If you want to get ahead in digital commerce, there’s two boxes you need to tick early on in the buyer journey - discoverability and trust. And since that journey typically starts with a Google search, it’s here you need these things to be established.

Customer reviews are powerful trust indicators. They provide shoppers with an honest, first hand opinion of your brand, its products and service. And when Google recognises them, they can work wonders for your SEO. But how, exactly, do you get Google to see the reviews you collect?

As one of just a few Google Licensed Review Partners, REVIEWS.io is authorised to submit verified customer feedback for use across the search engine, boosting visibility, reputation and conversion rates for your brand.

Why Use A Google Licensed Partner?

A good review strategy is about full reputation management, and that’s where a Google Licensed Partner comes into play. Review content is no longer confined to your website or social media, but extends to your Google presence - in organic search, Ads, Google Shopping campaigns and Google Local.

Google star rating

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of using a platform like REVIEWS.io:

Google Seller Ratings

When you collect company reviews through a licensed partner, you qualify for Google Seller Ratings. This gives you stars against organic results and PPC Ads. In turn, these stars give shoppers confidence in your brand and significantly improve your chances of driving high quality traffic to your site.

As your click through rates improve, so does your Quality Score, reducing ad spend.

Product Review Stars

As well as company reviews, you can automate the collection of product reviews, share these with Google, and get product star ratings that give your Shopping campaigns a competitive edge.

Product Reviews

PLAs with stars receive far more interaction than those without, and when you combine that with a strong Seller Rating you’re onto a winner. What’s more, you can use customisable widgets to share product reviews on your landing pages, so when a customer clicks through, they have trustworthy user generated content at their fingertips.

Improved SEO

One of the first things we mentioned was discoverability, and working with a Google Licensed Partner has several benefits here.

For a start, you can make use of Rich Snippets. Your search results will be more informative and more appealing to the user (and include stars and Seller Ratings), increasing click through rates and signifying to Google that your site is popular. The more popular a site, the higher up the search engine ranks it’s likely to climb.

There are other ways reviews can benefit SEO too. They provide Google with more content to crawl, and this content is often keyword rich. This gives the search engine the information it needs to match your site with user intent.

For brands that have a physical location or a Google My Business listing, platforms like REVIEWS.io also allow you to manage your reputation here by sending a specified amount of company reviews to your business page. Again, this will help boost your visibility in local search results.

For more information on adding product review widgets click here.

So, why choose Reviews.io?

Though few, there are other Google Licensed Review Partners out there. But, as mentioned, a good review strategy is about full reputation management.

REVIEWS.io is a feature rich platform. Tools like its customisable product review widget and social proof editor allow you to easily share authentic user generated content across all your marketing channels whilst staying on brand. It’s also the first platform to embrace video reviews, allowing users to easily upload content that captures an insightful product experience.

There’s added value in REVIEWS.io’s integrations too. Tools like Klaviyo work seamlessly alongside it, helping you create personalised and targeted flows. Combine all of this with its Google Licence status, and it becomes a powerful platform for managing your reputation and connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

Find out the 5 reasons your business needs review today or customer success stories like that of Coombe Farm to learn more about what REVIEWS.io can do for your brand.

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Published: March 15 2021

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