Klaviyo is more than just an email marketing platform. It’s an automated, data-driven powerhouse that enables users to build an unlimited number of high-value customer relationships.


An intelligent solution, the more information you feed into Klaviyo, the more effective your marketing becomes.


One way to capitalise on its capabilities is to integrate with a platform like REVIEWS.io, using insightful review data and UGC to create conversion driving campaigns; here’s how it works.

Klaviyo Integration Functions

By using it in conjunction with REVIEWS.io, you’ll benefit from four main Klaviyo integration functions:

1. Review Sync

This is a seamless way to strengthen your campaigns by incorporating social proof.


Within the REVIEWS.io platform, you can organise customer feedback into custom segmented groups. You can then add filters to your campaigns in Klaviyo to pull through relevant product ratings and reviews.


Adding this type of UGC to cart abandonment or product recommendation emails gives the consumer a valid reason to trust your brand.

2. Email Sync

This keeps all your email communications in one place. Review requests can be sent automatically through Klaviyo, triggered once a qualifying purchase has been made.


By using custom templates or Klaviyo’s template builder, you ensure a consistent brand identity with every email you send, regardless of its nature. You’ll also have all your analytics stored in a single system.

3. Event Sync

This function allows you to send timely communications based on predefined events.


You can build flows around triggers set up in your REVIEWS.io account to add another touchpoint at an opportune moment. For example, a friend referral request or product recommendation in response to a five-star review.


You can also provide reactive customer service, sending support information or a form of compensation when a negative review is submitted.

4. Customer Data Sync

This is where REVIEWS.io and Klaviyo really come together to create data-driven marketing campaigns.


By importing purchase history and review data from REVIEWS.io, you can build insightful customer profiles and segment your audience in Klaviyo.


This enables you to craft personalised, target content that boosts conversion rates and helps build those long lasting buyer relationships.

How to Implement Klaviyo

If you’re already a REVIEWS.io customer, Klaviyo integration is simple. Start by signing into your REVIEWS.io dashboard and navigating to the integration library.



How Can you Grow Faster with REVIEWS.io and Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is driven by data, and REVIEWS.io gives you the data you need to use it to full effect.


By segmenting your audience based on past behaviour, you can tailor marketing content to drive CTR and conversion. Not only that, you can support this with social proof to build trust in your products and brand reputation.


The two tools together streamline the process of audience engagement, and accelerate growth by encouraging loyal, profitable relationships.

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