We’re fast approaching the end of the year, and with Black Friday that’s just passed, you might want to carry 2022’s momentum into the new year. Perhaps you’re already brainstorming ideas around how to keep your business’ game above the competition and get your brand to be customers’ first choice. 


But fear not, for Blend is with you. 


We want to help make your business shine, and quite frankly, we’re really good at it, thanks to the many partners we collaborate with in giving business owners like you massive victories! 


Brands like Omniconvert, Rebuy and LoyaltyLion are a few of our partners with exciting app developments on the horizon for 2023 that are guaranteed to keep your company on the tip of customers’ tongues and help you hit your stride! 


Let’s get going on what to look out for when it comes to these exciting apps!  

Omniconvert’s Reveal


One thing that’s for sure, 2023 will see a plethora of businesses make the move from customer acquisition to customer retention, and one app that will help get you there is Reveal


Omniconvert’s Reveal is the first CRM platform built around Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Customer Value Optimization. CLV gives you crucial insight into how much money you should be spending on acquiring your customers by telling you how much value they’ll bring to your business in the long run. 


Reveal is a CLV machine that helps retailers acquire, segment, monitor, and nurture their customers. It works its magic through monitoring and generating insights about customer behaviour, buyer habits, and satisfaction. 


Want to know more about what to expect from Reveal?

Lower CAC with Increased ROAS.

With Reveal’s Dynamic Audience Builder feature, you can use first-party data to create Custom & Lookalike Audiences for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. 


This way, you can draw more customers similar to your best customers and ensure you’re spending your budget wisely - down to the very last penny.

Upgraded Email Marketing with Customer Data

Your teams can use the data in Reveal to orchestrate customised email flows that prevent churn, increase retention rates, and improve customer loyalty.


Reveal pulls data that creates RFM Segments, separating customers based on their recency of purchase, frequency of purchase, and monetary value. After that, you can implement flows based on these RFM Segments that allows you to further engage with customers depending on where they are in their journey with your brand to create an enriching experience that gives customers what they need when they need it most. 


Customers that are frequent purchasers and who actively engage with your brand can be targeted with email messaging encouraging them to sign up to your loyalty program and subscriptions, leave reviews, and can be incentivised as a ‘thank you’ for their ongoing support, further boosting repeat revenue and customer loyalty. 


Customers who are inactive with your brand and hardly ever purchase can receive tailored emails collecting vital feedback, directing them to customer support to quickly resolve issues, and incentivising purchases to get them to turn into loyal, happy customers. This is all thanks to the powers of Reveal! 

Accurate Customer Feedback.

Get customer insights into critical customer journey moments and uncover improvement opportunities inside your business using the NPS tool within Reveal.

Improved Product Assortment.

Identify the products that encouraged most customers to return for a second purchase. From your selection, you will see that some products brought more long-term revenue than others, and you can push those products in your following acquisition campaigns.


At the same time, using the Buying Trends feature, you can identify products that cause customer churn and eliminate them from your acquisition campaigns.


Reveal’s ultimate purpose is to help eComm & retailers gain actionable data for their CVO efforts, and if you’d like to get your hands on this powerful app, you can find it easily in Shopify!


Another must-have app for 2023 is LoyaltyLion, a data-driven loyalty and rewards platform that powers eCommerce growth. 


Using LoyaltyLion, your Shopify store can join forces with a specialised loyalty program that incorporates real-time insights to help you create memorable experiences for your customers that keep them coming back – This will be especially useful in 2023, a year that Beth Wells, LoyaltyLion Senior Partner Marketing Executive, predicts could be challenging. 


“Our focus will be on offering stores more ways to engage with their shoppers in between purchases and helping them drive more revenue from their existing customers with experiences that impact margins less than discounts”, says Wells. 


LoyaltyLion customers can expect advancements in achieving more cost-effective acquisition via their loyalty program members. The new and exciting integrations with their best-in-class providers will help brands drive personalised communications more efficiently and, where possible, in the most automated way.


Wells believes 2023 will see many businesses and marketers wanting to do more with less, and LoyaltyLion is the perfect tool to wield in the face of such change! 



And finally, Rebuy has entered the chat. 


An all-in-one solution to boost AOV, ROAS, and LTV for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores, Rebuy has many innovative updates for us to look forward to next year. Still, perhaps the most exciting one revolves around the post-purchase customer experience. 


Rebuy is well known for helping merchants deliver a first-class post-purchase experience to customers through one-click post-purchase upsells. This means that once customers have checked their desired items out, they are instantly presented with a recommendation of an alternative product they are most likely to purchase. The recommended product can then be added to their existing order without paying additional charges for shipping. 


Rebuy understands the value of buying intent and that it’s at its highest for recently converted shoppers when they hit that magic button – so what better time to try for another purchase?  


This beautiful development does two things: it creates a loyal customer and generates that well-sought-after repeat revenue.  


But what if they could make it even better? Well, we’ve got news for you: they have!


