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    Courtyard Offices, 55 High St, Alcester B49 5AF

    Wee Squeak is a leading children's shoe brand, based in Canada. Wee Squeak wanted to increase their conversion rate from mobile traffic, and Blend achieved this with a customised Out of the Sandbox Turbo theme.

    The challenge

    Wee Squeak had seen their mobile traffic grow rise from 50% to 80% in just three months. Their mobile conversion was tracking at less than 2%, significantly under the desktop conversion rate of the store. Due to changing customer behaviour, Wee Squeak needed to adapt their approach to ensure that conversion rate on mobile, was a closer match to their desktop conversion rate.

    Susan Bradley, former owner of Wee Squeak explains more:

    “My big fear was that it would be a never-ending project and that I might end up with something worse than what we started with… and I had visions of costs getting out of control for hidden "extras" that I didn't even understand.I had worked with Blend Commerce on a few small projects, and ultimately decided to hire them for the full redesign of my store.”

    The solution

    Using our team’s deep experience of Out of the Sandbox themes, Blend initially decided that using the Turbo theme would be the best fit for Wee Squeak and their customer demographic. Our design team then began to look at mobile design features used with previous clients and discussed with the project lead on how these could specifically help achieve an increase in mobile conversion that Wee Squeak was looking for.

    Through an initial discovery workshop with Susan, the Blend team were able to analyse data from the Wee Squeak store and review this in a real-world context with Susan’s support. As the project moved to the initial design concept stage, the Blend team were conscious to keep the key objective of the project as the focus, as Susan recalls:

    “When we hopped on the initial design review call, my first request was to see the desktop version of the store. Gladly, the team reminded me that the focus here was on mobile, and this really helped me focus in the initial stages of the project.”

    The project with Wee Squeak was delivered and implemented over the course of 9 weeks and the redesigned Wee Squeak Shopify store was created using the following key implementations:

    • Turbo theme by Out of the Sandbox
      Based on Susan's requirements to optimise mobile, Turbo was best suited to her needs.
    • Mobile-first design
      As the Wee Squeak traffic was 80% mobile, all design decisions were taken in favour of mobile-first to maximise overall conversions for the store.
    • Product page optimisation
      Based on user data from the Wee Squeak store, product pages were optimised for increased conversion, specifically by improving the user experience of viewing product details.
    • Klaviyo integration
      As mobile optimisations were key, migrating Wee Squeak to Klaviyo from MailChimp was critical to helping achieve this goal.

    The impact

    “After working with Blend as a partner, I can say that I really didn't experience any of the horror stories I've heard about and was afraid might happen. In fact, we've had some great improvements since launching our new site 6 months ago. I really think that much of the improvement can be attributed to Peter and the team at Blend. Our new site is pretty amazing.”

    Susan Bradley, Former owner of Wee Squeak

    As a result of the redesign project with Wee Squeak, Susan saw the following statistics over the 6 month period that followed the re-launch:

    • Mobile conversion rate increased by 26%
    • Overall conversion rate increase by 16%
    • Revenue from mobile increased by 40%
    • Overall revenue increased by 26%
    • Mobile bounce rate decreased by 28%

    For the Blend team, the key metric here was the increase in mobile conversion rate. By achieving this, Blend was able to have a significant impact on both the long and short term sales of Wee Squeak by impacting on the biggest proportion of the store's traffic. By combining the objectives of entrepreneurs with hard data from Shopify stores, Blend is able to create and execute plans that make a real difference to the bottom line.

    “I know there are lots of choices when it comes to hiring an agency to design a new site. For me, what stood out was that Blend didn’t come to the project with preconceived ideas. They asked what I wanted to achieve and then stayed focused on that. They didn't muddy the waters with a lot of extras and "bells and whistles"

    Susan Bradley, Former owner of Wee Squeak

    As a result of how Blend optimised the store, the direct growth of created enabled Susan to sell the business in late 2018 and move on to her next large scale Shopify project.

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