There are certain dos and don'ts to follow if you want to persuade clients to buy from you in the increasingly competitive online shopping industry. Conversion is at the heart of these procedures; it is, perhaps, the single most critical measure to track if you want to expand your business and boost your income.

For online stores, conversion rates and the accompanying customisation are a goldmine of data for gauging return on investment. However, it’s important to remember that conversions aren't automatic; rather, the onus is on businesses to prioritise them in order to bring about real change. 

This is where two unique apps come into play: 

Obviyo & Haptik. 

Not sure what these apps are? No problem. We’ll fill you in on all the details. 

Let’s start with Haptik

Haptik assists companies with user acquisition, conversion, engagement, and pleasure by providing AI-driven, conversational experiences that are customised for each user across more than 100 languages and 20 channels.

Haptik’s powerful capabilities enable brands to design exciting experiences that improve conversion rates across every stage of their customer's journey. Developed with the goal of creating the most compelling conversational commerce platform of the 21st century, we’ve got a couple of reasons why this platform is so great. 

Interactive Conversational Ads 

In the noisy world of online marketing, your ads will stand out more if they can really have a conversation with your target audience. Leads can be generated immediately by capturing user information during conversations and responding to their immediate questions.

Personalised Buying Guidance

Facilitate consumers' ability to make quick and straightforward purchases from your company. Haptik’s AI-powered recommendation system can instantly match user preferences with your products and services, just like a human would.

Proactive Messaging & Engagement 

Stop sitting around and hoping that clients will get in touch with you. If you want your users to have a positive experience with your brand after they've already interacted with it, Haptik enables you to ensure they know all they need to through personalised notifications, periodic updates, and tailored messaging. 

Behavioural User Insights 

Rather than sending all of your users the same message, with Haptik you can create specialised campaigns for them. Explore the underlying patterns in the numbers to find out what makes your customers happy, which goods they enjoy and which goods they don't, which trends they're into, and where your brand's attention should be next.

What about Obviyo? 

To get the most out of each customer and increase sales, Obviyo is an eCommerce Intelligence platform that lets stores tailor the shopping experience to each customer.

More than ten years ago, Obviyo was born as the brainchild of David Henrickson and Zee Aganovic who found that poor conversion rates were a major problem for many online retailers. The success of their earlier ventures, which included acquisitions by Ricoh and Microsoft, gave them confidence as entrepreneurs.

Initially, they developed a machine learning technique to speed up and simplify testing for online retailers. The end result was an optimization engine working in real time, sensitive and responsive to the demands of individual buyers.

Fast forward to today, Obviyo is now assisting eCommerce shops in providing hyper-personalized purchasing experiences to their customers. Because contemporary eCommerce is about so much more than just transactions, Obviyo’s purpose is to” help eCommerce teams say goodbye to conversions and hello to customers”. 

What does Obviyo do that makes it so special?

One word: Hyper-Personalisation. 

A mechanism used by Amazon, hyper-personalisation allows businesses to achieve instantaneous data collection and optimisation. 

Obviyo makes it possible for any business to be just as fancy as Amazon by using the same software that runs Amazon's recommendation engine. This means eCommerce stores can partake in the benefits of these capabilities without joining the wider Amazon ecosystem.

Why we love it 

In today’s new digital age, it’s understandable that it might be difficult to keep an online business running smoothly. Research suggests that 90% of shoppers leave online stores without purchasing anything since they were unable to find anything of interest to them.

That’s why we’re so excited about apps such as Obviyo, which have revolutionised online shopping and taken the eCommerce business to another level.

Why do we love them? It’s Obviyous: 

Enhanced, instantaneous recommendations

Shopify stores can now be transformed into a perpetual, intelligent search engine that finds new products for you to sell. Never lose a customer again by failing to recommend awesome products to them again and again thanks to Obviyo. 

This robust way of merchandising is challenging in many apps available on the market today. Obviyo gives you the power to unify all types of product recommendations anywhere on your website and throughout the buyer's journey. 

Boost your sales by taking customers straight to your products

When most or all of your site visitors get the same product recommendations, that's not exactly what we’d call customisation. If you really want to give your customers an unforgettable shopping experience, it’s crucial that you take the time to figure out which potential customers would be interested in seeing which items.

Luckily you don’t have to do it alone. 

Here's where the superior, fine-grained targeting capabilities of Obviyo really shine. With specialised campaign creation tools, you can link more influential buyers with your most relevant products without relying on any previous customer data. The end effect is a rise in revenue per visitor and a greater level of customer engagement.

Measurable merchandising 

While popping Shopify product recommendations in your store is an easy feat, it's still unclear whether or not they're actually increasing sales. These days, many apps claim to push conversions, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding, and the problem is that many businesses can’t seem to find the proof. 

Not with Obviyo. Enjoy real-time, clear, and comprehensive reports that show you how your tailored suggestions stack up against your standard site as well as give you access to a plethora of eCommerce KPIs like Average Order Value, Revenue per Visitor, and Time on Site.

Through the use of Obviyo, you can nudge your consumers in the right direction, making online shopping exciting and individual. Connecting your customers with the right items at the right time and in the right place is now easier than ever!

Blend x Obviyo

For all of our Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants, we aim to provide the greatest options for increasing conversions on their eCommerce store, which is why we've partnered with platforms like Obviyo. 

Obviyo is the ideal option for your company if you run an eCommerce store and are looking to maximise your revenue as well as your customer experiences. Using Obviyo’s hyper-personalised and optimised platform you will be able to satisfy both new and existing shoppers by recommending products in real-time and turning visitors into happy, returning customers!

Ready to get your Growth Partnership with Blend and Obviyo going? Get in touch with us today! 

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Marketing Executive One of our Marketing Executives and the vibrant heart of Blend Commerce, Jo has an infectious enthusiasm for taking on new challenges, making her a driving force in our team. Her talent spans the realms of both marketing and design, and her growth has been nothing short of remarkable, exceeding all expectations. With Jo as part of our team, we’re not just working; we’re creating, innovating, and setting new standards in the eCommerce world.

Published: August 22 2022

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