Who is ReCharge?

With over 10,000 Shopify merchants already using ReCharge, this subscription-based platform is the perfect addition to stores to help them upscale and grow. With over 15% of online shoppers found to be signing up for subscriptions for their purchases, and the subscription ecommerce market growing by 100% year on year, the need to offer this as an option for your consumers is vital.

ReCharge can help merchants to achieve this by setting up subscriptions for the products on their store, to enhance their opportunity to retain their customers. It has been produced to make it as easy as possible for both the merchant and the consumer, by having all the information to hand on the main Shopify store pages. The payment is then made completely securely and is vaulted with Stripe, Braintree or Authorize.net, to make an easy shopping experience.

The features of the app are ever so simple to use. They enable the customer to easily cancel or change subscriptions, change shipping and delivery dates and change the quantities of their order. This gives an enhanced user experience and therefore results in loyalty and increased conversion for the merchant.

There are three main offers to the ReCharge package, which are tailored to assist different merchants to achieve their goals.

Subscribe and Save - This model makes it easy to change one-time products into a subscription option. It is ideal for products of the same variant that are required frequently by the consumer.

Subscription Boxes - Merchants can easily sell their ‘box of the month’, and can set delivery times and cut-off dates simply through order management. This model is perfect for brands that have many products of a similar type.

Membership Model - This model is ideal for brands selling products with a lower repeat purchase frequency and higher AOV. This choice offers a discount to a customer who has a subscription set up, to ensure they stay loyal. It works especially well alongside a loyalty program.

How to setup ReCharge on your store

Setting up ReCharge couldn’t be simpler. They have made the process as hassle-free as possible so that the merchant can start using this pretty much straight away.

Once the support team have set up the dashboard for you, the next step is to enable the subscription widget on there. From here, click on the wrench icon in the right-hand corner and click Subscription Widget.

ReCharge Subscription Widget

Once this is in place, click the ‘Publish the subscription’ widget:


ReCharge Subscription Widget status

The next step recommended by the ReCharge team would be to create your first subscription.

The following steps are taken to do this (with support on this from the ReCharge team):

  • Set up a ruleset, which controls the functionality of your subscriptions
  • Then give this ruleset a name
  • Next, add the products which you would like added to the subscription
  • Select the ‘type’ (whether one-time and subscription, subscription-only or pre-paid subscription only)
  • Add a discount if necessary
  • Select the order schedule (eg how often you will ship the products)
  • Check it all over and save!
ReCharge rulesets

There are many support pages and advice on the ReCharge website if further set up information is required - https://support.rechargepayments.com/hc/en-us

How does ReCharge help Shopify merchants with retention, loyalty, and sales?

By giving the option of setting up a subscription, merchants are giving their customer the opportunity to be loyal to their brand. Once the consumer has signed on to a monthly plan with them, then chances are they will continue this for the foreseeable future, meaning that the merchant know they have that revenue coming in. Customers feel at ease with the option of a subscription, as it saves them the time and effort of continually having to log back in and purchase something that they know they will want to receive monthly. It makes a faster shopping experience, which enhances the customer journey. This helps improve sales as consumers know they are buying into a company that they can trust, and in turn, they will give that brand something that is crucial to them - their loyalty.

How does ReCharge integrate with other key Shopify apps?

The ReCharge app can be easily integrated with other industry-leading Shopify apps, to make a simple and efficient shopping experience. They are heavily involved with companies such as LoyaltyLion and Gorgias. With LoyaltyLion, for example, they can work together to give loyalty and rewards to a customer via a subscription model.

With Gorgias, which is a chat app, it is an opportunity to add a customer support that can quickly contact priority consumers to give them assistance. This direct interaction is paramount to keeping a customer as they feel they have someone to turn to when they are unsure whether to continue with their subscription, and to gain advice as soon as they need it.

What is the cost per month of ReCharge?

ReCharge has two pricing brands. The ‘Standard’ package is $39.99 per month, which gives access to numerous parts of the service, such as subscription billing and payment management. The ‘Pro’ package is $300 per month, and gives merchants the opportunity to access all of the components of the service, including extended analytics and the function to allow customers to add one time products whenever they require to their monthly subscription orders.

Examples of ROI from ReCharge

Many companies have already successfully set up Recharge to their store. One of which is a client called ‘Four Sigmatic’, who create mushroom-based superfoods. They needed a way to add convenience and functionality for customers that would also work with their subscription model. By adding in ReCharge, they have been able to increase their active consumer base and have seen an increase in the revenue from their existing members.

Another one of ReCharge’s clients - ‘Dr. Axe’ - decided to give the ‘Subscribe and Save’ model a go on their store. The outcome of this was incredible for the brand, as they soon became the number 1 fastest growing supplement subscription company on Shopify.

Next steps with ReCharge and Blend

Blend feel that ReCharge is a great addition to a store. Some of our key clients have been placed on the various models from ReCharge to enhance their revenue. Absolute Collagen, a key client of Blend, introduced their ‘box of the month’ through adding ReCharge, and 3Bears used the bundling option to offer more value to their customers.

Blend work closely with ReCharge, and offer their invaluable service to customers, as we feel that a subscription-based model is imperative to the growth and continuity of a company. Customer retention is top of the list when it comes to optimising conversion rates and the service given by the team at ReCharge helps us to deliver this message to our merchants.

To find out more about Blend and ReCharge payments, click here:

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