The problem with hiring a service of any kind is not knowing the standard you will receive. You’re left to rely on word-of-mouth and reviews and testimonials. When it comes to using an eCommerce agency, quality and performance are paramount. Luckily, with an agency like Blend Commerce, our robust Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) procedure is the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering exceptional results. But what does that mean? What goes on in the background? We will use this blog to delve into the intricate details of our QAQC process and explore how it guarantees the highest quality work for new and existing clients. 

As a summary, here Ollie, Head of Design and Development at Blend, takes you on a quick walkthrough of what our QAQC process looks like:



Development and Code Review

Before any task moves into the review stage, our diligent developers conduct their own QA, ensuring the work is of the highest quality. They meticulously tick items off a checklist of expected functionality and test it across multiple browsers. This initial step sets the foundation for excellence.


Think that’s all? Think again! Each task undergoes a code review as well by another member of the development team. Having someone else review the content without previously working on it allows us to review the task as the client would. Code Review isn’t just about recommending changes; it’s also an opportunity to foster knowledge exchange within the team. This stage is a gatekeeper, and only when the code reviewer is content can we proceed, ensuring that we’re building on a solid foundation. 

Ensuring Excellence in Design and Functionality

Our QAQC process is where Blend’s dedication to quality truly shines. It’s a meticulous procedure that involves a Blend designer and the developer coming together to review the work. Much like code review, only when the designer is content with the final result can it pass this stage.


The designer’s role in this process is twofold:


  • Comparing with the Designs: We ensure that the work aligns perfectly with not only the initial designs but also with the client's needs and requests, down to the smallest detail. Every pixel, spacing, font size, and colour is scrutinised to match the original vision and design.


  • Testing the Functionality: We test the functionality across various browsers, resolutions, and devices, ensuring the work functions flawlessly in various user scenarios. This rigorous testing guarantees an exceptional user experience.

Taking QAQC to New Heights

Virtuoso is an automatic QAQC tool that adds an extra layer of scrutiny to our work. It covers everything from performance testing to compatibility checks, ensuring our projects meet various essential parameters. This tool allows us to deliver projects that meet and exceed expectations.


How do we use Virtuoso to debug? We’ll tell you. Virtuoso does automated checks on a site that enables not only the ability to find any and every bug but also allows us to attack bugs quickly before they become an issue. Within Virtuoso, our team is able to set up the user journey for each site, and Virtuoso will check each and every link and page with scrutiny within minutes. 


Once our QAQC process is complete, our team then runs the same checks through Virtuoso to ensure nothing slips by and the client receives the project in full working order. Not only that, but on a weekly basis, from Monday through to Thursday, our team runs all retainer clients through Virtuoso to ensure that everything is running smoothly.


Virtuoso pinpoints which part of the user journey might be broken. It tests user journeys to ascertain what’s working and what’s not to give our team an idea of how long it takes a user to purchase anything. It checks the performance of the on-site flow — not only the website.


Final Review: Perfection from an End User’s Perspective

Only once both the code review and QAQC stages are completed does the task move on to the final review. Here, our head of design and development conducts a comprehensive evaluation from an end user’s perspective. This step ensures we adhere to eCommerce best practices and that all standard eCommerce features work seamlessly. 


If any changes are needed, our review process is designed to loop back to the developer, ensuring that our clients receive nothing less than perfection—you know, the type that deserves a chef’s kiss. 

Blend’s Commitment to Excellence

At Blend Commerce, we live and breathe our commitment to excellence. It is one of the three pillars on which we stand. Our QAQC procedure is a testament to our dedication to delivering unparalleled value to our clients. 


This commitment extends to all our projects, whether it’s a part of our Customer Value Optimisation (CVO) program or a complete redesign. In the case of redesigns, our attention to detail is unrivalled. We meticulously review every site component and section as they are built. We even implement a manual development and design QAQC process across the site, ensuring that each element aligns with our quality standards. We utilise Virtuoso, our state-of-the-art QAQC software, to take excellence to the next level.


At Blend Commerce, quality isn’t just a goal; it’s a standard we uphold with every project we undertake. Our meticulous review process, backed by Virtuoso, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. If you're looking for the same standards, get in touch with the team at Blend today

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Andra is our go-to when things need to get done right, and on time. As our Lead Project Manager, she's the bridge that connects our team to our clients, making sure everyone's on the same page. But it's not just about getting things done; it's how she does it. With grace, patience, and a touch of finesse, she manages expectations like a pro. Beyond her individual excellence, she raises the bar for all of us, pushing everyone to deliver their very best. In many ways, Andra is the anchor of our team, ensuring we remain united and always performing at our peak.

Published: November 03 2023

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