U Suck at Golf is a lifestyle apparel company geared toward the average everyday golfer. Our goal is to bring out the lighter side of the game with funny and unique products that every weekend golfer can relate to, while still offering the quality that our customers will trust on and off the course. USAG started out of the passion for embracing this f***ed-up game and to move away from all the seriousness and stigmas that are often associated with the sport. It started with one viral t-shirt and almost a year later here we are with over 10,000 shirts shipped.

After the success we saw in the first year, we felt that we were really leaving a lot on the table as we had no experience in building out a site or brand whatsoever. We contacted Blend Commerce in hopes of improving the overall trustworthiness of our website. This included things such as branding, navigation, and optimization for conversions.

Blend Commerce were amazing, to say the least. Their lead developer, Pete, worked with us every step of the way to develop a website that we were happy with and on the same page with. He completely restructured the navigation, which is flawless right now and added an “ease of use” for the customer. We also gave the site a more branded feel by incorporating consistent fonts and color schemes. Last, we restructured the product pages to add “trustworthiness” and give our customers confidence in shopping with us.

We saw an immediate increase in our Conversion rate and are now averaging about 4.5% which is still not the best, but much higher than where we were at about 2%.

(Pre-Blend: Jan 1st - May 30th - 1.73%… Post-Blend: Jun 1st - Jun 13th - 4.3%)

We feel that Blend Commerce has put laid the foundation for us and we can keep on increasing that number through our marketing in the coming months.

Overall Blend Commerce were a pleasure to work with and responded to all of our requests immediately. I would be confident in recommending them to anyone looking to improve their website. Being the average Shopify store owner, we have no experience in coding and website development and can only take it so far, which is fine when first starting out, but when looking to scale your store to the next level, I believe that the investment with Blend Commerce will surely pay off.

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