150% Increase in Conversion Rate Through a Product Page Redesign

The Brief

YFood experienced a huge spike in traffic following an appearance on national TV in Germany but soon realised the increase in traffic was not resulting in the purchases they expected.


Specifically, the existing setup of ReCharge on the YFood store did not allow customers to subscribe to more than one flavour of their product at a time. This meant less choice, customer frustration and poorer sales. In addition to the above, customers were not able to order one time purchases with subscription products, meaning that AOV was being restricted.

How Blend helped

Using our deep knowledge of ReCharge and completing a thorough competitor analysis. Blend provided detailed mockups and accompanying strategy to YFood for approval. After collaborating with the YFood team, we were able to develop a revised product page that would include all the flavour options and subscription options in one place.


Following our work, the customer was able to increase and decrease their quantities of each flavour, make their subscription preferences and add all products to cart in one click, removing friction from the buying process. Crucially, we enabled the ability to navigate the site and add additional products to cart and checkout, opening up the possibility to increase AOV for YFood.


The implementation of our project took place over two phases. Phase 1 was to quickly implement a ‘quick-win’ solution to ensure that YFood would not miss sales opportunities over the imminent holiday period. Phase 2 was to migrate YFood to a new customised theme that resolved the initial issues in the long term and set YFood up for a period of significant growth.

The results

6-months after the implementation of our project, YFood reported a 150% increase in conversion rate, as well as improved retention rates of subscription customers. Speaking after the implementation of our project, Max Kiechle from YFood said:


“We couldn’t be happier with the results that Blend helps us generate. Going forward, we feel that Blend will become a key eCommerce advisor to YFood."


YFood continues to enjoy significant growth and secured 4.2 million Euro’s in seed funding in June 2019.


Increase in Conversion Rate (CR)

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