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  • Ryan Zagata - Brooklyn Bicycle Co
    Redesign Project
  • PJ Jonas - Goat Milk Stuff
    Growth Partnership
  • Maximilian Kiechle - yfood
    Optimization Projects
  • Suzan Bradley - Wee Squeak
    Redesign Project
  • Phil Greenwood - Klaviyo
    Tech Partner
  • Rob Barr - ReCharge
    Tech Partner
  • Phil Roireau - Gorgias
    Tech Partner
  • Ben Parr- Octane AI
    Tech Partner
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Reviews & Testimonials

  • Andrew Feld

    We have been working with Blend for a couple of years now and are always happy with their work. Website theme development, email marketing, site speed testing, and SEO.. Blend is a go to boutique agency for anything Shopify related. We have grown with them from roughly $3M in annual sales to over $10M last year. Genuinely nice people and we highly recommend them.

  • Stefan Gehrig

    I have been using Blend Commerce for a few years now. Initially they performed the new site build on Shopify and have been upgrading and performing maintenance. Blend have been by far the best web development agency i've used (out of 5-6 others). What I like best about Blend is that they go above any beyond just doing the job. They send ideas my way, how things can be improved, best practices and things that have worked well with other clients. Highly recommended!

  • Sally Bennett

    We've been working with Blend for well over a year now. We were looking for a growth agency with excellent experience in Shopify, and Blend has most certainly fulfilled that need.They have truly been an extension of our digital team over the past months, providing complete re-designs of key areas across our websites, countless optimisations, and ongoing improvements and maintenance.From their development support to design and marketing, they have exceeded expectations and driven great results. They're true digital experts, as well as being the most friendly and supportive team.Special mention to Kelly, who is the loveliest and most helpful human you’ll have the pleasure of working with, her ability to ease stress and communicate even the most technical of updates knows no bounds.If you’re looking for an honest agency that goes above and beyond, Blend is most certainly the team for you, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  • Joshua Siegel

    Blend has been a fantastic partner for us over the past 15 months, taking us FROM the free Shopify template that I had used to launch the business TO an industry-leading site that is both highly impactful and includes some truly innovative home-designed featured.As other reviewers have mentioned, Blend is universally full of good human beings that are a pleasure to interact with. In terms of working style, they have consistently stepped up to make sure that there work hits a high quality bar, and have increased that bar as the agency has scaled. They've also act as overall business consultants, bringing us ideas and opportunities that wouldn't naturally come to our small team. Look forward to working with the team as we go big in the next few years.

  • Chris Sidhu

    We started our journey with Blend over several years ago. We were in need of a company who worked with and had great knowledge of Shopify themed stores. Since our initial project, Blend has helped us achieve our website redesign, implementation of our marketing platform Klayvio, and constant website improvements and maintenance. Blend has the most friendliest and professional teams. We highly recommend them.

  • PJ Jonas

    Blend are a very responsive, knowledgeable, and professional agency. They know how to get things done and Sophie always does her best to help.

  • Mike Mele

    We had an amazing experience working with Blend on a quick Shopify build that we needed to launch in about a month before a major industry event. There were a few non-standard options we needed for our product pricing to work on the platform. These went beyond the “normal” capabilities of Shopify Basic, but Peter and the team at Blend were able to find solutions and quickly implement them. I really liked how in the loop we felt during the whole process. A lot of times a development agency is very communicative when they are selling you on their services, but then the communication gets worse and worse, as they begin the actual development. Blend explained what they were going to do, did it, then even showed us videos after implementation of the new development working as expected. That’s just a service level way beyond what most other development agencies ever delivery. I’d recommend anyone looking for a Shopify development partner to have a conversation with Blend Commerce. It will be worth your time.

  • Antony Pratico

    I could not properly execute my vision without Blend Commerce. Their attention to detail and .liquid programming knowledge is second to none. With regularity, they make the impossible happen. If you ever say "well Shopify can't do that" I'd ask Blend first, because it probably can with the right people involved. I have built three stores with them now over five years, and I won't be going anywhere else.

