Getting an eCommerce store off the ground is a very exciting process. Once it has started to make a profit and the potential is clear, it’s time to start considering moving over to Shopify Plus. But when is the right time to do so, and how do you upgrade?

In this post, we will cover all the details, including pricing. So that you can upgrade confidently, and at the right time for a great ROI.

When to upgrade to Shopify Plus

The Shopify platform is designed in order to be scalable so that you can keep growing your eCommerce business. When you reach approximately £1 million in yearly revenue, it is the right time to upgrade to Shopify Plus. 

Shopify is an excellent platform for starting your eCommerce business, but you may eventually start to feel limited by its features. With Shopify Plus, you can reach customers from anywhere in the world, and sell across different platforms. You can also create a better online experience for your customers, which is well known to increase sales and user satisfaction.

The advanced tools and lower transaction fees available on Shopify Plus make globalisation and scaling easier and more successful. So if you’re ready to push that £1 million to £2 million, you’re ready to upgrade. 

How to upgrade to Shopify Plus

Upgrading to Shopify Plus is a relatively simple process once you’ve decided to scale. Once you click on the upgrading banner, you will be led through a number of easy-to-follow prompts. 

Since migrating to Shopify Plus involves a number of changes throughout your store, there are a few things you need to do, which you can follow in the below section. 

However, the process of migration needn’t be stressful, because Shopify Plus has over 2000 engineers dedicated to building this top-notch platform. You’ll also have the help of real people to support your migration, launch, and ongoing strategy. 24/7 global technical support also aids peace of mind, as any issue that may come up can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Things to do when you upgrade to Shopify Plus

There are a few things to update and improve when you migrate to Shopify Plus, and you’ll want to be sure to take advantage of all that is offered. After all, these scaling options are designed for your success and should be optimised accordingly.

  1. Customise your checkout: With Shopify Plus you can customise your checkout, and increase checkout speed by 60%, which in turn increases conversions.
  2. Integrate across platforms: An omni-channel approach to eCommerce is best suited to the contemporary customer. Shopify Plus allows you to integrate with Etsy, eBay, Pinterest, and so much more. From over 80 marketplaces and 100+ social media channels, you can manage all your products from this one platform.
  3. Broaden your reach: Shopify Plus supports sales in 175 different countries, and in 21 languages. So you can scale globally. All you need to do is decide where to go.

Shopify Plus pricing

Shopify Plus pricing options start at £1,530 ($2000) a month and scale up according to the variables of your business. This is quite a substantial investment in your store, and should be considered when you need the value offered by Shopify Plus. When you’re just starting out or are below the threshold mentioned above, it is best to focus on growth before migrating.

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