Rebuy’s 2023 updates include giving Rebuy customers the ability to allow shoppers to add multiple products to their existing order instead of only one! Buyers will be presented with numerous items based on their preferences. Fresh off that shopping high, they can be expected to pop several extra items into their cart once more, leaving them incredibly satisfied and you with a climbing average order value. 


Rebuy users can expect this useful update to hit their shores in Q1 of 2023. But in the meantime, Rebuy has several recent additions that are sure to get tongues wagging:

A New SmartCart Tiered Progress Bar

The new Tiered Progress Bar includes:

  • Two new layout options for displaying your reward tiers - more customisability to fit your store’s needs
  • A free shipping tier and up to 3 free gift tiers so you can reward your customers for shopping even more on your store
  • Up to 3 different progress bars for different geographies - your international customers can be part of the fun!
  • A built-in Shopify Script generator to make offering free gifts a breeze

Selling Plans

Rebuy’s Selling Plans are now available across the board! Merchants who use a subscription app that support Selling Plans now have access to the following features:

  • Switch to Subscription in Smart Cart
  • Switch to Subscription on checkout pages (Checkout Page Widget only)
  • Switch to Subscription Pop-ups
  • Subscription select on Rebuy carousels

SmartCart App Store 

This allows merchants to build a shopping cart that shoppers won’t abandon. No-code, low-code, and custom code allows you to build a cart that’s on-brand and on-point.

Rebuy Checkout Extensions

Rebuy Checkout Extensions are widgets you can drag and drop into the Shopify checkout to offer products that complement the items in the customer’s cart. Based on the items in the cart, shopping behaviour, store data, and more, Rebuy displays AI-powered product recommendations that help increase the AOV. Checkout Extensions also have the added benefit of being placeable on your Shop Pay accelerated payments page to upsell customers who are going through Shop Pay.


"We love being the personalisation innovator - both for merchants and our partners. We will continue pumping out upgrades to our app at a rapid pace and building what you all need!”

John Erck, Co-Founder and CEO of Rebuy 

Penny Black

Penny Black is the newest retention channel that outperforms email and SMS. This platform and print tech allows brands to use the unboxing moment as prime real estate to push marketing messages through hyper-personalised inserts that get an average scan rate of 7% and conversion rates of as high as 20%!


And, when it comes to additional revenue, they generate brands an additional £2 for every flyer sent – that’s 11x more than email and 22x more than SMS! 


This is because these hyper-personalised inserts delight shoppers the moment they open their order, motivating them to return back into the online journey – helping you to retain more shoppers and grow your CLTV.

Klaviyo Integration

Penny Black now integrates with Klaviyo meaning you can personalise every touchpoint you have with your customers, including one area that has never been personalised before - the unboxing moment. 


The Penny Black and Klaviyo integration means you can create Penny Black campaigns using your existing Klaviyo segments and bring profile attributes into your insert designs. 


The tea brand, Bird & Blend, uses the Penny Black and Klaviyo integration for their advent calendar campaign. They built a Klaviyo segment that included shoppers who hadn’t already bought an advent calendar. They then brought this segment into Penny Black and created a campaign that shows customers the product, directs them to an unboxing video and encourages them to buy it – and out came this!


Gift Notes

When it comes to giving gifts, a personal touch goes a long way. Penny Black now has a gift note feature, meaning brands can create designs that pull gift messages shoppers leave into the design. This design then gets added to the order and can be used as an opportunity to convert the new customer again, with CTAs, QR codes and incentives. 



Videowise is an eCommerce Video Platform to turn product videos into interactive & shoppable experiences, resulting in a conversion uplift of up to +21% and 4X on-site engagement.


Shopify merchants have so much video content on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube as well as UGC videos created by their consumers, fans, influencers and more that can be automatically added and monetised directly on their store sites!


Following Shopify's in The Future of Commerce: Industry Report (2022), in which Shopify labelled video as "the default expression of the Internet", many major brands are already implementing shoppable videos on their stores.


Why not follow suit with Videowise? Using this tool, you can be sure to delight your customers in 2 ways:

  • The app doesn’t affect your store speed, which is crucial for conversions and overall e-commerce UX.
  • Videowise provides top-notch, advanced video analytics – a true game changer. Shopify stores, retailers and DTC brands can clearly understand the impact of video engagement on their audience and what videos lead to conversions. It ultimately makes merchants more effective in creating new videos, saves budgets and reduces their CAC.


Video has become integral to consumers’ purchase decisions. Your video content can and must be turned into a shoppable experience of your products – and VideoWise is the vehicle that will get you there. 

Go into 2023 Prepared 

We know the temptation is there to only have the holidays on the brain as soon as December hits, but sometimes the early bird really does get the worm, and it helps to be as prepared as possible for what’s to come. Our partner apps have got you covered for 2023 with these exciting new developments that you can begin to prepare for and be ready to implement as soon as they go live! 


If you’d like some help setting your store up for ultimate success regarding these apps, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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Published: December 01 2022

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