Important?

Assisted Conversions help us determine the value of all the channels. Tracking where your sales originate from, and the path that your suers take that ultimately result in a conversion can be extremely useful when determining the value of these channels.

Every now and again, you will find that users make it to your site but don't convert. Understanding what path and steps play a role in getting you customer conversion will help you move more customers down you conversion funnel. 

By tracking you assisted conversions, you gain a deeper understanding of how your customer journey and supporting content marketing is (or isn't) working. 

How do you Track Assisted Conversions in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides a report on assisted conversions. To access it, you can go to Conversions - Multi-Channel Funnels - Top Conversion Paths in your Google Analytics account.

Select your Path Length and type of transaction in this report. The results of this report show the path of channels the user visited before converting.

How to Report on Assisted Conversions?

Follow the steps below to see conversion and revenue data for assisted conversions. The report will update automatically to reflect your selections. 

  1. Click Assisted Conversions in the left-handed navigation panel, then select a Floodlight configuration.
  2. Select an activity.
  3. Select any conversion segments you want to add.
  4. You can view and compare click-through or view-through data for revenue or conversion. Select from the following metrics:
  • Click-through assisted conversions
  • Rich Media assisted conversions
  • Total conversions
  • Unassisted conversions
  • View-through assisted conversions
  • Click-through assisted revenue
  • Total assisted revenue
  • Total revenue
  • Unassisted revenue
  • View-through assisted revenue

5. Learn more about attribution metrics

6. Select the primary and secondary dimensions to include in the report (such as an ad, creative, or placement) to see which aspects of Campaign Manager 360 had the most significant effect on conversions in terms of impressions.

Want an Agency to Give You An Assist?

The Blend team consists of UI & UX Designers, Front & Backend Developers, CRO consultants, Growth Marketers, and Strategy Consultants. Our company culture is focused on continuous learning and development. Due to this, you'll benefit from a tight-knit team that's on the pulse in a quickly changing Shopify environment. 

Ultimately, working with us as an agency allows you to benefit from the years of research and development, testing, and mapping that our team have been part of.

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Published: July 11 2022