The much anticipated and equally dreaded Black Friday/Cyber Monday frenzy has passed. Every year, sales reach new records, and this year was no different. For BFCM 2023, Shopify merchants boasted a massive $9.3 billion in sales — that’s a 24% increase from last year. Pretty incredible, right? 


BFCM Performance From 2019 to 2023


And for the clients of Blend, well, the figures speak for themselves. Here’s a roundup of how our clients performed in BFCM 2023 vs 2022. 

Blend’s Achievements with Clients for BFCM 2023

In the days leading up to Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023, we launched 5 new websites for our clients. It was all hands on deck from the team, but the results speak for themselves. 

On average, we saw:

  • A boost of 21.6% in revenue 
  • A 19% increase in order volume 
  • An uplift in AOV of 10.8%

UK Sports Supplement Brand 

We launched a full website redesign ahead of the BFCM holiday. This also included the addition of new integrations like Rebuy’s Smart Cart, which the client used to offer customers free gifts, purchase-related discounts and more. 

These efforts resulted in huge gains. Compared to BFCM 2022, we helped this client achieve huge gains in revenue, order volume and AOV


UK Supplement BCFM Performance

Titan Caskets

Titan is a longstanding client with whom we have worked on website redesign and CVO strategies. Prior to BFCM 2023, Titan Casket went through a complete rebrand, which meant that their entire Shopify store needed to be updated. Titan provided the design and asked us to bring it to life. We built this revamped store on the Dawn theme as it offered endless customisation opportunities. 

The changes clearly paid off for Titan. When comparing BFCM performance for 2023 vs 2022, they achieved an increase in revenue of 19% and a boost in order volume of 20%.


Titan Casket BFCM Performance

iGel Beauty 

iGel Beauty came to us expressing concerns with their website. Through our research, we found that there were some areas of the site that needed some improvement. 

Some of the issues we discussed with the client included: 

  • Notification Bar: The readability of the text needed to be optimised for better visibility. Deadlinks needed to be addressed to ensure a more seamless browsing experience.
  • Navigation Prioritisation: There was slightly more emphasis on social media visibility on the original site. The aim was to strike a better balance between that and access to the shopping sections on the website. 
  • Checkout Cart: This needed to the streamlined to remove distractions and enhance user focus and satisfaction. 
  • Homepage: We discussed how was could enhance the design in a way that would emphasise product discovery. 
  • User Interaction and Layout: The layout of product listings and detail pages needed to be optimised to enhance the browsing experience further. 
  • Blog Conversion Rates: Identified and discussed opportunities for improving the conversion rates of blogs.

We also conducted a comprehensive site speed and performance audit which highlighted some issues related to functionality and performance that were negatively impacting the user experience

Our game plan was to redesign and build a new website that improved key elements for the client, such as the navigation bar, homepage, product listing and details pages, and static pages as well as implement smart carts. We also prioritised improving the design and functionality of aspects such as header components, mobile responsiveness, and user experience. 

In addition to this, we worked with iGel Beauty to enhance their email marketing efforts. We achieved this by redesigning their templates, introducing sign-up strategies, and conducting A/B testing that informed our optimisations for various email and SMS flows. 

iGel Beauty’s new site was launched in the week preceding BFCM and resulted in significant improvements in their metrics. When compared to BFCM 2022, the client saw a boost in checkout visits of 65% and an increase in AOV of 12%. 


iGel BFCM Performance

Goat Milk Stuff

Lastly, we have Goat Milk Stuff. Through the combined effort of both our teams, we found that their theme had become too outdated and buggy to support any more optimisations for their website. To fix these issues, we proposed a site rebuild on a fresh theme that could meet the client's needs. 

While the design remained the same, we did introduce several optimisations and UX improvements, such as:

  • Highlighting product benefits on certain pages
  • Adding benefits to the PLPs (collections pages) 
  • Mobile optimisations 
  • Redesign of the mini cart experience 
  • Improved sizing information on PDPs
  • Optimised one-time purchase & Autoship ATC section on PDP

These improvements, as well as the newly improved site, were launched days before BFCM 2023; they clearly helped as Goat Milk Stuff witnessed a 9% increase in order volume and a 4% boost in revenue in comparison to the same period in 2022. 


Goat Milk Stuff BFCM Performance

How Can Blend Help You?

And there you have it, a wrap-up of our client’s performance for BFCM 2023 vs 2022. Here at Blend, we’re incredibly proud of the hard work our team put into getting these sites launched for BFCM 2023. And we’re even happier that it helped our client achieve such amazing results. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business achieve success like this, get in touch with us here

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Published: December 15 2023

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