23% Increase in Store Revenue following Site Redesign

The Brief

The primary goal of the website redesign was to create an intuitive and engaging shopping experience. Blend aimed to improve various aspects of the website, from navigation and user interface to social proof and product information. The brand also wanted to highlight the benefits of their subscription service to increase recurring revenue and customer retention.

How Blend helped

Blend began by transforming the homepage into a dynamic and user-friendly hub. This included implementing a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design and enhancing navigation to allow customers to effortlessly explore various product categories. The homepage also featured the brand’s unique selling points and an interactive on-site quiz designed to guide customers toward products tailored to their specific needs.

Incorporating social proof was essential for building trust and credibility. We introduced sections that highlighted brand ambassadors, including professional athletes, along with their favourite products and personal testimonials. This was complemented by real customer reviews and press features, adding layers of authenticity and reliability to the brand’s image.


The product detail pages (PDPs) were upgraded to provide a richer shopping experience. Detailed information about product certifications, ingredients, and secure checkout processes were prominently displayed. We added practical 'how to use' sections to offer customers clear guidance. To encourage recurring purchases, we refined the subscription language to emphasise the convenience of auto-refill options. Enhanced visual elements, such as scroll functionality for desktop PDP images and exposed thumbnails on mobile, ensured that product visuals were engaging and accessible.


The shopping process was further streamlined with a redesign of the cart using Rebuy Smart Cart, enhancing functionality and ease of use, and allowing the brand to upsell and cross-sell complimentary items at a critical moment in the customer journey. Highlighting free shipping during checkout served as an additional incentive for customers to complete their purchases.

The results

The relaunch of the Sports Nutrition Brand's website resulted in significant improvements across various performance metrics, showcasing the effectiveness of Blend's strategic redesign and implementation.


We’re excited to report the following results:

  23% increase in store revenue

✓ 17% increase in conversion rate

✓ 25% increase in reached checkout rate

11% increase in returning customer rate


Increase in Store Revenue


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Reached Checkout Rate


Increase in Returning Customer Rate

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