77.87% Increase in Customer Lifetime Value from CVO Program

The Brief

PerTronix leads the way in the automotive industry by providing top-notch products for all motor enthusiasts—whether on the water, in the agricultural industry, or simply from their garage. On top of this, they have an extensive following when it comes to the latest motor events, but despite this, they were looking for a way to increase their on-site engagement and revenue. Although this is what most eCommerce businesses want, PerTronix has a unique target audience. Our customer-centric approach to redesigning their website yielded impressive results, and Pertronix quickly moved into a long-term CVO Partnership with Blend. 

How Blend helped

When Blend begins to work with any client, we start by building a foundation of trust and establishing some quick wins. In this case, we did just that by collecting data on PerTronix’s current eCommerce store before strategising a redesign that focused on the customer journey. We provided data-based recommendations along with hypotheses for both on-site design and functionality, as well as email marketing through Klaviyo


The on-site redesign focused on increasing their Customer Lifetime Value while continuously collecting data through Omniconvert’s Explore and Reveal. Email marketing focused on nurturing the customer journey based on where customers are in their journey with PerTronix while ensuring all communication was highly segmented and targeted. 


During all stages, Blend made use of the SOI Process Framework, which enabled us to focus on simplifying, optimising, and innovating each stage of the customer journey with PerTronix.


  • On-Site Redesign: Our PerTronix on-site redesign took into account UI/UX best practices, enhancing site speed, creating a simple space where customers could find what they needed, and adding new features such as a video shopping page and an Add My Vehicle functionality. The Add My Vehicle functionality allowed customers to add their vehicles to a virtual garage on PerTronix’s site which in turn enabled personalised product recommendations and an easier shopping experience. 
  • Email Marketing: PerTronix email marketing with Klaviyo began with a complete migration from their old provider, creating sign-up forms and creating 8 Core Flows.
  • Quiz Implementation: By implementing an on-site quiz using Octane AI, we were able to gain zero-party data from PerTronix’s customers to enable highly targeted and segmented marketing.
  • Data Collection: We integrated Omniconvert’s functionality with PerTronix’s eCommerce store in order to collect data on a consistent basis and measure the efficacy of site changes and communication levels. 

All recommendations were placed into our PECTI Prioritisation Framework, which allowed us to ensure tasks were conducted in priority-based order. These recommendations were gathered through monthly reporting, A/B testing, web surveysjobs-to-be-done (JBTD), etc. The data collected allowed us to develop a hypothesis for each recommendation and rank each accordingly. If there was a task that didn’t align with the client’s internal goals or one they could implement in-house, we would reprioritise based on the client’s feedback. 

The results

Over the course of their 12-month contract, PerTronix and Blend’s relationship yielded such fruitful results that they have decided to continue past their initial contract and continue optimising and working together with us. The following are just some of the results we achieved with PerTronix:


✔︎ On-Site Revenue increased by 27%

✔︎ Added to Cart Rates increased by 10%

✔︎ Sessions Converted increased by 11%

✔︎ Average Order Value increased by 19%

✔︎ On-Site Conversion Rate increased by 11%

✔︎ Revenue Per On-Site Visitor increased by 20.2% 

✔︎ Owned Revenue increased by 22%

✔︎ Customer Lifetime Value increased by 77.87%


Increase in Customer Lifetime Value


Increase in Owned Revenue


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in On-Site Revenue

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