Have you decided that your current Shopify store name just doesn’t suit your brand? Did you come up with something much better and want to change it all around? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll discuss changing your store name, how to do it, and whether or not you can change your domain name on Shopify.

Why Change Your Shopify Store Name or Domain?

The decision to alter your business name or domain is not just cosmetic—it can be strategic. For example, your initial store, "Bob's Boutique," has blossomed into a diverse marketplace offering both fashion and tech gadgets. In a scenario like this, a name change isn't just a facelift; it's an opportunity to align your identity with your expanded product line.


A rebrand can signify a shift in focus, such as transitioning from handmade crafts to cutting-edge technology. In the dynamic eCommerce landscape, adapting your Shopify name or domain becomes a deliberate move, reflecting growth and resonance with your evolving market. It's all about communicating your brand's story and relevance.

Can You Change Your Shopify Store Name?

Yes, you can change your Shopify store name. However, think about this carefully before you take the step to change your online store name. If you have already started marketing and raising brand awareness, changing the name of your store will be counterproductive and can undo all of the progress you have made in building a brand.


So, while it is possible to change it to the wonderful new name you’ve thought of, it is also risky. It is better to carefully deliberate the name of your store before starting. If you’ve added finding the perfect name to your Shopify checklist, it won’t fall through the cracks. However, not everyone manages to systematically set up their stores, and Shopify has presented us with alternative options.


How to Change Your Store Name on Shopify

Changing your store name on Shopify is easy to do. Start by clicking “Settings” in the bottom left side of your screen, and then choosing “General”. There will then be a section with the heading “Store details”. There you can change the name to your desired alternative. Click “Save” and return to your homepage. The change will reflect in your store immediately.


Can I Change My Domain Name on Shopify?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your subdomain on Shopify, unless you create a new store. Creating a new store is much easier than starting a new one, as you can backup the CVS files of your store. You can also also duplicate your theme, so that the entire site looks the same as the last. It is also worthwhile mentioning that you can have multiple Shopify stores. So if your new store and domain name come with a new entrepreneurial idea, you can simple set up a second store.


However, this is not necessary unless you specifically want your domain name to fit your new store name. It is always best when the store name and domain name match, as it increases brand cohesiveness, but it is not crucial.


Another alternative can be found through having added a custom domain as your primary domain when setting up your Shopify store. If you own a domain from a third-party provider, you may be able to change your domain name through that provider, and have it reflected in your Shopify store.

What's the Difference Between a Shopify Store Name vs Domain?

Navigating the Shopify universe, it's crucial to grasp the distinction between your store's name and its domain. Let's break it down. Your store name, the front-facing moniker customers see, is like the title of your eCommerce novel—catchy, memorable, and representative of your brand personality. On the other hand, the domain is the digital address where your store resides, akin to a book's ISBN. 


Consider your store name as the cover, inviting shoppers in, while the domain is the location on the virtual shelf. Choosing a compelling store name is an art, causing you to use a blend of creativity and market resonance while selecting a fitting domain involves a more technical consideration and online real estate.

Will Changing Your Shopify Store Name or Domain Impact Your SEO?

Lastly, let's discuss the big question: What about SEO? The good news is, when handled with care, a change won't send your SEO efforts into a tailspin. 


Shopify luckily provides robust tools for redirects, ensuring that when your store undergoes a name or domain change, the digital paths leading to it stay well-trodden, meaning your hard-earned SEO ranking isn't left stranded on the old address. 


However, it's important to tread cautiously. While Shopify automates much of the transition, keep an eye on 301 redirects and updating any external links ensures a seamless SEO journey. While change is on your horizon, with the use of Shopify's support and a sprinkle of SEO savvy, your digital storefront can evolve without losing its search engine charm.

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