Technology is pushing boundaries like never before. The increased use and fascination of the Metaverse has caused virtual real estate to go on sale for up to $4.3 million. People worldwide have become concerned about the world going digital, including the proof of ownership over something that isn’t tangible.


Companies like Zenotta are using blockchain technology (which may seem confusing, so let’s leave the details to the experts) to ensure that this problem is solved. In eCommerce terms, Zenotta would enable people to buy and sell digital goods in their stores efficiently. And at Blend, we’re all about the future of eCommerce and finding ways that technology can push eCommerce stores to the next level. 


Almost everyone has become increasingly obsessed with AI and its abilities. From TikToks asking AI to paint the (not for sensitive viewers) last selfie ever taken to Science Daily reporting that researchers have developed an AI pilot which enables an autonomous aircraft to navigate crowded airspace


Pretty insane, right? 


While many are worried about how this will impact the future, most are fascinated by how it can improve the future. But if AI has the potential to be so powerful, could there be a way to use it to your advantage as a Shopify merchant?

What is AI?

While it may be a confusing concept to some, you wouldn’t have to know its intricacies to use AI. AI stands for artificial intelligence and includes the technologies of machine learning, processing, and data predictions. As Investopedia describes, “artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.” 


Algorithms is another word used more often as Google, TikTok, and other large corporations use algorithms (often secret ones) to decipher human habits, interests, and preferences. The fact that large corporations primarily use it doesn’t mean you have to be a large corporation to use AI. Artificial intelligence in your eCommerce store could be as easy as integrating an app.


Obviyo uses AI to increase your revenue by hyper-personalising your marketing. It uses the same machine learning algorithms (as mentioned above) used with large corporations like Amazon. It uses Growth Bots that blur the line between branded and dynamic content, simplifying and automating the growth marketing process.


Obviyo Capabilities

Hyper-Personalisation with Obviyo

Obviyo saw a gap in the personalisation market. We’re all about personalisation and have mentioned it multiple times before, but Obviyo took it to the next level. It uses six different sources to predict customer habits and targets the right audience with the correct marketing. This is what they call hyper-personalisation, or as we like to call it: hypersonalisation.


Obviyo's Path to Hyper-Personalisation

Audience Intelligence

Customers aren’t parrots - they won’t simply repeat what they’ve done in the past. While their actions may remain similar, life causes them to change what they may have done in the past as their needs change.


Previously, personalisation used historical data to recommend products, simply learning from what the customer has done before to predict what they will do in the future. Obviyo uses real-time audience data to present customers with highly-relevant recommendations based on the customer’s live buying experience.

Product Intelligence

Personalising your product descriptions and meta-data conventionally decreases the relevancy of product recommendations. When using natural language keyword indexing, your data will be enriched and expand the range of products recommended to customers - which is precisely what Obviyo does.

Business Intelligence

Each business has its objectives and goals. Merchants can use these goals with Obviyo to align personalisation criteria with increasing their long-term success. These goals and objectives include top-line growth, margins, and inventory management. Seeing where these goals and your customer needs meet in the middle will be where your business thrives.

Content Intelligence

Potential customers arriving at your store, not knowing what they’re looking for, need a completely different set of marketing strategies. You won’t have historical data or anything else to base your marketing on. Most businesses will settle for presenting these customers with a few product recommendations just to test the waters. Obviyo uses eclectic recommendations based on the step of the buyer journey, taking into account buyer personas, actions, and context.

Device Intelligence

Most shoppers use mobile devices, but marketing shouldn’t simply change to accommodate the smaller device. Shoppers using mobile devices often differ from those on desktops and have different needs. Typically, they make shorter visits to your store and purchase impulsively. Obviyo uses this to personalise recommendations even further.

Lifecycle Intelligence

Predicting not only what customers will do in a few months but what their immediate next step will be is the key in Obviyo. It creates seamless personalisation where the customer’s current step is a pre-text to their following, changing as their interactions on your site change.

Obviyo Integrations

Obviyo does a lot for merchants using AI, meaning you don’t have to do much. And if that wasn’t enough, Obviyo also integrates with Klaviyo, meaning you’ll have the most hyper-personalisation there is. The rhyming of their names is just an added touch of perfection.

Obviyo also integrates with Yotpo, Stamped, Omnisend, and many more to make your personalisation and marketing strategies shine above the rest. Segmenting your customers perfectly into Klaviyo should be one of your main goals, and these are the perfect apps to achieve that. Omnisend’s integration with Klaviyo will bring your marketing to new heights, and adding Obviyo will make it indestructible.

Blend and Obviyo

At Blend, we only look for the best in the business. That’s why we partnered with Obviyo. As Shopify Plus experts, we delve into everything and anything to do with Shopify and the best apps for your store. If you want to know more about Obviyo, Klaviyo, and personalisation at its finest, get in touch with us at Blend.

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Published: September 13 2022

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