Every click on your store matters. Clicks indicate customer engagement and how they react to the elements on your site—pushing your conversion rates and customer lifetime value either up or down. While the focus is often on design and positioning, you’d be surprised to know the psychological impact behind your words. You can make dramatic differences in driving your sales and maximising your conversion rates by tweaking your words, whether they're headlines or product descriptions. 

As a Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency in the UK, we have the lowdown on how you can do this the right way.

Impacting Your Conversion Rate with Onsite Messaging

Maybe you’ve watched MadMen and heard of copywriting, but if you haven’t, it’s a powerful skill that taps into the human mind’s ability to influence our decisions and actions. By knowing your audience and understanding the principles of psychology, you can use words to persuade and captivate your audience, evoke their emotions, and, ultimately, drive desired behaviours. 

Now, we’re not talking about tricking customers into buying your products. We’re talking about using the right words to get your message across while educating your audience about your products. 

What does messaging have to do with conversion rates? Simple. It pushes sales. Like the classic Volkswagen ‘Lemon’ ad from 1960 that changed the copywriting world, you can use out-of-the-box thinking to draw the customer in and change their way of thinking. The result?

Your conversion rate going higher than you thought.

Every word, phrase, and sentence displayed on your website plays a crucial role in influencing visitor behaviour. Whether it’s a headline that grabs attention or a product description that compels them to purchase, every element of your onsite messaging contributes to shaping the user experience and impacting your conversion rates. 

Building the perfect website isn’t just about the right colours and icons in the right places anymore. It’s about how your website makes your customers feel as a whole. And that means your words hold power.

Using Copywriting to Improve Conversion Rates

Copywriting is not just about stringing together words on your website. It’s about crafting a narrative that resonates with your target audience and compels them to act. This means you need to understand your audience, and the goals of each page on your site and understand what words will bring those two factors together. 

Understand that your business addresses pain points in customers’ lives or enriches them even further. Your copy needs to address these critical sales points in the right way. For example, depending on your product, you can highlight your product's benefits and address common pain points and objections customers may have (it’s important to let the customer know that you know how they feel). By directly addressing these points, you’ll go from salesman to friend. 

But how do you know what you need to change on your site? How do you know whether your onsite messaging addresses customer needs and pushes them to convert? How can you tweak your copy to improve your conversion rates? 

Two words: message mining.

What is Message Mining?

One key strategy in crafting compelling on-site messaging is message mining. As we mentioned, you need to truly understand your audience before you can write conversion-friendly copy

Message mining involves analysing customer feedback, reviews, and interactions to uncover valuable insights that can inform your copywriting efforts. By understanding your audience's language, preferences, and pain points, you can tailor your messaging to resonate more deeply and drive your conversion rates. 

By leveraging social proof and conducting review mining by analysing your customer reviews and testimonials, you can identify common themes, sentiments, and pain points. What do you do with these? Use ‘power words’ to drive conversions on-site and pain points to know how to describe your products that answer their troubles. This way, reviews don’t only help you to build trust and credibility with potential customers, but they will ultimately help you drive higher conversion rates.

A CRO Agency that Drives Conversions with Copywriting

As a Shopify Plus agency, we don’t want to leave you high and dry. We’re not about giving you a vague idea of what you need without more information. That’s why we’ve written our eCom Copy Guide. It’s the exact tool you need to drive your onsite conversions with nothing but words. It’ll take you through the challenge you may face when trying to find those Don Draper-esque words that will truly speak to your customers. You can download your very own copy right here.


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Published: June 06 2024

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