157% in Revenue Over 3 Year Partnership

The Brief

Aquarium Co-Op, a prominent player in the aquarium industry, approached Blend with two primary objectives in mind: improving site speed and optimising conversion rates. Having faced challenges with previous agencies and freelancers, Aquarium Co-Op sought an ideal partner who could deliver high-quality work, prompt turnaround times, innovative ideas, and serve as a valuable business sounding board. 


This case study explores how Blend collaborated with Aquarium Co-Op to address their concerns and drive exceptional growth in the highly competitive aquarium market.

How Blend helped

To establish a foundation of trust and gauge compatibility, Blend worked on quick-win projects. The initial focus was on implementing design UI/UX best practices, enhancing site speed, and developing a custom shipping threshold calculator. These improvements laid the groundwork for a successful partnership.


Recognising the need to align our goals and strategies, Blend conducted an immersive, two-day in-person workshop. During this workshop, we immersed ourselves in the nuances of the aquarium business and collaborated closely with Aquarium Co-Op to devise strategies for future growth. This deep dive allowed Blend to understand Aquarium Co-Op's unique challenges and aspirations, fostering a deep connection and paving the way for transformative collaboration.


Following the workshop, Blend and Aquarium Co-Op forged a three-year growth partnership. This collaboration entailed innovation, iterative website development, and continuous testing to optimise the Aquarium Co-Op online experience. 


Some of the key accomplishments include:

  • Redesign and Custom Theme Build: Recognising the limitations of Aquarium Co-Op's existing theme, Blend worked on a complete redesign and custom theme build. By prioritising customer data and best practices, Blend developed a highly customised theme based on Shopify's Debut, ensuring a seamless and lightning-fast browsing experience for Aquarium Co-Op's customers.


  • Accessibility and Brand Enhancement: Blend worked closely with Aquarium Co-Op to improve accessibility and extend the brand's visual identity. The core green colour adopted by Aquarium Co-Op was modified to be more accessible, with a vibrant yellow hue and enhanced legibility through black text. This change enabled a broader audience to engage with Aquarium Co-Op's content effectively.


  • Full-scale Redesign and Front-end/Back-end Development: Blend undertook a comprehensive redesign of Aquarium Co-Op's entire website, meticulously focusing on simplicity, accessibility, and speed. The redesign encompassed both front-end and technical back-end enhancements, ensuring a functional and stylish site that delivered superior conversion rates. Additionally, Blend seamlessly managed the front-end and technical back-end aspects of the account area, further enhancing the overall user experience.

To provide an authentic voice and firsthand experience, we approached Aquarium Co-Op to share their thoughts on their partnership with Blend. Check the video out that highlights the remarkable impact of the collaboration between Blend & Aquarium Co-Op. 

The results

Over the course of the three-year partnership, Blend's collaboration with Aquarium Co-Op yielded impressive results across various key performance indicators:


✔︎ Conversion Rate: Aquarium Co-Op witnessed a remarkable 40.38% increase in conversion rates, indicating a substantial improvement in turning website visitors into paying customers.

✔︎  Average Order Value: Through effective optimisation strategies, Blend helped Aquarium Co-Op achieve a substantial 20.82% increase in average order value, contributing to increased revenue and profitability.

✔︎  Customer Retention Rate: Blend's customer-centric approach and user experience enhancements resulted in a 13.30% increase in customer retention, highlighting Aquarium Co-Op's ability to retain and satisfy their existing customer base.
✔︎  Purchase Frequency: Aquarium Co-Op experienced a significant 10.29% rise in purchase frequency, indicating that Blend's efforts in optimising the website experience led to increased customer engagement and repeat purchases.

✔︎  Revenue: Blend's collaborative efforts propelled Aquarium Co-Op's revenue to soar by an impressive 157%, showcasing the substantial growth achieved through our partnership.

✔︎ Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Blend's optimisation strategies and user experience enhancements resulted in an impressive 60.90 CLV. 


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in Customer Retention Rate


Increase in Revenue

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