731% Increase in Sales from Website Development

The Brief

Titan Casket came to Blend after seeing what we had created for Brooklyn Bicycles. Titan wanted to have a consistent style for a professional look and feel. They wanted to have a new site that focused on making a casket easier, thus making the customer journey more straightforward and effortless, making them the go-to merchant for caskets online.


Their overall goal was to enhance the customer experience, their site speed and grow their sales and conversion with an approach that would suit all.

How Blend helped

Titan Casket wanted to see what their customers thought of their current site, and we wanted to know if anything that we felt from a UX standpoint would be best to do. 


Firstly, we installed HotJar heat mapping on their site, allowing us to understand what users were doing to determine any recommendations or opportunities they wanted and needed. Armed with our UI/UX Audit, we were able to generate a list of tasks to enhance the customer experience for their new redesign.


A full redesign adding to their brand was then created using the generated reports. Understanding the customer feedback, we could redesign and build the entire customer journey and more.

The results

Titan is still with us today as a growth partner. Each month, we see what we have done to see if we need to improve things. With the power of HotJar, we come with more recommendations and continuously grow their Shopify Store. We have more projects in the pipeline with this fantastic client and one that we are currently doing more insight experience from real customer data by user testing. We have recently completed work that has seen an increase in sales and average order values.


Our client has seen amazing scores across the board from conversion right through to performance with the site live. At Blend, we are so proud of these stats.


All stats were based on the 2nd quarter of 2021 compared to the previous year.


Increase in Sales


Increase in Total Orders


Increase in Online Sessions

With the perfect website, you can sell anything.

Titan Casket is proof you don’t have to sell products that customers use daily to get big numbers. If you want to see numbers like Titan Casket, all you have to do is click the button.

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