CX Audit

Our approach is different; instead of jumping straight in and implementing a hit-and-hope strategy, we believe we need to take a step back and understand how your customers interact with your brand and store.

By auditing and analysing your store's data we can identify not only the weaknesses and quick wins but also key areas of growth potential. We call this step a 'Customer Experience Audit' of your business. We stand by this process and have seen how it can be the cornerstone of future growth for a Shopify store.

Following the Customer Experience (CX) Audit, we then move into a Growth Partnership phase. We'll start to progressively improve elements of your marketing and store by introducing key growth-focused marketing strategies, apps or custom-built features and functionality. Key milestones are outlined in phase 1 in order to get an understanding of timings, launch dates and key metrics that we predict will be improved with each iteration of your store.

We'll start with foundation elements and elements we believe will have the highest impact first. We'll then progress onto elements which  can then consolidate the store's growth. The benefit of this approach is that if the predicted data hypotheses are incorrect, it's then easy to roll back an iteration to a previous version.

In our Customer Experience (CX) Audit, we use the following tools in order to roadmap the Growth Partnership phase by producing a Growth Priority Stack.

Key Stakeholder interviews
We’ll gather feedback from key company stakeholders via live conversations or written questionnaires. This intake process will give us a first-person account of your organisation’s goals, challenges, audience, value proposition and competitors. We’ll then drill down to the core of your brand: how is it currently perceived and how does that differ from how you want to be perceived. These sessions will then be used to gain insight into your creative vision for your new store.

A detailed Google Analytics Audit
This step is a deep dive into your online store’s known analytics to date. We’ll evaluate key eCommerce metrics including traffic, traffic sources, new versus returning customers, conversion rate, average order value and lifetime value, among others. These behavioural analytics give us a tangible assessment of your online store’s effectiveness. These numbers will also serve as an important baseline against which we’ll test the ROI of our work.

A UI/UX and Navigation Audit (including Hotjar reporting)
We’ll assess your onsite experience from the perspective of a user, analysing your branding, store copy and content and how easily a customer can find and purchase the product they’re looking for. We’ll also use heat mapping to track actual visitor behaviour and identify problem areas that are negatively impacting bounce rate and conversions. Finally, we’ll then check for adherence to eCommerce best practices and conduct thorough mobile testing to appraise the functionality of your website across various screen sizes.

Technical Audit
This audit is conducted in order to provide detailed recommendations on improvements at a technical level. This involves the following;

  • A performance audit of the key pages of the website
  • Detailing out performance metrics as needed
  • Providing recommendations on how to improve the website on a technical level