2.5X Increase in Conversion Rate with Custom Development

The Brief

While the brand had shipped over 10,000 shirts within their first year of trading, USAG was achieving a conversion rate of under 1.5%. While high levels of traffic were being driven to the store, the brand suspected that issues with branding, navigation and CRO were leading to poor conversion.

How Blend helped

The initial step of the project involved Blend completing a full UI/UX audit of the store, as well as an analysis of traffic. Following an analysis of the data, Blend pinpointed the three key issues that were impacting on conversion.

Backed with data, these issues were discussed with the brand, and a full store roadmap was created on how Blend would customise the Turbo theme by Out of the Sandbox to help drive up the conversion rate of the business. Once the roadmap was agreed with USAG, Blend started dealing with all the issues.


  • Poor Navigation
    Their website navigation and ease of use on mobile was poor and leading to even poorer conversion rate.
    Our Solution: Audited the current navigation structure and implemented the finding on site, in addition to this Blend built out a detailed tagging guide for USAG to use for future additional products and collections.


  • Lack of Trust
    Their website lacked factors that would enable the customer to trust them and purchase from the store.
    Our Solution: Development was focused on increasing user conscious and subconscious awareness of the website and product trust with the use of subtle visual keys and specifically placed content on site.


  • Inconsistent Branding
    Inconsistent branding on the website had a negative impact on how people perceived it.
    Our Solution: Developed a branding guide and then implemented consistent branding across the whole store to improve trust.

The results

By helping USAG to increase conversion rate, the brand has continued to expand its product range and continues to experience significant growth following our initial project. On the success of the project, Jake Worby said:


“Being the average Shopify store owner, we have no experience in coding and website development and can only take it so far, which is fine when first starting out, but when looking to scale your store to the next level, I believe that the investment with Blend Commerce will surely pay off.”


Pre-Blend conversion rate


Post-Blend conversion rate


Increase in Conversion Rate

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