When last did you pay a visit to the Shopify App Store? If you haven’t yet had a look, it might be a good idea to pop in. You’ll find a plethora of options at your disposal, all designed to enhance the customer experience in your online store – something eCommerce businesses desperately need in a time when more and more customers are choosing online shopping over their locals.


If you’re looking to incorporate customer reviews, boost your email marketing, take advantage of product advertising on social media apps like Facebook, or want access to extensive analytics to effectively run your business, an app exists for everything. 


However, it can be overwhelming being presented with so many options that all claim to do the same thing and not knowing which is the best. So, we’ve gone ahead and highlighted 5 of the best Shopify apps that you simply can’t do without if you’re a Shopify merchant. 


LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and rewards platform that powers e-commerce growth. Using this app, your Shopify store can merge with a specialised loyalty program that incorporates real-time insights to help you create memorable experiences for your customers that keep them coming back.


This doesn’t only have to be confined to your loyalty program alone, but can extend over into all your marketing activities and be used to further personalise customers’ journeys with your brand. 


Using this robust platform, you can create a loyalty program that rewards customers by way of tiers. Every time customers reach new levels, they unlock greater rewards. This type of program provides customers with an incentive to continue shopping with you and in doing so, propels your store’s revenue flow.


You can also take advantage of LoyaltyLion’s comprehensive features to design numerous program ideas using A/B testing in creating unique and engaging experiences for your buyers. Proven to increase retention and spend, LoyaltyLion is trusted by thousands of fast-growth e-commerce merchants worldwide.



Another app of incremental value for Shopify stores of all sizes is Recharge. Using this platform, you are connected to comprehensive functionalities all designed to promote customer engagement on your Shopify website and store.


This is more than an app simply built around a subscription model. Recharge gives users unique ways of drawing further subscribers, whilst at the same time, giving them a reason to stay through various deals and rewards awarded to them whilst they engage on your site and storefront.


Enjoy unique tools and features that allow you to narrow down which subscription model and type will yield the best results with your audience, which customers are the ones that will buy into your subscriptions, a user-friendly interface that allows for quick and easy model customisation, and a dedicated support team ready to absolve any problems you might run into. 


If you’re looking to provide your customers with the Rolls Royce of customer service, then Gorgias is your answer.


Your customers want to be able to connect with you on whichever device they find themselves on and that’s one of the reasons this app is so incredible as Gorgias prioritises communication with your customers on numerous platforms. 


Because of this, you can relax and watch as your conversion rates soar thanks to this platform’s no-fuss attitude. Whatever the query, whatever the time of day, Gorgias is there to resolve matters and keep customers satisfied. And on Shopify, Gorgias is extra prepared to make your customer support process a seamless one.

Thanks to its rich integration with Shopify, Gorgias gives you the power to pull customer data right into the dashboard, tweak orders, refund customers, create automatic replies, as well as assign tags to pin conversations that you might need to refer back to at some point.


All this functionality serves as a catalyst for customer loyalty that pushes sales and leaves less time waiting for issues to be resolved, and more time to shop, making your brand a reputable and trustworthy one.


It's essential that a company can prove that its brand is a trusted one, and one way that businesses can achieve this is through the incorporation of reviews, showing other potential customers how happy other buyers have been since purchasing from your store. Reviews have the power to influence a customer’s decisions and increase your credibility.


REVIEWS.io is the perfect choice for displaying reviews on your Shopify store and gaining a nod of approval from site visitors. And, because this platform is also a Google licensed review partner, you have the power to increase your store’s visibility on Google. This is definitely something you want to do, since a large majority of consumers check online Google reviews before visiting a business’s store, so checking this box is a must as a Shopify merchant.


The app allows customers to leave all sorts of reviews, including video reviews and the ability to review the company as a whole or an individual product. Customers can also review via SMS, which has shown to be a more popular way of giving their two cents as opposed to email thanks to its quick and easy convenience.


Another reason we love REVIEWS.io is its ability to drive sales by helping Shopify merchants to focus on specific demographics. By gaining local reviews, your brand can build a stellar reputation in your area, and surpass your competitors. 


Showcase your brand to all your potential buyers using REVIEWS.io and give other customers the chance to build a genuine relationship with your brand. 


If you want to build an automated system of communications between you and your customers without breaking the bank and having to create new emails every time a new user signs up then this is for you. Klaviyo is a cloud-based email marketing solution for eCommerce businesses that enables its clients to send out highly targeted campaigns and automations.


There are three clear winners when looking after your customers that Klaviyo gives you the tools for, they are:

  • New subscribers
  • New customers
  • Past customers.


Klaviyo lets you look after each of these segments by allowing you to build each one its own journey. New subscribers receive an automated series of emails welcoming them to the family, followed up by a bit of social proof, latest offers and news concerning the company. This can be delivered over a period of days or stretched longer. Depending on their behaviour, the system can deliver different messages.


Abandoned Checkout is a particularly important part of the customer journey. How can you keep your customers interested when they leave the website without buying anything?


Klaviyo magic gives merchants the opportunity to craft targeted abandoned cart email flows that turn prospective buyers into happy customers. And if that wasn’t enough, past customers are further nurtured by Klaviyo, which enables retailers to send out a series of automated emails that keep customers informed of new products and special offers. If you are looking for a way of automating your marketing then look no further than Klaviyo!

Penny Black

Yes, everything these days has moved in an online direction, including shoppers, but that doesn't mean that retailers can't still have face-to-face interactions with their customers. A company dedicated to providing an enriching tangible facet to eCommerce customer experiences, is Penny Black


Penny Black partners with brands who want to go the extra mile for their customers in putting together a personalised unboxing experience when customers open their awaited packages. Imagine you're trying out a brand for the first time, and you order a product you're interested in.


There's some anticipation as you wait for your order to arrive, not knowing what to expect but eager to put this brand to the test. You get a knock at the door, and in your hands, a package gets planted. Opening it up, you're met with a beautifully designed message greeting you by name, creating a moment you'll forever remember and associate with this brand, a brand you're instantly emotionally connected to – and will probably purchase from for a long time to come! 


That's what Penny Black does. It gives businesses the opportunity to personally meet with their customers without actually having verbal or face-to-face contact with them. With a 100% open-rate guaranteed, you can foster long-term relationships with your customers that consistently boost your revenue!

Final Thoughts from Blend Commerce

That’s our top 6 of the best Shopify apps, tools & integrations to make the Shopify experience brighter for your customers! We want to help you find the perfect match for your store to make your Shopify store well-renowned for providing its customers with an unforgettable experience. Give us a call today so we can get the ball rolling! 

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Published: July 04 2022

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