  • Polina Micheva

    We are a health food and nutrition business based in Germany and decided to work with Blend to help us improve the user experience on our Shopify Plus store. Since working with the Blend team in 2018, the Blend team have provided outstanding work on our theme and developed highly personalised features. These have included optimisation of our product page, navigation and review features.In addition to this, we have also worked with Blend to optimise our sales and marketing funnel. Blend has provided us with a highly responsive design for our cart page and optimised the customer journey to checkout. Blend’s work is always to the highest level, and we have been impressed by their ability to quickly resolve issues, even when those issues have required involvement with third parties.We are highly appreciative of the work Blend has completed and their solid communication and support. We are definitely going to continue our relationship with Blend and look forward to our next project with the team.

  • Susan Bradley

    Hey, it's Susan Bradley from Wee Squeak . We sell toddler shoes that squeak with every step, at weesqueak.comA few months ago I was on the hunt for an agency to do our store redesign. My one key goal was that I needed to INCREASE MOBILE CONVERSIONS in a big way.When I began talking to Shopify agencies, I started to stress about the project. I sure most merchants know how that feels.My big fear was that it would be a never-ending project and that I might end up with something worse than what we started with… and I had visions of costs getting out of control for hidden "extras" that I didn't even understand.I had worked with Blend Commerce on a few small projects, and ultimately decided to hire them for the big job! We started with a store wireframing and then a roadmap for our store redesign. Their roadmap service outlined a firm scope of work and fixed cost for the project before I committed to the redesign.My big issue was that our mobile traffic was growing fast, and we needed to improve mobile conversion. When I started thinking about a new site, our mobile traffic was 70%. By the time we hired Blend our mobile traffic was around 80%, and my mobile conversion was averaging less than 2%, so it was obvious that I needed to take action and fast.After working with Blend as a partner, I can say that I really didn't experience any of the horror stories I've heard about and was afraid might happen. In fact, we've had some great improvements since launching our new site 6 months ago. I really think that much of the improvement can be attributed to Peter and the team at Blend. Our new site is pretty amazing. As an example, here are some stats:- Mobile conversion rate is up 26% - Overall conversion rate is up 16%. - Revenue from mobile is up 40%- Overall revenue is up 26%- Mobile bounce rate is down 28%.I have been heavily involved with e-commerce and social media marketing for a number of years. I know there are lots of choices when it comes to hiring an Agency to design a new site. For me, what stood out was that Blend didn’t come to the project with preconceived ideas. They asked what I wanted to achieve and then stayed focused on that. They didn't muddy the waters with a lot of extras and "bells and whistles". They understood that user experience and increasing conversions on mobile was our "one big thing". I wanted to design for mobile first, and they actually made a point of showing me everything on mobile first and walking me through the user experience. In fact, a few times Peter had to remind me to get off the desktop version and approve the mobile pages first! The whole team was super responsive to our needs, and after the project was completed, they didn’t disappear. They actually continue to be a source of support when I need help.I do, and will continue to, recommend Blend Commerce to online merchants looking to get the best from Shopify. It is great that Blend have a small and focused team, but this does mean that they only take on a few projects at a time. I think it's worth the wait. The guys really do bring a lot to the table and have tons of experience. They offered up some suggestions that added real value. They were flexible when it made sense and kept me focused on our goals. Great team and great results!

  • Bec Clark

    Being based in Australia, we were initially sceptical about working with a Shopify development partner so far away. Different countries, different currencies, different cultures.We needn’t had worried at all about working with Blend. By means of introduction to the project, Kivari, the label, is an Australian bohemian-luxe fashion brand. Designed for the modern free-spirited bohemian woman. Due to a solid growth period and in order to continue this level of growth, the brand needed a refresh, starting with the website. We were ultimately aiming for a cleaner design to really highlight the amazing photography and garments, and created a better user experience. Crucially, we needed advanced backend controls to improve internal efficiencies as we grew.After working with Blend for a very short period, I found that communication wasn't a problem nor a blocker. I loved the fact that I was able to speak and communicate directly with the lead developer on the job, who also acted as the project manager.We felt that this was a big point of difference in the management of the project, not offered by other comparable Shopify Expert agencies.As a result of the project, we now have an exceptional mobile responsive website that is easy to use, even for internal stakeholders with little Shopify experience. We have a new theme which can be easily edited in the future but currently serves the purpose of showcasing our garments and branding effectively. In essence, we’ve been able to add a great new asset to our business.In addition to the above, Blend offer great turn around times and a competitive package price, given the team’s demand and credentials.I would absolutely recommend Blend for a client looking to upgrade their Shopify theme to Turbo. Blend are extremely well versed in using and developing this theme and are constantly striving for perfection and customer satisfaction along the way.We can certainly see why Out of the Sandbox selected Blend as partners. I couldn't rate Blend Commerce higher. They were able to deliver a great site with amazing customer service and support, both before, during and after launch.

