Top Design Features for your eCommerce Shopify Website

When it comes to an eCommerce website, retaining and engaging your users is key. To accomplish this there are a few feature must-haves to include on your website. If your website can offer the best shopping experience for your user you will be able to increase your company revenue. In this article, we will review some of the top features to include on your online store.

For many websites, the success is determined by the products offered. However, having a clear user journey and a great shopping experience will also ensure that your eCommerce website is successful.

The Most Important eCommerce Features your website should have :

  • Search Functionality
  • Promotion and discount code tools
  • Carousel Slides
  • MegaMenu
  • Newsletter Sign Up
  • Related Items
  • Wish Lists
  • Reviews

Search Functionality

When users visit your online store whether they are new or existing customers, they usually have an idea of what they are looking for on your website. Not everyone likes to navigate through a list of links to find the products. Having the ability to search for a keyword for a product and finding what they are looking for immediately will save time and retain the engagement of the user. The search functionality on your website will scan through vast volumes of products in real-time, not only that it will also pull through relevant data as soon as the user starts typing. This will also allow the users to view all products, which will prompt the users to view more products and make more purchases.

Friska Search Functionality

Promotion and Discount Code tools

In eCommerce, customers input coupon codes during checkout to receive a certain discount. By providing discounts you can add a little value that will get hesitant customers to convert. With that said, this may decrease your profit margin. However, The discounts you offer your customers should be seen as more of an investment into their future value to your business. Minor losses may lead to major profit in the future.Jimmy Case Discount Advert

Carousel Slides

This is not a must-have feature on your eCommerce website. However, this is proven to catch the attention of users. This is a perfect way to showcase top-selling products or promotional offers that captivate your visitors. These can be very visually appealing and informative to your users. Introducing this onto your eCommerce site will allow you the opportunity to present information as soon as visitors land on your homepage.

Carousel Slides Wooftown Homecooked advert


A mega menu that is organised with a neat list of products in categories and subcategories is extremely useful for users who visit your site. The main objective is to have everything listed within the selected category at first glance. The benefits for the user are to find products more efficiently and quickly, while for the company this is a way to present more products without taking up too much space on the homepage or elsewhere.

Mega Menu Example

Using best practice, mega menus are a great design solution that will save space and also offer a better shopping experience for all visitors. Mega menus are also advantageous for your SEO, they make it easier for Google to find your products and category pages thereby improving your rankings.

Newsletter Sign Up

One of the best ways to keep your customers up-to-date on your latest product and promotion is to introduce a newsletter sign up. The most common place to have this is located in the footer on your website. Newsletters are the best way to keep in touch with loyal customers and also offer special discounts. This is the best way to gain a better relationship with your customers whether they are new or existing. As Klaviyo Master Partners, we here at Blend, we specialise in helping brands increase their revenue through email marketing.

Goats Milk Newsletter Sign Up

Related Items

Having sections on your eCommerce website that are titled ‘you may also like this’ or ‘Related products’ is a way to prompt the users to purchase more products. This is always a great feature to have on your site and especially to increase your company revenue. This feature simultaneously reduces bounce rate and increases conversion rates, particularly if you have related products on discontinued or out of stock product pages.These features indicate to the customer that you understand them and get their customer journey. With that said, this will ensure a better shopping experience for the customer.

Related Items Example showing related items

Wish Lists

Wish lists are a way for shoppers to save items that they are not ready to purchase right away. This can encourage users to sign up for an account who wouldn't have otherwise; this will give the potential to up-sell to the customer via email marketing if they opt in to the newsletter.

Wish List Example


It is a common perception that negative reviews are bad for products sales. However, this is not entirely the case because without negative reviews customers will assume the positive reviews are fake. eCommerce sites can use plugins from the most popular review platforms such as REVIEWS.IO that Blend recommends as the ideal choice for enabling reviews on your Shopify store. Users will immediately feel a sense of trust and credibility in you as a business and therefore be willing to make a purchase through your eCommerce website.

Customers Reviews

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