Mobile is quickly becoming the center of eCommerce. In fact, many are designing their sites for mobile optimisation before translating that into desktop — instead of the other way around. While you may be the first in your eCommerce industry, it can never hurt to get another step above the pack. 

Tap Cart is the perfect way to do just that. You can turn your eCommerce site into the perfect mobile app with no coding required. Sound like a dream? It is. And today, we’re telling you all about Tap Cart and why you should make use of it. 

What is Tap Cart?

Tap Cart is an innovative mobile commerce platform that is revolutionising the way retailers and brands engage with their customers. The company has quickly made a name for itself as a leader in the mobile commerce space, offering a powerful suite of features designed to help brands like yours increase mobile sales and customer engagement.

If you’ve ever wanted your own app, you can now have it. Turning your site into a mobile app means you make it easier for customers to engage with your brand, and you can become a part of their daily life.


Tap Cart Alert

Tap Cart’s Key Functionalities

Mobile Commerce Storefront

At the heart of Tap Cart is its mobile commerce storefront, which provides businesses with a fully customisable mobile shopping experience. The storefront can be easily configured to match a brand’s unique aesthetic, and it comes loaded with features like product catalogues, product images, product descriptions, and shopping carts. 

Push Notifications

One of the most powerful features of Tap Cart is its push notification system. Like most apps with this feature, businesses can send targeted messages to their customer’s mobile devices, alerting them to special deals, promotions, and other relevant information. Push notifications can be triggered by a variety of actions, including abandoned carts, new product launches, and more.


Tap Cart Countdown Notification

Customisable Checkout Experience

Tap Cart’s checkout experience is fully customisable, allowing businesses to create a seamless and branded checkout flow. This includes support for a wide range of payment gateways and integration with third-party tools like Shopify. In fact, Shopify is Tap Cart’s largest investor.

Making a Purchase in Tap Cart

Analytics and Reporting

To truly understand the success of a mobile commerce campaign, it’s essential to have access to detailed analytics and reporting. Tap Cart provides businesses with a wealth of data, including real-time insights into customer behaviour, purchase history, and more. This allows businesses like yours to make informed decisions about their mobile commerce strategies and optimise their performance over time. 

Customer Loyalty Programs

One of the most effective ways to drive repeat business is through customer loyalty programs like Tap Cart’s LoyaltyLion integration. Tap Cart makes it easy for businesses to create and manage loyalty programs within their mobile storefront, incentivising customers to return and make additional purchases.

Customer Subscriptions

Like loyalty programs, subscriptions are an excellent way of making customers feel a part of your brand and increasing your Customer Lifetime Value. Tap Cart integrates with Recharge, meaning you can create a seamless experience with your customers and their repeat purchases.

In-App Chat Support

When customers have questions or issues with their purchases, they want quick and easy access to support. Tap Cart provides businesses with an in-app chat support feature, allowing customers to get the help they need right from their mobile device — talk about customer service! On top of that? Tap Cart also integrates with Gorgias to make your customer service as seamless as possible.


Tap Cart and Gorgias


Integrations with Social Media Platforms

Social media has become a very powerful tool for driving mobile commerce success, and Tap Cart makes it easy to integrate with popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This allows businesses like yours to leverage the power of social media to reach new customers and drive sales. 

Personalise Email & SMS Marketing

Tap Cart’s integration with Klaviyo allows you to personalise your email and SMS marketing by pre-building push notification flows that welcome new customers, remind them to complete their purchases, and let them know that their favourite items are back in stock.

You can also create trigger events to send out push notifications automatically and segment customers so that you can nurture them throughout their entire customer journey. This includes adding push notifications for abandoned cart flows, welcome flows, and post-purchase flows. The best part about it is that it’s cheaper than SMS (it’s actually free). 

Utilising push notifications within your Klaviyo flows will allow you to connect with your customers on a deeper level. You can even display imagery and products within your push notifications to drive the message home. 


Tap Cart and Email Marketing

Using Tap Cart with Your eCommerce Store

At Blend, we like keeping our customers in the loop with the latest and greatest in innovative eCommerce technology. Tap Cart presents the perfect opportunity for Shopify merchants like you to create a customised mobile app version of your Shopify store. It has no upfront costs and only charges a monthly fee, so you can get started right away. 


With a wide variety of integrations and features, you can create the perfect mobile experience for your customers. If you want to give Tap Cart a try for your store, get in touch with the team at Blend today and let’s make it happen.


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Published: April 27 2023

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