There is no business on this earth, eCommerce or not, that doesn’t want repeat revenue. But as we all know, you can’t always have what you want - or can you?


We took a deep dive into how Relo works, how Relo will assist with repeat revenue, whether Relo is worth it, and how Relo will integrate with Klaviyo. Too much ‘Relo’ in one sentence? The simple fact is that Relo not only increases the chance of repeat revenue, but takes into account the customer journey and customer expectations.

What is Relo?

Relo is an integration used on your store that provides customer insights when they’re ready to reorder or subscribe. Using your Shopify order history data, it determines this by looking at logic, how likely are the products to be reordered, personality factors, and even looking at a per customer level with the logic of volume of orders that will impact your reorder cadence.

Problems for Shopify Store Owners

While everyone loves repeat revenue, the market is volatile which causes problems when supply chains need to predict orders. Not only that but CAC are on the rise, giving all the more reason to push for a stable repeat revenue source.


Aaron Orendorff from iconiContent made a good point when it came to isolating products at the customer level, not only seeing when a customer replenishment is likely, but also understanding what the first order products are that lead to customers eventually reordering and, in his words, “putting your best first.”

What Relo Will Do for Your Shopify Store

Their dynamic is based on customer data which is always updating, meaning you can reach all customers in a personalised way and keep your communications in one place. Relo provides such detailed information, right down to the date and time of their reorder prediction.


Relo Information

Relo also provides a 1-click push into Klaviyo as a reorder or subscribe event meaning there’s no need to build out complex flows. The information syncs automatically - how great is that?


Klaviyo Integrating with Relo

Making use of Magic Cart, you can show the customer all the details of their reorder or subscription. The customer’s last order will display, along with smart order suggestions, making reordering easy.


Magic Cart

Customers can reorder with one button, change billing dates, add a product, and change frequency all within the mobile-first, personalised Magic Cart. And of course, it uses first name personalisation as well.


Solving Subscriptions

And the statistics for Relo don’t lie, with Snackfully increasing their repeat revenue by 17% and Pore Favor decreasing subscription churn by 21% both using Relo.

Looking to Increase that Repeat Revenue?

Our team of experts are not only Klaviyo Gold Status Partners but also Shopify Plus Partners, giving you the best chance at reaching your eCommerce goals. If you have any questions or want to know how we can help you, get in touch with our team. 

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Published: August 30 2022

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