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    Contact our team using the options below

    +44 (0) 1789 765 822
    +1 (833) 456-4236

    Courtyard Offices, 55 High St, Alcester B49 5AF

    Is 30% of your revenue coming from email?

    Here’s some key stats on why loyal customers are so important for Shopify stores

    You’ve been using email marketing for a while now, but you’re asking yourself a number of questions

    • Do we have the email flows set up correctly to really automate our revenue?
    • How does our email perform against the competition?
    • Are we growing our email list using the tools we have?

    When you think about an agency working on your email, you’ll likely be thinking:

    • We’ve used email for years and it’s never really delivered - what can an agency really do?
    • Will the agency just ‘set and forget’ like we did?
    • Will it really increase our profitability?
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    On average, clients who work with us on their Klaviyo email marketing achieve these results after three months:

    Imagine you decide to work with a Klaviyo Master Partner

    You’ve decided that it’s time to see if you can turn email marketing into a better revenue stream for your business, and you have a team in place that can make it happen.

    You’re no longer wondering if your email is performing, as you’ve got clear benchmarks of what your emails need to do, and there’s no need to ask ‘what if?’.

    Working with a Klaviyo Master Partner leaves you more time to think about running your business and your next product launch.

    How did we get there?

    By making the decision to partner with a Klaviyo Master agency, you’ll have a team onboard that will not only make sure your email marketing is where it needs to be now, but also helps you to continue to grow your revenue in the long run.

    Our Klaviyo team has become your email marketing team, and we’re making continuous improvements based on the biggest need. This gives you the peace of mind to focus on the bigger picture for your Shopify store.

    Why Blend?

    Working with an agency should be easier and more flexible than hiring and training. The main reason it isn’t is due to some fundamental flaws in the traditional agency/merchant relationship.By removing the barriers that create these flaws, we provide you with flexible access to a team with a rich set of skills that are rewarded for the successes they generate in your business.

    What Klaviyo say about us

    Phil Greenwood from Klaviyo explains why Blend are trusted partners when in comes to Klavito email setup and management.

    Klaviyo Nucleus

    While Klaviyo has changed the way Shopify merchants can use email marketing, we believe that Klaviyo can go further than that. Here at Blend, we use the “Klaviyo Nucleus” approach to marketing. This means that we use the best in class Shopify apps to integrate with Klaviyo, so you can better use your marketing data and give your customer a smoother way of shopping with you.

    By having a team of skilled developers and email experts, we’re able to recommend the best tech to work with your email marketing efforts and delight your customers.

    Our process

    Whether you’re looking to switch to Klaviyo or improve your current Klaviyo marketing performance, we know exactly where to start. As you’d expect

    • We’ll discuss your concerns about email.
    • We then look at how email marketing fits into your revenue.
    • Using this, we’ll then take a deep dive into your email marketing data and create a clear action plan of how we’re going to help.

    Here are a few ways that Shopify brands work with Blend:

    I want to switch to Klaviyo
    I want to improve my Klaviyo performance.
    I’m a startup looking to use Klaviyo
    I want to switch to Klaviyo

    Let's imagine that:

    • You’re the owner of a Shopify brand that generates $150K per month in revenue.
    • You currently use an email marketing tool that isn’t Klaviyo, and you’re generating less than 10% of your revenue from email marketing.
    • You have some flows setup, but you haven’t changed these for over a year
    • You have some ideas about what you’d like to do, but don’t feel like you have the full picture

    From the first call with Blend, we will:

    • Understand the history of email marketing in your business
    • Explain some of the benefits of switching to Klaviyo and advise if we feel Klaviyo is a good fit for you.
    • Make some suggestions on how we can help.
    • Arrange to conduct an audit of your current email marketing.
    I want to improve my Klaviyo performance.

    Let's imagine that:

    • You’re the owner of Shopify brand that generating $280K per month in revenue.
    • You’ve been using Klaviyo for a year but are not seeing the growth you expected from email marketing.
    • You have a number of Shopify apps on your store that are not integrated with Klaviyo.
    • You’ve been thinking about hiring an email marketing executive, but you’re not sure you’ll be able to find someone with Klaviyo experience.

    From the first call with Blend, we will:

    • Understand the history and performance of Klaviyo in your business
    • Make some suggestions on how we can help.
    • Arrange to conduct a paid audit of your current Klaviyo performance and suggest a roadmap of what needs to be done to improve performance
    I’m a startup looking to use Klaviyo

    Let's imagine that:

    • You’ve started your Shopify brand in the past year and currently sales are low, but growing.
    • You’ve heard a lot about how Klaviyo can help, but you’re not sure where to start.
    • You feel like working with an agency at this point may be too soon.

    For startup brands, we’ve created Stack Outlet. Using our years of experience with Klaviyo, we’ve created some optimised Klaviyo flows that give you the starting blocks for using Klaviyo. Stack Outlet flows give you the full structure of email flows and allow you to create your own copy and designs.

    How we can help

    Ready to discuss?

    Message us to get the conversation started

    Who do we team up with?

    Due to our on demand digital team model, we look to work with brands that align with our core values of:

    Respect each others opinions and ideas

    Enjoy diving deep into data and business operations to get the best results

    Working with integrity in all that we do

    We serve businesses that are superstars in their chosen niche - they may not be instantly recognizable, but they’re dominating their industry.


    What we have done

    Case Study

    Increasing revenue from email by 134%

    We helped FreshPatch increase their email revenue by 134% in 3 months. By analysing both behaviour onsite and via email, we created and optimised a range of Klaviyo flows to contribute to the bottom line.

    Case Study

    Increasing email conversion by 19%

    We helped NI Candle supplies achieve a 19% conversion rate via email. By working with the band to migrate them from MailChimp to Klaviyo, we created core flows and campaigns to focus on the community-focused nature of the business.

    Case Study

    Switching to Klaviyo

    When Due West wanted to rebrand their Shopify store, they aso wanted to make sure their email was consistent with their website. By switching from MailChimp to Klavito they were able to bring a fresh look and better data to their business.