Social media is one of the most influential aspects of our contemporary society. There are very few people in the world who are as yet untouched by its influence. Therefore, as business owners and marketers we must ask, how has social media changed marketing?

On an individual level, these interactive technologies and digital channels fluctuate in their importance, but there is no doubting their importance as a whole. In this post, we will look at how social media has changed marketing and businesses, as well as what marketing looks like without social media in this day and age.

How social media has changed marketing

To put it simply, social media has completely revolutionised marketing. While strategies like direct marketing are still valuable, digital marketing is the most common and arguably the most effective direction for modern marketing. Note, however, that digital marketing includes more than just social media.

Here are the three main ways that the internet has changed marketing:

  1. Provides access to a global market: In the past, business was far more localised. With the advent of social media, we have access to an international market, allowing you to expand your reach exponentially.
  2. Far more data is available: With the use of social media ads, we now have an incredible amount of user data available to us. This data can be analysed to produce a clear understanding of what, why and how products sell.
  3. Allows for a greater understanding of your audience: With the data available through digital marketing techniques, you can gain a far more detailed and thorough understanding your audience, allowing for improvements in your marketing strategy.

How has social media changed businesses?

Beyond providing access to additional marketing channels, social media has also increased the platforms on which businesses can sell their products. From Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops to product tagging and Instagram Shop, there are plenty of new platforms which you can integrate with your Shopify store

Since people spend much of their free time on social media, having your products on these channels increases the reach of your online store. Customers are actually more likely to shop on these channels than your store. 

In addition to these additional platforms, social media has allowed businesses to build more meaningful relationships with their customers while getting to know their consumers better. You can build your brand image in a far more meaningful and impactful way and can sell a lifestyle along with your products, as one bolsters the other.

Which aspect of marketing has not changed with digital media?

These days, a digital marketing strategy is of the utmost importance. However, you may choose to use social media in tandem with more traditional methods of marketing. There are a few marketing techniques that remain useful in today’s age, though it is important to note that a number of them are more expensive than online methods.

Some forms of marketing that have not changed are billboards, published media in magazines and newspapers, broadcasting on radio and television, and telemarketing. These forms are perhaps less effective than they were in the past but are still effective in some spheres.

If you are wondering how to market without social media, note that it is not recommended.

These days, most businesses use several digital media platforms to boost sales, monitor information, and much more. 

Conclusion on how social media has changed advertising

Social media has been an incredibly useful tool for marketers and businesses, as it provides us with far more user data than we ever had access to in the past. This information can guide you to make better decisions with regard to your products, shipping, promotional offers, marketing strategies and so much more. 

It also provides more platforms for us to access our audience and an international market. In other words, social media has been extremely beneficial for marketing and is likely to continue to be a very important aspect of advertising and business in general.

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