217% Increase in Sales Through a Shopify Store Redesign

The Brief

Having previously designed and developed their site themselves, their business had grown and they now needed an agency to optimise their site.

How Blend helped

The number one part of any project is getting customer data. This is so important in our agency, as without it, there would be no point in growing a business without understanding your customers. With HotJar installed, we were able to bring unique recommendations. Along with the Google Analytics report, we were armed with a total store redesign and a load of opportunities post-launch due to our Test, Analysis, and Iterate approach.


From initial wireframes, full designs were created. These were later developed into the site you see today, all using the Turbo Theme from Out of the Sandbox.


After the first few months of the site being live, we started work on iterating the store by installing HotJar, allowing us to see what we have done would be better practice for their users. We analysed their Google Analytics and PageSpeed Insights to actively seek out any gaps we have missed to improve their site month in month out continuously.

The results

Progressively our client Grams(28) has been growing, with the help of our UX, Design, and Development teams testing, analysing, and iterating the merchant’s Shopify store.


Still to this day, we are strategically growing their site by testing, analysing, and iterating.


Do you want this same approach applied to your site? Is this what you are looking for in an agency? Blend Commerce is dedicated to always seeing our clients grow.


All stats below are based on the last 90 days compared to the previous year.


Increase in Sales


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Store Session

217% Increase in Sales can pack a punch — in your wallet.

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