Many Shopify merchants are under the impression that their store is automatically backed up when changes are made on it. Unfortunately, though, this is incorrect. The platform is backed up, but not the store itself. This is why it is imperative that merchants seek a method to ensure their business is constantly backed up, as it could be detrimental if they end up losing any of their precious data. This is where Rewind comes in.

Who is Rewind?

Rewind is an app that can be integrated onto a store to automatically back it up. Therefore, any amendments are saved so if the worst were to happen and a mistake is made whilst changing the information on there, it can be restored to the last back up. You can literally ‘rewind’ to a point that you want to go back to and recover any information that has been lost or deleted.

There are lots of ways that problems can arise. Innocent accidents are easy to make when uploading products or updating information, especially when rushing to get a task completed by a deadline, but if not dealt with these mistakes can prove to be costly. Data can be lost due to a bad CSV file, or a bug in a third-party app that can potentially crash the whole store. A malicious attack on the store is possible, perhaps by someone who has access to the details and can change them (such as a disgruntled ex-employee). By having a system in place to back up the data, then the damage caused can be amended quickly and before it affects any customers or revenue.

Rewind has a huge support team on hand to help should a problem with the app arise, so you are safe in the knowledge that you will be well looked after with them. They focus on protecting your store from disaster, leaving you to focus on your business.

How to setup Rewind on your store

Rewind can be set up to automatically update at the same time every day, to save you going in and remembering to do this. The restores can be flexible, meaning that you can go back to just the parts of the store that have been affected, rather than reverting back to a place that affects all the work you have done. For example, if you have accidentally uploaded an update on a product that is wrong, you can ‘rewind’ to delete just this one part, so anything else changed during the day will not be affected and restored to the original. Their aim is to make the process as stress-free as possible, to save you time.

The setup process is simple. After installing the app to your store, you are then directed to your Vault Page. Your items will begin to load in there, which means that they are successfully being backed up.

From there, you can then set a time and date for when the backups will then take place in the future. The platform is easy to navigate, which lots of available online support on hand if you get stuck.


Rewind date and time popup

How does Rewind help Shopify merchants with retention, loyalty, and sales?

The impact on a company when they lose important information is huge. Not only will it take up hours and hours of manpower to come up with a solution and fix the problem, but it can also mean a loss of sales whilst the site could be down to make the changes, or certain products are taken off whilst fixed. By adding in Rewind, this will save potentially both time and money, as the solution can be found straight away, and by going back to a previous point this is resolved without any detrimental effect on the business.

With over 1,000 5 star reviews in the Shopify app store, Rewind has already proven to be a popular choice with merchants around the globe. The stress of losing data is massively reduced with the inclusion of this app, as with just a click of a button the problem can be solved straight away. The simplicity of how easy it is to back up the store also means you, as the business owner, can carry on with other important tasks.


Rewind in the Shopify app store

How does Rewind integrate with other key Shopify apps?

The team at Rewind has a close relationship with many other partners. One, in particular, is Gorgias, the customer support helpdesk. Rewind can be integrated on there so that the helpdesk at Gorgias can immediately answer responses from customers who may be having an issue with the app. Keeping all communication in one place gives a quick and personal customer experience.

What is the cost per month of Rewind?

Before purchasing Rewind, they give the opportunity for a 7-day free trial, so you can test to see if this works for you before signing up. The first backup can be set up immediately from the point of starting the trial to make the most of this time

From there, the basic package costs just $3 a month. This is ideal for stores that average approximately 20 orders per month and allows daily backups to the store. The next is the ‘Growth’ package which is $9 a month and ideal for 200 orders. The ‘business’ package (ideal for approximately 1000 orders) is $59 per month, and then the ‘Plus’ package is $99 per month for stores with around 2,000 orders a month. The last package is for any business that has above this amount of orders and is $299 per month.

Examples of ROI from Rewind

Rewind is trusted by some of the leading brands in the world, for example, Gymshark, Pampers, and Charmin have this app integrated into their stores. On their site, they include blogs written by various companies, who outline just how imperative Rewind has been for their store. For example, had this to say about Rewind:

“If our store went down...we’re looking at thousands of orders that can’t be placed. Knowing that we have this backup, I feel so much more confident moving through our products and collection pages” (Julia Frieson)

Next steps with Rewind and Blend

We would strongly recommend installing Rewind to backup your store as a safety measure in case the worst were to happen. If for nothing else, but for the peace of mind that you can carry on selling without this added potential threat arising.

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