Personalisation within marketing has become a common word, and for good reason. Throughout ad campaigns, websites, targeted messaging, and more specifically, email marketing, personalisation is critical to the success of your marketing. A great Welcome Flow will welcome customers to your store while leading them to things they may not know about your store, coupled with subject lines that catch your customers’ attention, and graphic layouts that fit your brand.

Welcome Flows set the tone for your company, they’re the first impression, and first impressions last. They also create brand awareness, allow your customers to get to know your company, create a new way of engaging with those customers, and help you in collecting additional data. They do exactly what they’re called - welcome your customers.

If done right, it will look natural. Personalised subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened. But when we look at personalisation within emails, it’s more than just throwing in the first name code. We at Blend remain consistent in targeting specific people and personalising their emails so that the conversion rates skyrocket.

Why is Personalisation Important?

Keep in mind that these days, customers don’t spend time at stores in person. In-store, they’d receive a welcoming smile, a “how you doing” if they were a regular, and personal assistance throughout to ensure they have everything they need, all ending in a “have a great day!”. Customers still expect the same customer experience they have in-store, online. They don’t want to feel like a number, they want to feel seen. So ensuring that you understand who they are, where they are in their customer journey, and what they want out of your store, will allow you to personalise their emails. 

The question is, is it as easy to personalise Welcome Flows? Creating a successful Welcome Flow will be the first impression of your business, whether it’s a business they want to become loyal to, and whether they will recommend your business to others.

Apps and Integrations for Personalisation

Apps and integrations are some of the greatest investments you can make in your email marketing journey. They will allow you to retrieve extra data, ensure that the data you’ve collected is safe by creating a backup, help you develop loyalty and trust with your customers, and more. Here’s a list of all the apps and integrations you should consider:

  • Octane AI: Octane AI is a quiz platform designed for Shopify stores. They create quizzes for stores that allow owners to have insights into their customers. The data collected from this quiz can be integrated with Klaviyo to assist with segmentation and personalisation.
  • Loyalty Lion: Loyalty Lion helps stores build trust with their customers by building a loyalty program. These loyalty programs make it easy to access data from your customers and integrating Loyalty Lion with Klaviyo will allow you to further personalise your emails using this important data, increase repeat purchases, and increase customer acquisition.
  • helps to develop genuine reviews from customers. These reviews will increase your store’s reputation while you gain insights into what your customers are looking for, and what the latest trends are in your industry. You can integrate with Klaviyo to guide customers to make strong reviews of your company. 
  • Gorgias: Gorgias is a helpdesk for your Shopify store. It allows your customers to feel as if they’re in an actual store, asking any questions they need assistance with. Integrating Gorgias with Klaviyo will bring those insights into your emails, allowing further personalisation.
  • Recharge: Recharge creates subscription options for your Shopify store - giving your customers options and increasing your LTV. When Recharge is integrated with Klaviyo it imports the data collected from Recharge so you can find your customers’ preferred method of payment.

For a full list of integration possibilities within Klaviyo, go here.

Tip #1: Personalisation with Octane AI

If you’re setting up your Welcome Flows, you may think you don’t have enough data on your visitors to personalise your flow. You may be right, but there are ways to gain data before they even enter the flow. By using Octane AI to develop a quiz on your site that gives you the data you want, you will gain much-needed insight into your customers, new and old, and create personal and specified email marketing. Need proof? Take a look at what Blend did with Hunter and Gather and the results they got.

The best part about it is that your Octane quiz will seamlessly integrate with your Klaviyo email marketing once set up. If you’d like more information on how to integrate your Octane quiz with Klaviyo, as well as what the quiz can do for you, take a look at this blog written by their CEO, Matt Schlicht. By pushing up the option to complete the quiz to the forefront of your website, your customers will more than likely go straight to it, wanting the answers to all their questions before they even shop. If they don’t, you can add emails within your Welcome Flow that lead them to the quiz with some captivating copy.

Hunter & Gather Quiz

Tip #2: Using Code for your Personalisation

Don’t be frightened by the word ‘code’. You won’t have to hire a developer or do any code yourself. Klaviyo has created what’s called Dynamic Tags. These tags allow you to get up close and personal with your customers and your email marketing, even within your welcome emails. Between adding in first names, last names, email addresses, and abandoned cart items, you can even add custom properties depending on who your email is targeting. If you’d like to know more about using Dynamic Codes in your emails, take a look at some of the Klaviyo tips.

Klaviyo Dynamic Tags

Tip #3: Segmentation is Essential in your Welcome Flow

Like with all email flows, segmentation is essential. But specifically with Welcome Flows, you need to understand where your customers are in their journey. Segmentation will increase their customer experience, increase their personalisation, and find areas of your store that they perhaps didn’t know existed. 
You can use segmentation to alert customers who haven’t completed your quiz to do so, as mentioned earlier. You can further segment once they have completed the quiz based on their answers, leading them to products they may need. Segmenting customers based on their previous activity on your site, for example, what item they looked at last, will allow them an easy one-click option to go straight back to what they may have been interested in. Specialising these emails with discounted codes will also make customers be more inclined to hit that “add to cart” button. Check out Klaviyo’s tips on segmentation.

Tip #4: Empowering your Personalisation with a Loyalty Program

Having a loyalty program in your back pocket will not only increase your customer loyalty but will increase your customer engagement. Customers will become hooked on getting the next best thing just to be pushed up in your loyalty program. Informing your customers within your welcome flow about your loyalty program will have them intrigued and more likely to visit your store again. 
A loyalty program built in the correct way, like one with Loyalty Lion, will also give you extra insights into your customers and allow you to segment them in more ways than you’ll have without it. You can take your customers to the next level with a loyalty program by implementing some of the things mentioned in this blog.

Loyalty Lion logo

Tip #5: Upgrading your Shopify Store

Shopify Plus has some outstanding added features that will allow you to personalise your welcome emails. Besides the ability to schedule your events and having 100 more theme possibilities, you’ll also be able to cater your store to your customers by creating automatic discounts and allowing your store to change currency based on your customers location. 

The insights gained from these features and more will allow your segmentation and personalisation to increase which will increase conversions and customer experience. Take a look at all the new features you’ll gain with Shopify Plus

Blend and Personalisation

We have worked with a mountain of customers who came to us wanting results and got them. We specialise in bringing the right content to the right customers based on their activity, history and who they are - personalisation at its best. If you want to upgrade your email marketing, book a call.

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