  • Ryan Zagata

    The Blend team were an absolute delight to work with and far exceeded our most elevated expectations. We knew from our initial call with Peter that we were in for a treat when he took the extra time to fully understand our business, making suggestions to address near term business challenges and reduce the risk of other future challenges. We’ve gotten heaps of praise since we relaunched our site and our conversion rate is also tracking considerably higher. We look forward to continuing work with Blend.

  • Sarah Lowther

    I'm the founder and owner of NI Candle Supplies - we provide a unique customer experience in the wholesale candle making supplies industry. I commissioned Blend Commerce to create a website that was both user-friendly and appealed to both B2B and B2C users, It was also crucial that it was easy for us to manage, especially with having to juggle the other elements of running my business. As a result of working on the Shopify store setup, we have an amazing website that has received a lot of positive feedback, sales are going well and we are really pleased with how everything has come together. It was great to work with a small, yet knowledgeable team - something that competitors could not necessarily offer us. Adam (who leads the marketing team) has great marketing skills and our blog posts are brilliant! Peter knows the development side inside out! We really appreciated the on-going support following launch, and this was very useful as we strive to grow the business rapidly. We also feel that the ability to access social media management services through their sister company, Blue Pineapple, was fantastic - it's so much easier to have everything in one place!If you're looking to launch your Shopify store, I'd absolutely recommend Blend Commerce. Blend took our dream and made it a reality, one that has come together even better than we could have possibly imagined. We are blown away by not only our website but how all of our marketing and email communications look and work seamlessly. Thanks so much!Blend Commerce recently assisted us with the transfer from Mailchimp to Klaviyo including the set up of all of our campaigns. In addition to making the transition seamless, they did a fantastic job in providing comprehensive training to ensure we are up to speed with the way Klaviyo works. We regularly utilise Blend's services both in continuing to improve our site and in for our marketing and firmly believe Blend's fresh approach has played a massive role in helping us achieve success so quickly!

  • Jake Worby

    U Suck at Golf is a lifestyle apparel company geared toward the average everyday golfer. Our goal is to bring out the lighter side of the game with funny and unique products that every weekend golfer can relate to, while still offering the quality that our customers will trust on and off the course. USAG started out of the passion for embracing this f***ed-up game and to move away from all the seriousness and stigmas that are often associated with the sport. It started with one viral t-shirt and almost a year later here we are with over 10,000 shirts shipped.After the success we saw in the first year, we felt that we were really leaving a lot on the table as we had no experience in building out a site or brand whatsoever. We contacted Blend Commerce in hopes of improving the overall trustworthiness of our website. This included things such as branding, navigation, and optimization for conversions. Blend Commerce were amazing, to say the least. Their lead developer, Pete, worked with us every step of the way to develop a website that we were happy with and on the same page with. He completely restructured the navigation, which is flawless right now and added an “ease of use” for the customer. We also gave the site a more branded feel by incorporating consistent fonts and color schemes. Last, we restructured the product pages to add “trustworthiness” and give our customers confidence in shopping with us.We saw an immediate increase in our Conversion rate and are now averaging about 4.5% which is still not the best, but much higher than where we were at about 2%. (Pre-Blend: Jan 1st - May 30th - 1.73%… Post-Blend: Jun 1st - Jun 13th - 4.3%)We feel that Blend Commerce has put laid the foundation for us and we can keep on increasing that number through our marketing in the coming months. Overall Blend Commerce were a pleasure to work with and responded to all of our requests immediately. I would be confident in recommending them to anyone looking to improve their website. Being the average Shopify store owner, we have no experience in coding and website development and can only take it so far, which is fine when first starting out, but when looking to scale your store to the next level, I believe that the investment with Blend Commerce will surely pay off.

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