If you are struggling to push your products in a way this century favours, look no further! Whether you're aiming to push products on your main website or pushing these products through your social media pages, you may not realise the extent to which you could utilise shoppable videos to gain the most attention on what you're selling - but what are ‘shoppable videos’? 

What are you waiting for? Continue on to discover what makes these short but engaging videos so successful in the eCommerce world! 


What is a Shoppable Video?

A shoppable video is borderline mind-blowing when you think about it; for example, it’s like merging the Harry Potter paintings and a link to a boohoo dress. In no way are these two things related, but you get my drift! Shoppable videos are interactive media that include links that lead you straight to the product you are seeing. The videos can be recognised as adverts and are usually short in length; the shoppable videos usually have the same high-scale editing and production as standard advertising. Usually, these videos appear next to products or embedded on collection pages, and they are mostly overlooked as adverts, which people do not notice.

Shoppable videos showcase the product that is listed on the page - it is usually done in a fashion of exhibiting the intended use of the product. For example, this could be showcasing the use of a pair of shoes, wearing a coat, and even setting up products. Shoppable videos are really important as they are the first insight from a brand perspective to the customer and showcase the full extent of what this product does; as a brand, you should be up-selling your products to the highest quality - however, keep the Trade Descriptions Act in mind when doing so. Usually, by utilising Shoppable videos, it is easy to avoid a false depiction of your product as you give first-hand examples of how they can insert this product into everyday life. 


How Shoppable Videos Work

Shoppable videos showcase the product or multiple products you intend to upsell, spotlighting how it's used and including the link directly to the product in the video. They aim to gain more traction and site traffic to the particular listing. It is popular with customers due to the nature of not having to leave the video to find the product; the short process of selecting the product link directly from the video they have their attention on increases sales purely from accessibility reasons. Shoppable videos typically include hotspots and embedded links to make the buying process easier for the customer - they are here for a short ride, not a long one!

Typically, it has hotspots, embedded links, and prices. All the customer has to do in the video is click on the link of the product, and voila! The shortened customer journey for purchasing items listed in shoppable videos has seen conversion rates rise by an average of 30%! 

Shoppable videos are usually displayed on websites where their services/goods are displayed or on social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. Recently, TikTok has introduced ‘TikTok shop’, which allows users to tag products in their videos. TikTok shop verified sellers - who are often Influencers - can inject links into their videos for the product that they are upselling. However, this is a more casual approach than official website advertising. 


Who Should Add Shoppable Videos to Their eCom Stores?

Brands that sell physical products gain the most out of Shoppable videos; when people are buying products online, they want to see the legitimacy of these products. Customers can be sceptical and want to see the product in a specific way - this can be a focus on specific lighting and the condition of the product - this makes it easy for the customer to envision how they can see themselves wearing or using the product. However, customers will be more inclined to buy your goods by tangibly showing this product - many trust indicators align with shoppable videos as they show the product in a legitimate light. 

In terms of Shoppable videos on an in-store function, attention-grabbing shoppable videos increase the customer's time onsite. These are short videos that offer product demonstrations, product descriptions and real-time updates on the availability of the product all through one interactive video. These videos can act as a pop-up or can be embedded on or next to a product - the best way to engage the viewer is to add snappy CTA’s that make them want to buy the product within seconds; for example, include the availability of this product - if it’s running low, include this as a gentle threat to make the customer purchase! 

Your selling approach needs to reflect on your video as you are trying to push this product as far as possible - videos are compelling eCommerce tools, with 92% per cent of marketers reporting a good return on investment from video content alone. The customer experience is magnified under the light of shoppable videos, allowing the customer to purchase in just a few clicks. This takes out the user having to visit multiple websites and remain on yours, which also improves conversion rates.


Shoppable videos are popular on Tiktok as this is a platform that offers the in-app experience - viewers don't have to leave the app to purchase products due to the ‘Tiktok Shop experience’. Brand users of the social platform have seen a rise in purchases from having their products and adverts in one place due to two processes merged into one.

Spend time creating high-level edited videos for your website as it will act as a CTA that will want people to delve in more; this is just another addition to making the customer's visit to your website easy and giving them everything they're looking for in one place. Additionally, tailoring your videos to your branding aesthetic can increase your brand awareness as more people engage due to recognising the themes of your content. By the user noticing the benefits and qualities of your videos, they will begin to carry across this awareness through other videos they watch and critically compare what your videos have as opposed to competitors. These videos will also tie in with adding valuable data and analytics metrics to your website, increasing the on-site time for the customer, which inevitably drives more traffic to your site among other potential customers.

