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The Brief

Goat Milk Stuff began their partnership with Blend Commerce with a few challenges they wanted to address.

  • Site Speed
  • Navigation
  • Conversion Rate


Goat Milk Stuff wanted to make their site easier for their target audience to navigate and create a quiz to make the shopping experience easier. Their goal was to also increase their site speed and conversion rate.

How Blend helped

Our team ran a Google Analytics, UI/UX and Site Speed Audit in the discovery phase of our partnership and discovered that Goats Milk Stuff was experiencing a high bounce rate and some issues with their Accessibility.


With the insights from these audits and the goals of Goat Milk Stuff, our developers were able to find solutions to these challenges with the following actions:


  • Built a brand new site using the Turbo theme, which showed a significant improvement in the site speed and bounce rate.
  • Created Custom Collections pages showing more information about each type of product which helped to increase conversions and make the site easy to navigate and use.
  • Created a custom feature to add a free booklet to Cart when a product is purchased.
  • Added a ‘Pick Up on the Farm’ Option to the cart by editing the Check Out page.
  • Implemented a subscription service and migrated customers to ReCharge.
  • Built a Bundle Feature to help track inventory
  • Built a custom quiz to show customers personalised recommendations

The results

Since the launch of their site in March 2021, the Goat Milk Soap Bounce rate has reduced from 62.29% to 55.05% (an 11.61% improvement) in the first four months.


Average page views increased by 10.53% and the online store experienced a conversion rate increase of 22% all within the first few months of launching these newly designed and built site with a focus on conversion, performance and user experience.


Blend Commerce is continuing our partnership with Goat Milk Stuff and we are currently working on Migration to Shopify 2.0 along with a number of tasks to improve the website performance in the way of a Core Web Vitals priority stack and striving for a 7% conversion rate.  We know that the future is bright for this brand and we are so excited to be a part of it.


Improvement in Bounce Rate


Increase in Page Views


Increase in Conversion Rate

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