Do you sell rugs, bedding, home furnishings, furniture or garden accessories?

Then keep on reading for the right tech app setup for you. As a furniture brand, being online can often be challenging for customers as they don’t get the same experience as being in-store.

Decisions are made purely on the look of the products and the descriptions so it’s up to you to make the experience as real as possible.

Creating an easy and helpful experience is a great starting point for a Furniture Brand.

If you can provide great customer service and good quality user-generated content, you will improve the customer experience and trust of your brand.

Tech Stack for Furniture Brands


Often those looking for furniture have a good idea of what they are looking for but as purchases can be highly-priced, impulse buying may not be as apparent as you think. Klaviyo’s ability to use an event-based system to view customer interactions with your Shopify store makes it ideal for using Flows.

Flows are the back burners of your store and are a super simple way of retargeting your Subscribers. Klaviyo has a unique Browse Abandonment Flow that allows you to send a targeted email to those who have viewed a product but haven’t added it to a cart or purchased. This can be a very effective Flow for furniture brands as you can even take the personalisation a step further and show them exactly what they viewed or item similar to it.

Klaviyo also has advanced segmentation and you can use the Collections Subscribers purchase from to start creating custom properties and tailoring email content to their preference.

It also includes Product Blocks that can show the Subscribers items that are similar to what they purchased to create additional personalisation. You should use custom properties to segment your Flows and Email Campaigns further. For example, if you know your customer is always buying new bedding every month, you should segment your Emails by product type so you can send personalised content and create the right data feeds to recommend products that are similar to what they purchased before.

Klaviyo SMS

Using Emails alongside SMS is a proven way to improve the performance of your marketing. For Furniture Brands it’s likely website visitors will do a lot of browsing before making a purchase. Automated marketing through email Flows is an easy and effective way to retarget them but Klaviyo also has an SMS service that allows you to send Email and SMS messages alongside each other in a Flow. In some cases, you can also use SMS as a follow up to an email. This is often a strategy used by many brands due to the high open rate of SMS.


To start gathering phone numbers and emails, we recommend using Klaviyo’s signup forms as they capture individual consents for these fields which you can then use in your Flows, Segments and Campaigns.

Four Sixty

This works in the same way you’d tag a friend on Facebook. So, for example, if there was a photo of a girl sitting at a dining room table, having coffee on the couch, sitting by the pool on a lounge chair, the brand could make the items in the images shoppable.

Instagrams massive user base and engagement make it easy for brands to present their products in a way that creates insatiable purchase desire.

Brands that can show their products in a ‘lifestyle context’ do well on Instagram as their content is often aspirational. Pulling customers into the world they create. Which makes FourSixty an integration that is 100% geared towards their market.


Creating an easy and helpful experience is a great starting point for a Furniture Brand. If you can provide great customer service and good quality user-generated content, you will improve the customer experience and trust of your brand.

Using the Boost Product Filter & Search app will allow shoppers to find the exact products they want on Shopify stores quickly and without any hassle.

Boost Commerces reporting and Analytics also provides merchants with insight and metrics of how your customers use the filter menus to browse products on certain categories and the whole sites. So you can get to know customer trends and behaviour in real-time.

The Post Purchase Flow is also an ideal place to start gathering user-generated content through reviews. For a Furniture Brand, there is no better social proof than seeing a photo or even better a video of a product happily sitting and being used in someone’s home. Using’s dynamic link, you can place this within your Klaviyo emails and request a written, photo or video review. Once the review has been gathered, has features in its platform that allows you to turn a review straight into a social media post.

Featuring these on your social media or in your email campaigns is a great way to build a fan base. It allows you to connect with your subscribers, followers or customers on a personal level, where your audience will really feel like you’re connecting with them.


Shopping for furniture products isn’t usually a spontaneous choice. Your shopper probably knows what they are looking for so if they haven’t purchased whilst visiting your store, it’s likely they have concerns or questions. Not being able to answer these questions quickly and easily could be the deciding factor on if they decide to purchase from you.

Gorgias Chat is a widget that sits on your site and allows website visitors to send a message to your customer service team. Giving your customers the opportunity to ask a question through a Live Chat rather than an Email allows you to reply quickly and efficiently. Waiting for a reply from an email can often lead to your potential customer going elsewhere so whether you use a Customer Service Rep or Automated Responses, by being readily available, you will already be building trust with your customer.

What you can achieve

By using the tech stack above, you’ll combat one of the main issues many Furniture Brands have: “Are our images and descriptions enough for someone to purchase?”

Through API’s and inbuilt integrations at the click of a button, you can create an effective tech stack that streamlines the customer experiences and provide helpful information that will make shoppers comfortable to buy.

If you're a furniture brand looking for the tech stack to take your Shopify store to the next level, why not book a call and let us help you get started.

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Published: January 16 2022

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