Benefits of Adding Shoppable Videos to Your eCommerce Store

Simplified customer journey

Customers have a shortened and increasingly positive journey when buying products through shoppable videos; not only are they watching an insightful and attention-grabbing video, but it is easy to access for them to visit the link and purchase the product as it is all in one place and front of their eyes; they are also ensured that the product is legitimate, as mentioned before. Clutter-free videos are the way to go. Nobody wants to be whacked in the face with ten different products at once! Be clear and concise with what product you are selling and when during the video, utilising transitions and overall creating a seamless video that is easy on the eye!

Increased engagement

Engagement increases with videos as you give the customer something to watch, which is pro-longing their time on your site. They also actively engage in the product by clicking the CTA buttons, leading to the product on the site. The more time they spend, the better. Shoppable videos decrease cart abandonment as they advertise the product in the best way possible. Keep the message simple and gain more interaction, showcase your products authentically and watch the average on-site time for your website skyrocket!

Clear insights

The insights you receive from the Shoppable videos are clear as they depict how many customers are falling to the CTA, meaning the click-through rates to your website increase; if the video is popular among the audience it is aimed at, you will witness this through the analytics of your shoppable video. 

Positive customer experience

The best customer experience I have is when a transaction is short and simple. Shoppable videos excel in this area due to the short nature of the videos and the straightforward buying procedure that leads from the videos. This process is guaranteed to give customers a positive experience on your website or store.


Creating Shoppable Videos: Best Practice

When creating the highest quality shoppable videos, you have to keep one thing in mind: how are people going to view these from your website? Usually, videos are viewed in a 9:16 ratio, which is the ideal size your video should follow. The videos should seamlessly integrate products or services; remember, this is a sales pitch for that product with minimal dialogue that allows viewers to purchase through the embedded links. Another point to these videos is that they are short enough for the viewer to be engaged with them - a short, snappy, call-to-action-esque video needs to sell a point in 30 seconds or under. Following this, clickable elements in the video need to be included to make the buyer interested - these hovering hotspots also point to the exact product that you are selling, which has an intended link to the point of purchase. 

Though your shoppable video is a sales pitch, try not to be too overbearing with what you are trying to sell. The effortless nature of the video needs to be interpreted by the viewer wanting to watch the video at ease - you will see a vast difference between an overly pushy video and a laid-back approach. Furthermore, ensure your videos are optimised for mobile devices as they are the main devices that shoppable videos are sought after. These videos will also be recognised through the use of influencers that star in your video, as they are easily recognisable, especially if you're a fashion brand.

Overall, keep your customer experience in mind when creating these videos - you want them to have the best experience possible and advocate for these videos; by following these pointers, you will achieve this and gain maximum engagement.

Final Thoughts on Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos are like the James Bond of eCommerce – slick, efficient, and armed with a license to sell. These short clips are the secret agents of online marketing, leading customers straight to the product without the hassle. It's not magic, just good strategy.

They're the MVPs for brands selling physical goods, the ones that cut through scepticism. Customers want to see the real deal, not some smoke and mirrors, and shoppable videos give them exactly that.

In eCommerce, these videos are the pinnacle of merging the selling approach with a visual look. They simplify the customer journey, increase engagement, and provide insights that even Sherlock would envy. It's not rocket science; it's just smart business.

So, if you want your eCommerce game to be more Bond, less Barney, start crafting those shoppable videos. Keep it short, make it mobile-friendly, and watch your sales become the action-packed blockbuster of the online world. Shoppable videos: Because in eCommerce, visual product selling never goes out of style!

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Marketing Assistant Hannah, our content creation and creative media master at Blend Commerce weaves compelling narratives that resonate with our audience. Hannah's talents extend to photography and videography, capturing the essence of our brand visually. As our internal Social Media manager, Hannah curates a digital landscape that reflects Blend's heart and soul. Beyond her creative role, she seamlessly integrates into marketing, ensuring our team stays interconnected. With a speciality in TikTok content creation, Hannah drives Blend's narrative to new heights. Her expertise in storytelling and visual arts ensures our brand continues to captivate clients and partners alike.

Published: January 29 2024

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