106% Increase in Revenue from Landing Page Design

The Brief

The first landing page had the goal of selling their eCommerce digestive health products. At the same time, the other was a service-based page aimed at selling higher-ticket products like personalised consultations and plans with nutritionists. 


Each landing page required a different layout, design, and even different copy, as they were appealing to two different audiences. Of course, we recommended Videowise to push their video content and make the experience more interactive with their clientele. Blend also recommended using Recharge to help the Digestive Health Brand launch a subscription service and increase the Customer Lifetime Value of their customers. 

How Blend helped

After a discovery call between the Blend and the Digestive Health Brand team, we had many insights into the brand’s business model, the problems their customers face and how they solve these, what their USPs are, their values and principles, their brand guidelines, and any additional information needed for the design and implementation. 


Armed with this information, our team was able to begin the design process, starting with the strategy and wireframing of these landing pages


The service landing page targeted symptoms, how the brand works, testimonials and reviews, and more information on the brand’s nutritionists. Each section was built, and the copy was strategically written on the basis that these customers are looking for long-term solutions to their symptoms. 


The product landing page aimed to provide conversion-critical questions such as product certifications, ingredients, checkout safety, and average reviews. Upon scrolling, customers will find detailed information and copy explaining the science behind the Digestive Health Brand and why they are the best solution based on their gut health needs. 


These two landing pages launched on May 3rd, 2023. 

The results

The Digestive Health Brand has seen excellent results from the two landing pages and the subscription program implementation. The return on investment for the subscription program development alone is a clear testament to the quality of work Blend produced. Additionally, because of our components-based approach to development, they have even been able to utilise some of the sections Blend built for them on these landing pages to create a new homepage without the need for a developer.


All-in-all, Blend has been thrilled with the following results:


✔︎ 106% Increase in Revenue

✔︎ 13% Increase in Average Order Value

✔︎ 94% Increase in Conversion Rate

✔︎ 119% Increase in Total Orders

✔︎ 80.65% of All Sales Attributed to Subscriptions Since Launch


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Total Orders

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